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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

...not much drama

My bike’s tire got punctured and it’s a bit hard walking from home and chasing after bus schedules. Imagine the hike going down and up the hill with approximately 45 degree elevation plus some magpies trying to chase you. It’s like “Takeshi’s Castle” minus the brutal part. Anyway, I have already bought some spare tubes and installed it moments ago. I just have to wait until tomorrow morning as I have to borrow uncle’s air compressor to fill some air.

Not much of a drama lately and it’s a bit boring working at town. I could easily finish the tasks and staring on the computer screen while waiting for some clients to call, things are starting to become a bit of a drag. Not much action that I’m excited to come back to school next week. I reckon, working at school is much more fun as I could interact with the staff and students.

Anyway, lights out. different

Though I got my auntie, uncle and my cousins here, I’m practically living “alone”. Auntie, who’s at Melbourne at this moment, is having her break at my other auntie’s home, leaving us for a few days. “Home” is overwhelmingly dominated by the Aussies.

On my way home yesterday, I was thinking on what to cook for tea until I arrived with my cousin’s girlfriend doing the thing. Seems like it was almost done but to my surprise, they were just cooking for themselves. I don’t know but whenever I do my thing in the kitchen, I am doing it for everybody (been doing that many times even). I don’t know if that’s the way Australia is but for me, it’s somewhat rude. And as usual, they have left the kitchen like it was World War III.

Well, you can chuck culture in this argument but being rude is universal. It just shows that some people are not that sensitive or effortlessly rude. That they only think of themselves and when the time they need some help, they don’t even hesitate to ask for your help. At the end of the day, it’s about how you think for everyone and being relevant.

I just feel sad and miss home badly with this one.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

HEAVY Sunday

It’s a sad Sunday as Geelong is still coping with yesterday’s loss. The town was so quiet and the people are really having a hard time comprehending yesterday’s game. The newsagencies can’t even sell the news with Hawthorn FC on the front page. But still, some supporters are still proud of wearing the colors amidst the sad outcome. You can really feel the sad atmosphere and it’s a bit hard to just forget about it.

At Sunday’s mass, Fr. Dillon even had it on his homily. A Geelong supporter himself, he was somewhat philosophical with the defeat and tried to uplift the churchgoers. It was again obvious from the look of their faces and it’s a bit of a hearth breaker. The shops filled with blue and white were starting to fade with sadness. Geelong has somewhat taken the thing seriously.

Well, tomorrow’s a new day and I hope the town will be back to fight back for next year’s season. I know the boys will be again the team to beat as they were still really good until the day that mattered.

And to my cousin, good luck to him as he would be having a hard time getting the paint off his ute. hehe

Saturday, September 27, 2008

...a huge upset

Geelong was festive, excited but went on halt as Hawks dominated the Grand Finals for a huge upset. With Geelong, being the leader of the ladder for this season and favourite amongst coaches, media and at sports bet, Hawthorn’s win was a heart breaker for the club and for the fans.

The first half was very close. Each team had given everything but I should say Geelong has played different. Their forwards didn’t do that much and more behinds were produced than goals. Even the surest goal you could imagine was not even nailed by the best of the Cats. It was really unbelievable.

Anyway, I’m glad I was not at Skilled Stadium as I watched the game at Uncle Rey’s home. I’m a bit frustrated and it’s sad to see Gary Ablett Jr. cried with disappointment. He really had work hard for this season but I guess this is it. Everyone has its own time and this time, it’s the Hawks.

Hmmm…I wonder, what would my cousin do with his car being painted with blue in support for Cats?

Friday, September 26, 2008

...starting my weekend, shaking off the loneliness

I’m done for the day (work and my laundry) and I’m just doing some stuff to make myself sleepy or should I say, trying to be ok.

This day is much different as I was struggling to shake off this loneliness. I was roaming around the city, feeling the footy fever and at an instant, I realized that I have no friends whom I could be with to talk to.

For weeks, I can only talk to people either at work or through the internet. It’s somewhat superficial and I am missing home. The “what-ifs” are again getting into my mind. I am starting to sink as I really feel isolated.

*sigh. This is really getting harder.

Anyway, I hope I could shake this off to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow and finish everything before noon as the footy finals will start at 2:30 PM. Geelong will defend their titles against Hawthorn and hopefully, they could get the flag. I might be at the pub or maybe at Skilled Stadium to be with the fans.

I’m somewhat excited for tomorrow’s game.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enjoying Spring

Finally, I’m done with the Cases Rollover and I’m happy that everything went fine. The machines were quite fast and installing the OS, programs and setting up the network was fun. I guess, that really was the thing especially when machines are new and of top of the line.

Anyway, the weather was fine for the past 2 days. The sun and the wind were just enough to energize me for the day. Though a bit chilly in the morning, at least, it’s not as cold as it was last winter.

And of course, daylight is getting much of its time in this season. I could practically enjoy the Waterfront after the day’s work and just sit or bring some food to settle for the day. Well, I did enjoy some sushi rolls while facing Corio Bay.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MV Doulos in Geelong

I’ve been passing Cunningham Pier/Western Beach in the last 2 weeks but never bothered about the ship that has docked near it. I was passive about it until I knew that it was the “MV Doulos”. I knew I have to get into that as I heard of it when I was still in Davao on a morning show. Since the ship will be leaving on the 29th and it’s the last leg of its Aussie tour, I just have to find a way to see what it’s all about.

It was after work that I have decided to visit this famous ship. It’s like few blocks from the office. Since its Tuesday and not much people compared to weekends, the ship is pretty much, mine. Hehehe

MV Doulos is the world’s oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. Also known as the floating bookstore, it carries thousands of titles, ready to spread the joy of reading around the world.

Well, most of its books are of self-help and religious. You can also find heaps of children’s books and souvenirs exclusive to MV Doulos. You can also enjoy your coffee at the ship and even buy some CDs of your favourite tunes. Of course, before it’ll be decommissioned on 2010, I might as well get myself a souvenir (lanyard) and a book about tips to common household items.

I should say that it was interesting to have finally stepped foot on MV Doulos. I had fun roaming around the ship and never had expected to see it here in Australia. This is just good.

Weather Report and Footy week

It was raining and windy yesterday. Weather Apps in the iPhone just can’t be trusted. It said to be just cloudy and not raining. With that, I didn’t bring my rain jacket and have to wait for some time for the rain to stop. Anyway, I had BOMRadar installed for a much reliable weather report, courtesy of Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Well, I went to bed late last night as I was waiting for the 2008 Brownlow tally results. Too bad, Gary Ablett, Jr., who was the favourite, didn’t win as his injury cost him not to play 4 games. He was 2 votes behind Adam Cooney of the Western Bulldogs which was not bad. Ablett was clearly disappointed when his name didn’t come up on Round 22 as Ling, Bartel and Johnson got 3,2,1 votes respectively.

Hmm. That’s what life is. I hope that would push him more on Saturday’s Grand Final clash against the Hawks. As much as I would like to stay home to watch it on “tele”, I'd rather be with friends and watch it with excitement as it happens.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My iTunes/iPhone Play Count for Death Magnetic

After a week of listening to Death Magnetic, I should say, I have pretty much exhausted the boys from SF. Since I got in on my iPhone and on my PC (September 12, 2008), I have practically played them whenever I’m in front of the screen or going on bike to work and back.

I tried not to skip tracks but sometimes I get to play some of my favourite tunes over and over again. One of them is “The Judas Kiss”. I just love getting to the chorus when James goes like “Bow Down!!!” from progression. I also like “All Nightmare Long” as the guitar crunches like 80s thrash metal. Sometimes I just have to skip over “The Unforgiven III” as it keeps me mellow. Heheh

It might not be the best album they have but at least, the Bad Boys of metal has come back for its sweet revenge.

My iTunes/iPhone Play Count

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It was raining, windy and cold but never stopped me from going to Robert’s house to fix their PC. It really gave me a headache as its PSU just keeps on resetting itself and backing up has been a problem along the way. Anyway, I’ll be at the swap meet tomorrow to get a replacement for my old iPod’s battery. Hopefully, I could get a good deal for his machine.

Of course, being with a Bisaya was a treat. Conversations were funnier and I’ve learned a lot with his entire lingo. Though I speak Binisaya, I’m not as skilful as Robert as he really came from Cebu. This was a relief to have finally able to talk to a Bisaya for some time.

I’m also starting to fill my iPhone with lots of free Apps from the Apple App Store. So far, I’m getting myself occupied with Tap Tap, WhiteNoise, Labyrinth LE and CanonGame. My iPhone is starting to have fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008

...OT, Footy and Mystery of the Missing "R"

I went home late last night as we were asked to do overtime. We have installed 2 new server racks and it’s nice to see Adrian and Zoran since I left for Sydney last July. As usual, we were just doing work as if we were playing. The racks were nice but we struggled a bit with its installation with Adrian having a few bumps on his head and on his shin. That’s a lot of injury for the night that I pity the racks for being hit by Adrian. Hahaha

Anyway, it’s the last day of school for this term and I’ll be coming back to the city for the next 2 weeks to work. DST is coming soon and we just have to roll the patches to our clients’ workstations and servers. This could be a blast as we’ll be moving in between clients across Geelong and Melbourne.

And of course, Geelong has got the slot for next Saturday’s grand finals against whoever wins between Hawthorn and St. Kilda tomorrow. The game tonight was very “un-Geelong” as they really had a hard time getting over the Bulldogs’ defense. I guess it really affected having no Chappy on their side. I hope he’ll be back for next week as he really is good getting the ball around the field to the goal. Footy fever has finally come back to Geelong. Expect to have more blue and white in preparation for the grand finals. I hope they’ll get it again this year.

And another thing…I think I have solved the mystery of the missing “R”. With the Aussies, they usually pronounce words that end with “er” like ends with “a”. Like cheaper to “cheapa”, number to “numba”, however to “howeva”, etc.. Having that, I think they just have it relocated to other words. Like they pronounce “no” as “nowr” and “yeah” as “yer”.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Only in Australia

Not much of a drama for today as I did everything reactively. Just the normal, I-have-to-do-this-because-its-asking-me-to-get-into-an-expected-result. Well, not really exciting.

Anyway, just to accommodate some “excitement”, I’ve been thinking of getting this on my blog but always missing the chance of taking a shot of my camera. It’s about one of Australia’s butter, the Flora “Pro-Activ”.

If eating oats or fiber rich food lowers cholesterol, will spreading of Pro-Activ on it will cease from decreasing your cholesterol count? As its tagline, “Lowers Cholesterol Absorption”, it will lower the absorption of cholesterol of these foods. Instead, leaving your cholesterol count as it is or worse add up.

Only in Australia.

Monday, September 15, 2008

...crazy spring, Death Magnetic

Weather here is giving me another challenge. After the struggling winter season, the chilly and howling winds are again, dragging me out of the track. Going to work on bike with this crazy spring weather has again giving me reasons to pray harder for good weather.

So far, I was able to handle the drag but it was hard for my legs as I’m exerting more effort especially when going up. It really is exhausting after each trip. *sigh. Anyway, I have conquered winter and this time; this crazy spring will be under my belt.

It’s my 4th day of playing Death Magnetic on my PC/iPhone and so far, I’m still enjoying it. I just can’t stop myself from popping it during free time and no signs of music fatigue. I really love the album and it sound so fresh as Metallica really had done a good job in proving everyone wrong. The whole album is just enough to reaffirm their throne as the kings of heavy metal.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend at Melbourne

My weekend has surprised me with cancelled appointments. No driving lessons because my instructor’s car was a mess, the “Tao” session was postponed and I missed my Sunday class as Melbourne trains didn’t synced to our Sunday habits. Hehe

It was nice to see Olfa and her family and of course, Anton, whom I didn’t see since he arrived in Melbourne. It was sweet as we reminisced our high school days and laugh on those moments over vodka, Bacardi and beer. Time really has changed us as the drinking habit has mellowed out. Hmmm…That’s a bad sign on our plan to reunite on 2010. hahaha

Hopefully, we could materialize everything on that plan. Its just that, we just have to get over one big challenge, to gather everyone online and create a critical mass to start this wave.

So, have to rest. Metallica’s Death Magnetic is really good.

Friday, September 12, 2008

...The Bad Boys of Metal are back

I’ve been a Metallica fan since 2nd year high school when most of my friends were into grunge. Though I was hooked to Nirvana, Mud Honey, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, I wanted more. The energy brought by these bands just can’t contain my youth. But when I heard “Sad But True”, I know, this would be my soundtrack.

Tapes were being circulated between friends as we could only afford that much from our allowances, back tracking to their past catalogues and compiled them to 90 or 120 min cassette tapes. “Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride The Lightning”, “Master Of Puppets” and “…And Justice For All” were played almost everyday. My crappy cassette player just did all the magic. Auto Reverse was my best friend.

Metallica has evolved so much since the “Black Album”, even accused of being a “sell out”. But whatever people have said or would say against them, I have remained loyal even with their “un-metal” years. Their Anti-Napster days and their documentary, “Some Kind Of Monster”, I should say, the band with the real “Testicular Fortitude”. They really have the guts and were never afraid in exposing their weaknesses. I also believe, with their stand against piracy, has helped define the line in the evolution of music distribution even when some are trying to ride-on with what was popular at that time just to get support from fans and would be fans. In short, these bands are just plain, afraid.

And now, 5 years after St. Anger, Metallica is finally back. Listening to “Death Magnetic” reminds me of the glory years of thrash metal. New riffs, old vocals, artillery-like drums, pounding bass and killer solos have produced the Metallica I used to know.

Sounds so fresh and I can just feel the energy and the excitement of its music. My favorites so far are …all of them.

Welcome back, Metallica. I hope they could visit Oz soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

...knowing "Tao"

For 2 nights, I’ve been occupied with discussions about “Tao” with friends whom I met from a friend on a bus. It actually started from me, being invited by Cindy to a vegetarian cooking class and then went further to discuss about spirituality. It was just "ok" and seems to make sense but sometimes, being brought up a Catholic and grew up in a country where religion is important, I have doubts to where things would end up.

So far, the discussions where philosophical and everything just click to what I have known. Most of it, I have even applied to my everyday living. In a way, having “Tao” to my attention has made me “technical” about how to deal with life. It's just something that define to what I have been doing while growing up to be relevant in this society.

Well, the master would be here on Saturday to do some ceremonies on receiving Tao and I am in a way, looking forward to see what that ceremony would be. I’ve been walked through the temple and how the ceremony would go and it’s about time to scratch the itch.

Let’s just see.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm not OK

At this point of time, I think, I’m going to burst. I have enough of trying to become ok. Living in this country, light years away from comfort zone and people that I love just makes everything harder. I know, a year and 2 months is too much to adapt in this place but sometimes, being “alone” just keeps me from being normal.

Internet has helped me a lot in getting in touch with family and friends but when people at the end of the line just become passive, every conversation feels like talking to a machine. It has been “Hi, Hello, How Are You?, Are you OK? Bye! Aren’t you going to sleep? Good night, I love you, Catch You Later” for almost a month and I’ve been thinking of doing a program just to automate my answers to these lines. They have become way too busy than the usual and its really hard maintaining 3 time zones. The isolation has practically got worse and this is not good.

Though I got family and friends here, things are way different in the land down under. It’s not like back home where people are more accommodating and compassionate. If you want to see them, you might as well schedule your thing with that person. My auntie has her own time, my cousins are too busy with their useless stuff and friends are accessible only at workplace. How in the blue hell could you deal with that?

Well, I hope I could get some lovin’ from the end of the line. I’m just tired of the usual “chat to the machine” thing.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday "Special"

It’s Monday and it’s a nice day to start with my special’s birthday.

So, to start it right, I just have to greet her a “Happy, Happy Birthday!!!”

*apas na ka sa ako? hehe

Friday, September 05, 2008

...happy, very happy

It feels great having done something very good for the staff.

Imagine, a program that has not been running for 2 years because it won’t run on present machines was resurrected in 2 hours. As soon as I went in for the day, I ran through the tasks and one by one, eliminating them for completion. I have done the installation of the wireless certificates of the rest of the laptops, configured the network scanner and made it accessible to the staff, installed the receipt printer and finally, ran “Sugoi”.

I never imagined how hyped the staff were when the news just spread like virus amongst them. Over and over, they were elated and very much thankful with the progress. I even got chocolates from Kirsten. haha

With that, I went home smiling as if I’ve won the lotto. Indeed, real happiness is by giving happiness to other people.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

...what a day?!

And again, my attempt to install Leopard to PC has failed. BrazilMac’s version just kept on producing empty ISOs even with modifications to the scripts as suggested from forums. No luck for the moment and somewhat exhausted juggling between tasks and this project. And with BOOT-132, so far, I could see the Leopard Retail DVD booting but getting the Beach Ball of Death.

Anyway, that’s all part of the journey and its keeping my life somewhat exciting. The thought of making it work just encourages me to explore for more. I hope to get this right soon as this would be very sweet.

The seminars this afternoon did well. Everything has worked and everyone has been happy with the machines. Hopefully, by next week, I could see some of them doing some projects, especially with Stop Motion Animation and Robotics.

*sigh, What a day!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...geek mode

I had an attempt of tweaking the Mac OS X Leopard DVD with BrazilMac’s script. So far, the images that I’ve done with the method just created blank ISOs. It just occupied approximately 4 GB of space with nothing on it. I also tried looking for an update but no luck as of the moment. Hopefully, things will go better tomorrow as I really want to try Leopard on PC.

Anyway, everything has been done for tomorrow’s seminar. Drivers of the devices have been installed and tested and ready to roll. There are 2 topics that I would like to join but both are of the same time. Hopefully, I could decide without regrets as I really like the 2.

I’m also enjoying my Capsule Rebel case for my iPhone. It just fits right and feels better than my previous aluminum case. It’s sexy, rugged and I can easily access the volume and vibrate mode buttons. This is I think the best iPhone 3G case in the market now.

Ok, enough. Nyt2x

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I’ve been trying to sort my things out as I just have to keep everything to minimum. I got lots of rubbish and it’s about time to get them to the chimney. So far, I had everything sorted and I think I need another time to sort things again. I just have this habit of being sentimental: that I always keep something from something important or someone special.

My knees are pretty much exhausted. I guess, it has something to do with my everyday biking to work. I hope it’ll feel better tomorrow when I wake up. It just feels a little flimsy.

Anyway, my desk has now a little space from all the clutter I had. I do hope to get myself to reading the book that I’m supposed to read. It’s just that, after the day’s work, my body just want to rest and enjoy some movies.

So, lights out.

Monday, September 01, 2008


It has been a year and a month since I left home and I know time will come that I have to get out again from my temporary comfort zone. I’ll be moving out but I don’t know when and how to get things on that level. Lots of factors have to be considered and hopefully, I could sort things out easily.

I might be moving out with my cousin Jacky as she’s not happy living with her sister. As much as I would like to live alone, I just have to consider my thing of supporting my mama and my brothers back home. So, for the moment, shared accommodation will be the plan.

Anyway, I just have to call it a day as I don’t want to stress much on that. Its like late in the evening and its about time to sleep.