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Saturday, November 29, 2008 Pinoy Fiesta 2008

As expected, the sun is not coming out for the weekend. Rain clouds are again dominating the sky and I’m a bit worried about our trip to the Pinoy Fiesta at Laverton.

Uncle Rey will fetch me here at home at about 10:30 am as we’ll get into the festivities. I’m just excited to experience the Pinoy Fiesta as food and fun events will get everyone on the roll.

Anyway, I’ll get myself ready for the day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

...still rolling

It has been an exhausting week. I’ve been non-stop since Friday and I’m trying my best to get myself rolling until I’m relevant. Work, support group sessions and house chores were my thing and it’ll continue until the weekend as I’ll be with my friends for the Pinoy Fiesta 2008 at Melbourne.

I can’t wait for Saturday as lots of activities will be in line for the celebration. John Lloyd Cruz will be there whom Olfa is very much excited and of course, Pooh, to laugh my worries away.

I hope Suka Pinakurat will be there and some food that I’ve missed. I’ll be bringing a bigger bag to accommodate some goodies which I’ll enjoy during the holidays. I’ll contact the organizer to get things rolling so we could schedule our trip to the fiesta.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

...back and then empty

I’m feeling much better. I had enough sleep and ate enough to get me through the day. So far, everything’s under control and I’m happy that I can actually walk without struggling. Hehe

This morning, I shifted from oats to cereals and fruits (kiwi and strawberries) with thick cream. I was actually getting some bananas yesterday but it was way too pricey. Imagine, from what used to be $1.99 per kilo, it went up like $4.99 yesterday. I hope it’ll be cheap later as banana is still the best energizer. I also wish I could find a banana that taste like the ones in Davao. They’re sweet and very delicious.

Anyway, Christmas is getting soon as shops and malls have been displaying their decors to boost the spirit and the spending. Looks good but I just find it hard to how I am going to celebrate it. Nothing to celebrate actually as I only see myself staying at home, sleep, watch movies and try to find the meaning of life. My high school friends will be coming back home on December, my housemates will be going to their families and for me, I’ll be stuck to my place.

*sigh. I feel so empty.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

...jelly legs

I’ve been having jelly legs since yesterday and I was practically on “Safe Mode”. Doing my tasks were a bit of a struggle but I’m glad that I was able to do them right.

I didn’t have much sleep as I’ve been trying to squeeze more tasks on limited time. It may be a bit silly but I just have to get things on a roll. I also have to eat better on breakfast as I’ve been having oats which I think, doesn’t give me much energy to get through the day. I guess, more fruits and more milk would be my thing starting tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s nice to have the sun after days of rain. Its not that I don’t like the rain, I just like my clothes be dried by the sun and not by the drier.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I’m struggling to keep myself awake as I went home late last night from the fun and exhausting weekend with my high school friends at Melbourne. It was like party like there’s no tomorrow as I went straight to Melbourne after work last Friday. The wet weekend didn’t stop us from getting somewhere and I should say, it was all worth it.

Olfa who’s getting married next month was kind enough to let us stay at her home. Her family is always accommodating and getting anywhere in Melbourne just makes things easier for us. Our room was very comfortable and the food was just superb. It was our jumpstart to anywhere. Not much planning as we just practically went anywhere from whatever we might think for the day.

We were supposed to be at Torquay when the rain just triggered us not to go. It was supposed to be a perfect time but it was too cold to enjoy the beach. And with everyone seems to go to the Sexpo, we decided to give it a shot.

It was ok. Not much to talk about as the event seems to be hyped with so much publicity. It was like the Mecca of sex toys. Pretty much everyone was selling the same stuff. I had fun with some of the program on the stage but other than that, it was a waste of money. I even got spanked by one of the exhibitors and some of them have cellulites which was a nightmare. I’m just glad that there were hot girls roaming around the expo to neutralize the not so good view.

Saturday night was movie night as we watched Mama Mia on DVD. It was good and it gave us good laughs. Pierce Brosnan just made it fun for me. Imagine, James Bond, doing Bollywood. Hehe. Prior to that, Australia lost to New Zealand on Rugby League World Cup which spoiled my appetite.

And Sunday, we went to hear mass at Our Lady’s at Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park, bought some items at the Filipino store and had lunch at Cheryl’s home at Mordialloc. It has been a year since I saw her and it’s nice to see them with their new baby. Alex is such a gem and it nice to see Cheryl and Michael happy with their new family.

*sigh. It was too much for the weekend and it made us all exhausted. All of us were struggling to get awake, catching up with each other but ended up having siesta after lunch. Hopefully, we could get more energy next week as we’ll have Olfa’s party, visit to Werribee Zoo and enjoy the Pinoy fiesta at Laverton.

*sigh. I need more sleep.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Not much drama for the day as I was just running through my task. Everything went fine and I even had some time doing hoops at the gym. I’m not good in basketball but I won over my boss doing shots inside the 3 point arc. It was fun and I think I’ll be alright on the coming game with my Pinoy friends against the Aussies.

I’ll be home late tomorrow as I was invited by a friend to have dinner at their home. I’ll be meeting some of his friends from other states and I’m excited to meet them all. It’ll again be a vegetarian night and it’s just lovely being invited. I just feel lucky.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...a surprise from a retard

I just don’t like it when some people cuss like they know everything. As if they have the solution to every problem mankind has been trying to solve.

Just this morning, I was explaining a situation when a retard on the other line just cusses like a bogan. He didn’t even know the whole picture and started firing his mouth as if I did wrong. I was caught unguarded and tried to maintain my cool.

The thing is, the situation was my boss’ plan and I was just implementing it. It’s like him, firing his mouth on my boss’ face. But when it was time to get down to his level, I retreated back as it would take me light years to counter his mouth.

I should say, most of the people I’ve met in my workplace are outspoken and are never afraid to express what they really feel. They are opinionated and oozing with so much emotion to the point of hurting anybody on their way. They become tactless and just shoot like they own the world. And after they’ve said their piece, they would then rationalize everything as “respect-my-opinion-as-I-respect-yours”.

How in the blue hell did they arrive to that thing? It’s not about respecting opinion, its about them, getting their ego stroked.

Monday, November 17, 2008

...busy weekend, Christmas

I had a busy weekend and was tired cleaning and fixing all our things here. Our housemate Jane has moved to Melbourne yesterday as she had her rubbish filling up our yellow bin. Mat and I were really irritated as we have to wait until next week to have that fetched. I hope everything will be just fine.

I’m glad that we had done a good job in cleaning the house. Uprooted the weeds at the back, brushed and mopped the floors, brushed the tiles and bowl at the bathroom and swept all the leaves at the front garden. In that way, our new housemate will be happy and make things easier for her to move in. I just can’t wait for the weekend as we’ll have BBQ. It’s like housewarming. hehehe.

Anyway, few more days to go until Christmas as shops were starting to paint the town with Christmas colors. I don’t know what to expect but this would be my first Christmas to celebrate with myself. My housemates would be somewhere as I’ll be just staying at home, maybe just sleep or try to forget that it’s Christmas. I just miss Pinoy Christmas with all my family and friends.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

...back, harassed

It has been days since I logged in to my blog. I’ve been busy and exhausted with all the things and getting to my PC was a struggle. Anyway, I’m back, trying to pick up what was left on my blog. Hehe.

Not much drama for the week as I was just doing my work and trying to please everybody. Though there are some hiccups along the way, my week seem to work out the way I’ve been visualizing. Hehe. And this time, I also have to deal with control freaks and narcissist who seem to get their egos stroked once in a while. I guess I just have to add that thing to my job description.

And to end the week, I had fun with Jane and her bf Darren at the pub last night. We started with beer at home and had vodka mix along the way until we were confident enough to get into the dance floor. That was so much fun as I never realized that I could dance like nobody’s watching. Hahaha. I know I looked bad but it felt good like working it all out. The band was great and I hope to be back for more soon.

The crowd was also good until I got some weird hand movements on my bum. Some lady just pinched it like 3 times while I was on the dance floor. I know, a man like me should enjoy it but I felt like I was harassed. I was too drunk to react and I guess, it was just a part of the Aussie pub thing.


Monday, November 10, 2008

...up from a lazy weekend

It has been a lazy weekend as I was just in my room, surfing the net and doing some naps. The weather was lovely as it was like Davao.

Unexpectedly, my internet provider was dodgy and cannot even get myself online on expected speeds so I just did some ringtones for my iPhone. I did Metallica’s The Judas Kiss and lamb of god’s Laid to Rest. Quite sick for a phone like that. I just can’t wait to hear it when someone calls. Hahaha

Not much drama for the day as the users are happy with their machines. I am practically just waiting for the time to nick off and trying to burn some time by reading and do blogs. Hehe

I hope I could get SBS tonight on my PC as it was not picking it since yesterday. I just can’t miss “Swift and Shift Couriers” as this show has really changed my Monday nights.

Saturday, November 08, 2008 9

So far, everything has been effortless. Everything seems to fall into its place. I couldn’t ask for more as lots of people have been so good to me. My “moving in” to my new place has become comfortable and I have not worried that much as I have expected. I am really in Cloud 9.

I have finally organized my things and I can now locate to where I have actually placed them all. I think, a little more time would get me acquainted with my other stuff.

And with Jane, who’s leaving on the weekend, would be another major change that I’ll be expecting. I kind of like her dog very much as it gives me joy after the day’s work. It’s just sad that we’ve only known each other for barely 2 weeks and thinking about it would be unthinkable. *sigh

Anyway, my life has been a roller coaster for some time and I’m enjoying it. Changes have made everything exciting and I’m just happy with the outcome. Hopefully, things will go my way further.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

...struggling with the steak

I regret getting “specials” from the grocery that I have to force myself to eat them before they expire. Last Sunday, I bought like 3 slices of steak and have to consume it by November 6. Since I had cooked other than steak last Monday and never realized the expiration until yesterday, I have started consuming it last night and slowly getting on track to have it consumed before the date.

So far, I am trying to get into the massive serving of meat on my plate. I’m in a way guilty, thinking of my family back home as I eat comfortably.

And next time, I just have to be rational in getting my groceries.

Steak No. 2

Tuesday, November 04, 2008, Michael Jackon, Melbourne Cup

I was supposed to have a haircut last Saturday but I forgot and was tired of getting to the barber. And looking at the mirror, I should say, I’ll delay my visit to the barber in like 2 week’s time. I’ve also been thinking of making it long, just like in the old days.

A week and 3 days have passed and I’m adapting to my new place pretty good. I have somewhat arranged my things and I know where to locate them. It’s just funny that browsing on my PC last night seems to be somebody else’s PC. I guess I just have to redo it and continue my readings before I sleep. I’ll be printing chapters of my reading and hopefully, I could start by tonight.

And for some reason, I have uploaded Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bad on my iPhone last night. I don’t know but I feel like dancing like what it was in the 80s. It feel so nice reminiscing the good old days with my family and with our boarders, having a good time on a not so complicated era of Pinoy entertainment; where our TV was black and white on a cabinet like case with few channels and Michael Jackson’s Thriller video before the start of regular programming. That was on SBN Channel 7 Davao. Hehe

Anyway, it’s Melbourne Cup and I’m not getting a day off. I don’t know but we have to get into work while the rest of Victoria is enjoying the spring weather. I guess I just have to do some work and try not to think about it.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I just realized that I really like chicken. For months, chicken has been my thing on my plate. It could either be chilli chicken, chicken schnitzel, stir fried veggies with chicken or even chicken burger at Macca’s.

And just this evening for tea, I had beef afritada which I never enjoyed. I don’t know but I used to like it when I was in the Philippines. I guess, this made me realize my new found love for chicken.

Anyway, I am offering my last set of beef to Mat for tomorrow. I’ll let him prepare some steak as I don’t have much idea on how to do the Aussie way. With that, I can now get more chicken for myself.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

...I'm back

Finally, I am back online as I have subscribed to a wireless broadband. A bit weird for my first week as I had no monitor for the first two days and my computer was on the floor.

I was pretty much doing everything on the carpet as I waited for the right time to get myself a table. You know, as soon as I nick off from work, the shops are also closed. So, this morning, I was lucky to get myself a cheap and appropriate table for my toys at the op shop which was few blocks away from my place.

Anyway, I’m just tired for the day and I just have to take my rest.