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Thursday, February 19, 2009

...busy week, sunnies, valentine's card.

It has been an exhausting day as tasks has been shooting me everywhere. From the start of the week, major and even petty ones tried to fry me up from my room; Sometimes, even letting me go past my breaks. At the end of each day, I struggle preparing my dinner which usually ends up wasting it. I turned up too tired to finish my meal.

But anyway, this has been a good day after all. I got my sunnies which I bought at eBay last week for a bargain and of course, the valentine’s card from my girlfriend.

oakley gascan and felon on my valentine's card

Sunday, February 15, 2009

...slowly getting back

Though heaps have happened since my last post, I’m just too tired and busy to get myself into blogging. I know, this year hasn’t been too productive on my site but hopefully, I could get back rolling.

Anyway, I’m very excited as the days going to the Soundwave Festival are fast approaching. My ticket has been on my table for weeks and I just can’t wait to be there. Listening to the bands who’ll perform on the festival just tend to animate itself on my mind.

Lamb of god’s new album will be soon and I think this one rocks. I really can’t wait.

Set To Fail

Sunday, February 08, 2009

...back to work/school and the heatwave

It has been a busy week. Getting back to school/work was exhausting like I forgot to take some prescribed rests in between tasks. Worst was, I forgot to have lunch which is my favourite time of the day (I really can’t believe it). I don’t complain that much but for people who just kept on whinging, I just can’t help but have my invisible flying kick right to their faces. You know, I just can’t do multiple things at the same time. And it’s not about multi-tasking; it’s about some people who act like they’re the most important person in the world.

But anyway, the heatwave in Victoria just went on a roll as some places were engulfed in flames. I just can’t imagine that I could experience such a nasty weather in my whole life. It’s like a giant blower right into your face. Temperature rose further from 41˚C and it’s just unbearable to watch the news with the properties and people on a wreck.

*sigh. May God help us all with the tragedy.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

...back from hell

It has been a crazy week as Victoria has been baked by the great Aussie sun. Temperature just went as far as 43°C and going to work has been a struggle.

I’m used to the hot weather back in Davao but never in my life that I encountered such an ordeal. Imagine, a hair blower on a massive scale, blowing the hell out of everybody. I was sweating profusely and it was uncomfortable going around clients. I even had this medication on my eye that the sweat flowing through it just made it worse.

Well, this week would be much better. 35°C would be the average so it would be easy for me to get through the days. And the fact that I’ll be back to schools, this would be far easier.

Anyway, it’s the 7th day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. As they say, its everybody’s birthday today, so, Happy Birthday!!!