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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 3

It was a relief reconnecting with my HS crush after almost 3 days of agonizing speculation. I admit, it was the best feeling so far. I never thought she would call as she practically left and I was about to hit my bed. With that, I woke up late and almost didn't make it to the bus. Though, I did manage to get most of my morning tasks done, I almost skipped my breakfast. Apples in the cupboard just saved my day as I munched one during my first task at the workplace.

Work was easy. Tasks were done one by one in a breeze and went out early to have my passport photograph taken. Andrew, the photographer, was such as sweetheart as he took me for a tour to his studio. He even shared some tips to photography. And this day, I have decided to allot 3 hours a week in learning photography. This would be every Wednesday nights starting next week.

I hope I'll be productive with my photography.

Lights out.

Monday, July 12, 2010 2

What would you do if your crush from high school come back after 17 years? And she has remained the same pretty, lovable, smart and independent lady. What would you do if you she feels the same way you felt all of those years? The same jeans, sneakers and shirt girl who flashes her smile that warms my day anytime.

It has been an agonizing 54 hours of speculating as I was practically left with nothing. To where this thing would go, I don't really know and it's such a pain.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Why does doing the right thing doesn't feel right? I am hurting and it's a matter of time to understand everything. I am trying to rationalize and it's such a burden getting things in a perspective.


Lord, please help me get my happiness.