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Monday, May 04, 2009

...what a weekend!!!

So far, it has been the best weekend. Geelong Cats remained undefeated on week 6 and of course, the No. 1 Pound for Pound in the world, Manny Pacquiao has demolished the Hitman from Manchester.

I practically have done all my chores and heard mass on Saturday just to accommodate the whole Sunday for Manny Pacquiao’s bout. I woke up like 10 AM, had my breakfast, fixed my room, prepared my lunch and searched for free live views on the Pinoy Pride’s bout online. After some googling, I was able to see some alternatives and a much better link which has remained opened after the previous links were closed by HBO.

The fight was exciting. After 5 min and 59 seconds (That’s 2 rounds), the Hitman had received a blow straight to his right chin from the Pacman’s powerful left, that has stunned him for minutes. I was screaming, in unison with all the Pinoys all over the world. I just can’t contain my emotions after all the thrash talking Floyd Mayweather, Sr. has for our boxer and his team. Indeed, it was a sweet victory that the knockout has silenced the so called critics and the foul mouth Mayweather.

Well, Mayweather Sr. has expressed his thing to the Hitman to retire as he was beaten twice in 4 bouts. But as a boxing fan, I think, he should also consider himself the same thing. Up to this time, I am still eager to see his face after the Philippine’s Pride has demolished his reputation.

But anyway, I’m so happy to have our nation’s pride sealed our nation’s honor in the sport of boxing. I’m so proud being a Bisaya and of course, being a Pinoy.