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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Aussie Day Weekend

The Australia day weekend was just great as it helped me regenerate from all exhausting work. With all the activities being organized at the Waterfront, I should say, I enjoyed them all.

The African band, Soukous Ba Conga, was great. King Bell of Soukous Ba Conga was so kind to accommodate me in signing my copy of their CD. He even gave me his number, just in case I might want to catch them in Melbourne. His band was just as great as the CD as everybody just went dancing to their tunes. I’m really amazed with their music and their performance as they really rocked the house down.

I also had a chance to do sailing around the bay. It was organized by the yacht club near the bay and they were also kind to answer my queries regarding sailing. I hope I could get more of it soon as they were like looking for more members.

The camel ride was also fun as I also fed them through my mouth. Yes! It was the only way as the owner told me it would snip my fingers if I’ll do it with my hands.

It was also a bonus to see Po at the beach. As usual, it was the smiling Po but the weather was so hot that I couldn’t imagine how the person underneath the costume could survive the heat. He or she could be drenching with so much sweat.

And lastly, I was lucky to have a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year with my Tao friends. We did some farewell ceremonies at 9 PM last night as we said our goodbyes of the expiring year. We then did some cleaning at the altar, the furniture and practically the whole Tao center. I should say, we did a good job as we welcomed the New Year with another ceremony.

We were done at about 1:30 AM and I was grateful to receive my Ang Pao, just in time for the New Year for good luck.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...where are they?

In a place where you are virtually alone, internet has become a necessity. In the days where I used to brush off loneliness, internet has really helped me forget about being away from Pinas.

For days, I was just trying to get myself occupied to chatting and was able to make friends. And when some tend to be lost along the way, I just felt a dent from within, thinking when are they going to go online.

I should say, I have enjoyed talking to them. The space that has been empty has filled with so much fun. Exchanging thoughts and ideas were such a delight. I’ve learned so much and it has been ages since I had a good conversation.

But then, I have to realize that everything on the internet is “cyber”; that the possibility of having “friends” is almost nil. I guess, I just have to be “normal” and not to get so much overwhelmed.


Monday, January 19, 2009

...the great finisher

I was home late as some of the machines we configured took longer than expected. I was starving and it annoys me so much when you have explicitly instructed the user not to install whatever that could compromise the machine.

But anyway, my ticket for Soundwave Festival has arrived so, my day ended up good. I just can’t wait on the 27th of February as some of my favorite bands would be performing.


My ticket to Soundwave Festival

Sunday, January 18, 2009

...Not much of a drama.

It has been a loaded weekend as I went to Werribee and Melbourne to have lunch with a friend and searched for the cheap guitar which was posted online on a certain Melbourne music shop. So far, the food was great and the guitar was nowhere to be found.

With so much time left, I just went around Melbourne until the next trip to Geelong. It was exhausting so I had like 3 power-charged donuts and a coke to get me through the rest of the day.

I arrived at Geelong at about 5:55 PM, just in time for the 6 PM mass at St. Mary’s.

Spiritually refreshed and went home to for dinner, ironed my clothes and went to bed.

Sunday was also fine as I just went to a children’s party to drink with their parents.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...going to Soundwave Festival (Melbourne)

I was about to purchase a ticket for Big Day Out this summer but I really don’t like the bands that will be showing up. But when Soundwave Festival ’09 will accommodate most of the bands that I like, I hurriedly purchased my pass and have to wait in 14 days to arrive in my mail.

Finally, I could see Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, Lamb of god, In Flames, Unearth, Goldfinger, Dillinger Escape Plan, DevilDriver and Less Than Jake on stage. I know it would be rowdy like what it was with Rage Against the Machine last year but I’m pretty much ready and excited for the festival.

Fleur is waiting for her ticket and I just can’t wait to tell her that mine’s on the way. This would be a riot as bands will be everywhere. With 6 stages and my favourite bands on stages 1,2 and 4, I guess I just have to decide to what stage should I be staying. I expect it to be exhausting as people would crowd every place they could get.

Hmmm…I just can’t wait for February

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...hell is here

Summer will be felt on installments as weather forecasts marks the hot spots on random. Today, tomorrow and few days on the next few weeks will be extremely hot as it could practically cause cancers. Just this day, doing rounds around Geelong and Avalon Airport was a bit of an effort. Air conditioners were finally set on max and sunscreens are on its season. It went as far as 38 degrees and hopefully, I could get a good night sleep.

Anyway, I finally got the photos my boss has taken on me during our jet ski trip last Saturday. I never thought about it until my boss emailed me the pictures and was quite happy about it.

Hmmm…I hope we could go back to the waters soon.

I wish I could get myself a jet ski soon. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009 first week of the year

It has been a struggling week as the holiday hangover just went through my excitement of getting back to work. For the past days of just doing things on my pace, went on a backlash as it was such an effort to getting back to my usual early morning self.

Waking up seems to consume so much time as my body just wants to go back to sleep. The alarm doesn't help and my bed smells so good to be left alone.

But after 5 days of trying to sync myself, what I thought to be the worst week has ended on a sweet adventure to Corio Bay. My boss invited me to play with his jet ski from Geelong to Port Arlington and back to Geelong.

It was really fun. The cold wind and the fierce Aussie sun didn’t stop us from traversing the bay. It’s like from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. It was also nice to see Port Arlington, enjoying the Spanish food near the bay.

View Larger Map

I also tried being dragged on a donut. I should say, it was an experience and I almost puked from it. Though my boss was exerting too much effort to flick me from the tube, I was lucky not to be shot from it.

Well, I got sore but it was all worth it. The BBQ at home plus Guitar Hero duel with my housemates and their friends was the best way to end the week.

What a nice week to start the new year.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ready for 2009

And the vacation is finally over. I don’t know if I’ll be happy with it because boring time is over or sad because I can’t do whatever I want on my time. I have already prepared my things for work and I am in a way ready. I just have to re-sync myself to waking up as I used to.

It’s New Year and I’m looking forward to what 2009 has to offer. I know there will be things to do that could be just like 2008 but having known some of the things for 2009, I’m really having this thing like waking up like it’s a new day.

Anyway, I’ll try my best to push myself more as I’ve learned to be laid back as most of the Aussies are doing here. I just have to stick more on my plans and have to get away from distractions.

So, I’m ready and I’ll be on a roll.