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Saturday, July 11, 2009, rain, Michael Jackson...

It has been raining since 10 PM and the temperature has dropped crazily cold. I hope it’ll be a good day later as I want to go biking around town and shed some sweat.

Not much drama for the week as it was all work. Working back to my boss during school holidays is very much different as we have to attend to corporate and small businesses around Geelong and Melbourne. Its fun but I’m just having some issues when we go to Melbourne. Driving back and forth just makes me sleepy and my head ache. I guess it has something to do with the city smoke. LOL.

I also have enough of Michael Jackson as every time I open the TV, newspaper or internet, it’s his name that plagues the headlines. No doubt that he has done so much in the industry but it’s just too much for me. People die everyday and its about time to move forward.

Anyway, with his funeral, some people were saying that he’s not inside the casket. If that’s the case, if we’ll put our money on it, it’s like the largest and grandest edition of “Deal or No Deal”.

For US$ 2 M, “Dead or No Dead”? LOL

Sunday, July 05, 2009

...2nd Year

It’s my 2nd year now in Oz and it feels like yesterday when I first stepped in to this beautiful country. It was 6 AM at Tullamarine Airport and I was somewhat looking forward with the Aussie winter. As soon as I stepped out from the airport, the cold wind just went through my jacket. My jacket which I’ve been using to protect myself from the wind back home in the Philippines was no match with this country’s winter. So, I just went straight to the car, pretending I was ok. Thank God with the car’s heater, the drive going to Geelong was just lovely.

I could still remember the smell and sound of my first Aussie winter; the fireplace and the heater continuously radiating heat; the local FM radio which has been playing Silverchair, Kisschasy and Pink over and over again; and eating lamb every night for a month was such an ordeal. I was also struggling with rashes and dry skin which chopped off some valuable morning time, applying sorbolene cream after shower.

Looking back from day one, my days in Oz were practically fun. Though struggling in between, I’ve learned to love footy, slowly understanding the “bloody” accent and learned how to have a meal without rice.

I don’t know what to expect in the next year as living here have changed some of my thoughts to some of the things I’ve learned back home. I’m practically not at any major crossroad and hopefully the next year would be fun and interesting.