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Sunday, August 31, 2008

14 time zones and the comeback of the endangered specie

My girlfriend’s in NY right now and it’s a bit harder since we’ll be like 14 time zones apart. As soon as I go to sleep, she’s like starting the day.

As of the moment, we’ve been exchanging e-mails, SMS or instant messages. That’s all we could do to keep everything in the loop. There are times when all I do was to speculate but that’s really normal when you are left with almost nothing. I’m just glad that we are still fighting this hard battle and I know, in God’s time, that things will just unfold the way it used to be.

Anyway, what I thought to be endangered has resurfaced this morning. A 5 year old trapped in a 28 year old body was again bullying my classmates in our Sunday class. He’s like trying to tell everybody that he knows everything and flaunts his gadgets just like a 5 year old kid. To my surprise, he went to me and showed his HTC Diamond with comments like, “Here’s your iPhone killer. Does your iPhone have a modem? No! Does your iPhone do AD2P? No! etc.” I was really shocked like how in the blue hell did we arrive in a conversation like this. I was just in the elevator with everyone, trying to think on what to get for lunch. Of course, with his know it all attitude and in a way, pissed me with his bullying to my Indian friends, I thought I should end his mouth and stop his ego from growing. I was like, “Ow, that’s ugly!” and serenity has resurfaced again like I shut his mouth with staple wires.

I really didn’t mean to be rude but I think it’s about time to stop this person from bullying us. I know he’s bigger than most of us but at least, we know what self control is and do exponents. I just can’t believe he wrote 2 to the power of 5 as 5 squared as if he’s right.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

...footy fever

With the grand finals coming in the next few weeks, AFL is also doing the International Cup 2008 at Melbourne and Warrnambool, which will be rocking Australia. Teams from Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Japan, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, South Africa, Sweden, USA and to my surprise, “The Peace Team”, which is composed of Israelis and Palestinians will be fighting for Footy supremacy. How good is that?

Not only that the tournament excites me, having the “Peace Team” just give me goose bumps. Who would have thought the two clashing parties in the promise land would wear one jumper? Footy really does wonders and it’s a nice thing having everybody getting into healthy and exciting competition.

The tournament has started last 26th of August and will run up to the 6th of September. Hopefully, if I can’t get into a venue, I could just get on TV and witness this historic event.

So far, as of this moment, NZ def. Japan, Great Britain def. Peace Team, Papua New Guinea def. Nauru and USA def. China.

Anyway, there have been talks about Geelong as “the greatest team of all”. Statistics shows that the 2008 Geelong line up has nailed the dominant Bombers in 2000. Who knows, Geelong has very much secured a finals spot and hopefully, continue its domination to capture the back to back premierships.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yoyoy and Max

Going to work on bike with Yoyoy and Max on my iPhone is a joy ride. It just feels so home and the memories of my childhood just flash itself like iMax. No doubt, it gives me a smile going through the streets of Geelong.

Well, it’s sad that Yoyoy has gone and his contribution will be missed. Though Max is still there, it seems that he has stopped making songs. These kings of Pinoy novelty are so good but sad to say, they are somewhat ignored by the industry. And with their massive catalogue of great music, they should be recognized with their contributions to Philippine music.

Some Pinoys may call me “baduy” but hell with them. I might be rocking hard but Yoyoy and Max will always be in my iPhone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...dreaming of Davao

Watching the news and photos from this year’s Kadayawan just make me miss Davao more. This is the 2nd time that I’ve missed it and I just envy everybody home as it has been getting better and better.

I’ve been imagining its festive atmosphere, the fruits and the people of Davao. My memories of the festivity go back ages ago when I used to volunteer as crowd marshal, representing the boy scouts, for the “Indak Indak sa Kadalanan” and the floral float parade. The horse fights, agro-industrial trade fair, midnight shopping, concerts everywhere the city and mini reunions just makes the event more fun. It’s like Christmas in August.

Anyway, it’s nice having the internet. At least, I can get a glimpse of it though its not as good as being there.

*sigh. I miss Davao.


...eating right and getting active

I just can’t believe it. I lost like 4 kilos since I started biking from home to work. I can practically “regenerate” faster from strenuous activities. And I should say, I feel much better.

Of course, eating the right kind of food also helped me in maintaining such vigor. Cereals (I do it now with no milk), fruit juice and yogurt does all the magic for the day. Fruits in between meals (banana and oranges), rice, veggies, fruits and meat for lunch and meat, veggies and fruits for dinner. I’ve learned so much from my uncle as he has this simple diet plan, “Don’t put rubbish to your plate”.

It does make sense. As much as I would like to have some “tasty” food (chocolates, ice creams, cakes, etc), I just have to control myself from devouring them. So far, I am on track and slowly changing my eating habits.

Anyway, its break time and I just have to get my oranges.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

...fully packed.

My weekend was fully packed. I started early at about 6:30 am to catch the 8:00 am bus at the top of the hill. To my surprise, what supposed to be 8:00 am stop at McCurdy road on a Saturday was missing in action. It left me with not much choice but to walk to St. Mary’s. It was fine but left my legs and feet tired in the evening. It was just an hour and 20 min walk from home. hehe

I then went driving after the mass, joined the vegetarian cooking group meeting and went around town, waiting for auntie, for Jordan’s birthday party in the evening. I also bought a webcam and searched for some biking stuff which I could use. And as usual, the wait took like light years as auntie was again too slow.

We arrived at the party at around 8 pm and went home at around 12 midnight. I only had approximately 6 hours of sleep as I have to catch the early train (8:16 am) for my lessons at Melbourne. As much as it was a good opportunity to catch some sleep in the train, I just hate the conductors trying to call your attention for tickets. I had it pasted on my cap for them to see but still, he just want me to hand it over to have it “punched”. That’s just plain stupid.

Anyway, the lessons were fine. Done at around 4 pm and arrived at home at about 7 pm.

Not much of a drama but things I’ll be fine soon. I’ll be done in 3 more Sundays and I can’t wait to get a good rest on the weekends.

Friday, August 22, 2008


It has been a week since I had my birthday but friends and families have been sending their greetings like I’m still celebrating. Emails, instant messages and messages from social networks are still coming like junk mails. Anyway, it’s sweet of them and its nice being loved.

And with my cousins, we’re supposed to celebrate it on the weekend but for some unknown reasons, they just went home last night and prepared dinner for my “birthday”. It was fun. We shared some funny stories and they even sang “Happy Birthday” to me. It was nice and it really feels good having them on that night. It was really good.

Well, it’s Friday again and back to the usual stuff. I already had my laundry done and I just have to prepare for tomorrow. I’ll have a date with auntie as she wants to watch “Mama Mia”. I hope she’ll finish her tasks early tomorrow as she’s too slow and always late with appointments.

So, I guess, I just have to watch movies to sleep now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...time out

I’m still struggling to get hold of my time. As much as I would want to read my book before I sleep, I just can’t concentrate. Too much temptation (computer, internet, DVDs) and “feng shui” must be right in terms of how I arranged my things inside my room. I guess, I just have to think on how to optimize spaces to move my way around and continue with my schedule.

Anyway, I hope I could get some time in the afternoon as I really want to finish reading some chapters. I know I am way behind my schedule so I am devising some ways to understand the topics fast. I hope my friend will be able to get some materials so I could just sit my way through it. Videos will be a good way to run me through the topics. I just hate bringing the book as it’s like 1000 plus pages and the ebook which makes me sleepy staring on the screen.

So, I just have to log my work for today and hit the bed. Good night and hopefully I could write something better tomorrow. Night night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whole lotta love

Weather down here is actually getting better. It’s not as cold weeks ago and no rain to worry when I go biking. I just love the transition to spring. Some flowers are starting to bloom and it’s nice to see color as I go along the streets. It’s really lovely.

So far, getting my weather report from my iPhone is not a good idea. It’s not really showing the right forecast as it did last January when we went for the Big Day Out. My friends just went unprotected with no sunscreen or hat to shield them from the fierce Aussie sun. They were confident with the weather widget as it told them to be cloudy. I don’t know where the iPhone fetched its data but I’m starting to shy away from it.

Anyway, it has been a busy weekend and I’m still having my birthday hangover. My friends are still doing their greetings and even got some birthday notes from unexpected people. It’s just nice that I get such love and I should say, I’m lucky to have them all. My cousins also did it yesterday and we’ll be celebrating it on the weekend. Perhaps some drinking or just lunch.

It’s also nice to receive a cross from Heather this morning as she really did an effort in making one for me. She’s such a sweetheart and it really touched me when she handed me her gift.

What a lovely day.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Well, I guess I just have to adapt to change. Celebrating my birthday today was way different from what I used to. I don’t have my family and friends to celebrate with and the never ending greetings from 12:01 AM up to the end of the month. I felt sad but life has to move on.

So, I started the day right by going to mass and had a confession. It felt so good upon going out of the booth. You know, it was hard telling the priest about what I did wrong in the past. Reflecting on it seems to haunt me and it’s nice to have finally everything out and advised not to do it again. I hope and pray to be always good.

I also had a good breakfast and watched Star Wars: Clone Wars at the cinema. Walked around the city and had Chinese for dinner. And to finish the day, I borrowed DVDs to watch them to sleep.

Anyway, a BIG Thank You to the Lord for giving me all the blessings that I have. I hope He’ll continue to shower us with His grace and mercy. My mother and to all my aunties for always reminding me to do good with everything. To my friends, Juan, Rica, Kat, Bong, Azie and Athens’ mum, Andrea, for the greetings. And to my girlfriend, Athens, for supporting me. I just love her and the way that she treats me and the way that I am when I am with her. Thanks again for what you did on your blog today.

Thank you very much.

I don't know what it is but it looks good.

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Birthday Breakfast

I heard mass and went to confession at St. Mary's. It feels good though it's drizzling. As much as I would want to have breakfast near the waterfront, it's drizzling and the wind just makes everything cold.

So, I just have to have my breakfast at "The Coffe Club".

Blogging on the iPhone is really cool. I'm getting the hang of it and the keyboard really is responsive.

So, time to eat.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

…And it’s my birthday.

Anyway, I’ll get going. I just have to go to mass first and keep rolling.

Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

...bad, bad, bad

Well, I started the day, bad. I failed in my driving test because I followed directions. I was just too obedient and it cost me a chance to get my license.

At first, my eye sight was tested. She instructed me to read the first line of the VicRoads’ Snellen chart. Of course, that was easy. I read it and she wasn’t pleased. I read it again and again but she was not satisfied. She was actually, expecting me to read the 4th line. As I’ve heard and confirmed it, the instruction was really the first line.

And the show stopper… I was instructed to turn right and stop. Again, it sounded so easy. I turned right while indicating right and then stopped. After a few moments, she told me that it was not a good place to stop as it was dangerous.

So, where should I go? I was instructed to follow directions and now, following them just nailed me right into the grave. What in the blue hell is she trying to do? I know and I expect them to be hard as things went different since July 2008 for changes in test rules. But with that, it seems that they’ve become irrational. They could argue with common sense but instructions are instructions. And the first instruction was to follow instructions. And I know that these people are sanctioned by law, not only to facilitate the Learners’ test but to make sure that the Learners are safe.

I guess, a psychological exam should also be included in hiring people at VicRoads.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Test send from iPhone 3G

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...getting ready

I just have to do things as fast as I can tonight. Getting everything ready for tomorrow should be done by 8:00 PM so I could sleep and wake up early. My day would start as early as 5 AM tomorrow and will still continue up to Sunday at about 4 PM.

I know this is too much but these things have to be done accurately and in order. I hope everything will be doing well so I could concentrate to some of the stuff for the next weekends. With that, I can accommodate some more sleep and do some reading.

Anyway, I hope I could be online between those times and relax and chat with some friends.

Hmm…Kadayawan Festival in Davao is getting soon and it’s a bit sad that it’ll be my 2nd time not to attend this event. This is one of the festivals that I really love as it goes with the feast of Our Lady of Assumption and my birthday. Its like, everybody in Davao is celebrating my day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, it was a good day. So much has been done and I’m happy that a lot of staff was happy with what I have done. It just feels so good knowing that they appreciate the things I’ve made for them. And no amount of money can top that.

Anyway, just a few more days and I’ll be adding another candle to my cake. Weather forecast says that it’ll be great on the weekend and it would be a good time to get things on a roll. Though I haven’t planned yet for anything, I just have to go with whatever might come on that day. Perhaps a nice dinner with auntie, uncle and my cousins will be an option.

So, its like getting late and I just have to prepare for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Few days from now and I’ll be “celebrating” my birthday. I don’t have any plans as of the moment as I don’t usually celebrate it. It also happens to be the death anniversary of my grandmother who passed away when I was in Grade 1. Since that time, it was just a normal day that happens to be my birthday. I guess, I just have to do the usual. Iron my clothes, go to town, kill some time and hear mass.

Anyway, I still have to find some time in getting a decent moment to open my books. For the past few nights, I just go straight to my PC, do some emails, blog and go straight to bed. Though I deserve to do what I want before I sleep, I just have to force myself in getting into few chapters. Hopefully, for tomorrow’s night, I can seize that moment.

So, its getting late and I just have to hit my bed. Good night. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008


It was stupid of me not to realize my wake up time this morning. I know that I heard my alarm and struggled to get out of bed. I usually take like a few minutes and force myself up. And this morning, though I was able to do the usual, I just realized that I was an hour late for my morning rituals.

I used to be done by 6:15 AM and take my breakfast until I bike my way to work at 6:45 AM. What happened was, I went to hit the showers at 6:05 AM, not knowing that it was way too late for my things. I just knew it when I went out of it and the sky was actually beginning to light up. Anyway, I rushed my way to everything; even eating my cereals has to get rid of milk. I forced myself in going faster and I was able to arrive earlier than expected. Exhausted but it was in a way, fun.

I just laugh to myself, saying that I shouldn’t do this thing anymore. Time really is a luxury here as I practically don’t hold my time in waiting for buses.

So, for tonight, I just have to fix my things again and read some notes. Hopefully, tomorrow will just be fine as it used to be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

busy 48 hours and my iPhone

As much as I would like to stay home or do something to get away from boredom, my last 48 hours was loaded with so much stuff that I lost track of time. Time has been fast and getting a hold of it has become a luxury.

Anyway, Friday was great. After 4 years of using my old, dodgy mobile, its about time to replace it. And looking for the best value, I decided to get an iPhone.

Well, I don’t have to repeat what everyone has been saying. Its good and its easy to use. I have tried it on my wireless network and over 3G. So far, the machine can really do a lot of stuff. I just have to try it on dealing with wireless certificates tomorrow as it promised to handle it. The screen is unbelievably crisp. Just like the iMacs. Everything is just clear. To sum it up, it’s just sexy.

Anyway, I have to logout for now as I just have to prepare for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm hungrier

I don’t know. For some reasons, I get hungry earlier than expected. It used to be like 12:15 PM but as early as 11:30 AM, I just want to eat.

I usually have my breakfast as early as 6:15 AM. A bowl of cereals, yoghurt and heaps of juice and water are to be chomped on the table. I know that's like enough for my morning’s activities but I guess I have burned them so fast. Aside from biking from home to work, lots of walking has to be done from the bus stop and at work. And I guess, the work that I have also needs a lot of food to be burned.

Well, I had like stir fried veggies, heaps of rice, apple, banana and an orange for my lunch today. I like it but I felt like I need more rice (Extra Rice Please!!! Hahaha). I hope we could cook again some veggies for tonight as auntie really does well with the wok.

So, back to work.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

...on the roll

So far, everything has been doing great. The laptops deployed for the past few days have been performing well. No problems so far and the staff were very happy. The only problem that I am worried right now is the server which has been running for years and doing tech support on it on a reactive approach doesn’t seem to meet my expectation. Anyway, a meeting would be done next week and hopefully, we could carry on some issues to how these things will be addressed. And with Macs slowly increasing its presence, I hope a Mac server would be put into place.

I’ll be securing another hard drive on the weekend to test Mac OS X on a clone. I’ve read some forums about some people doing it and it just excites me in getting into it. Hopefully, things will be fine as I have already secured the necessary tools for this project. That would be great as my iPhone would be arriving before weekend and do some apps with it. Though I would like to have a MacBook with it, my budget does not seem to get me into rolling.

Anyway, I’ll be late tomorrow as we’ll have our expo until 9 PM. I just have to do a lot of things for the staff as visitors would be coming. Hopefully, things will turn my way as it would be very busy.

So, time to sleep.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

...missing mama

I never thought I could enjoy taking the bus to work and back. Along the way, I have made some friends at bus stops and they have really made a mark into me.

First, there’s Heather. She takes Route 41 from Geelong Station. We used to talk things random until I saw her doing her mails while waiting. She was sending a book to her grandson at Melbourne and told me about her family. That she had 4 kids and 5 grandkids. I could see the love that she has for her family as she enthusiastically inserted her note to her mail. She also told me about her other daughter, going to Zimbabwe for some research on wildlife. With Zimbabwe’s current situation, I asked her about her child’s reason in pursuing the job despite the country’s not so good political climate. She just held herself from crying as I comfort her, telling her that I’ll say a prayer for her daughter. In a way, her eyes beamed with so much hope.

Second, a Malaysian lady named Cindy. We take the same route going to the city from Corio Village. She had 2 kids and lives at Herne Hill for 20 years. She’s nice as she gives me pointers to what, where and how to go around Geelong. She had this very happy outlook about life as it radiates to every conversation that we have.

These 2 ladies are nice as they greet me with their smiles and share their stories. Their life is simple but they are happy with what they have. They care so much about their love ones and do everything to make them happy. Being with them on those occasions, just remind me of my mama. In a way, they have become my mothers for the periods of waiting.

I hope to see my mama soon.

Monday, August 04, 2008 Monday

I’m glad that things are doing well today. Though I have skipped some protocols, it was my decision to get things my way. I just can’t bear the bureaucracy and it has been delaying things for quite some time. Anyway, if “they” wreck havoc on this, I am ready to face it.

It’s just weird for some people to get control on everything even if they aren’t technically allowed to do it. For some reason, their ego has grown the size of Mt. Everest that they forget their own function. I just love it when they get irritated with what I do. That they can’t take the way I do things. I just smile and listen with my tunes while they keep on sighing as if there’s no solution. Though they see me as if I’m not doing work, I could finish everything fast and accurate. Same problem but different solution.

Anyway, I hope everything will be better for them as they won’t ask me on how I did my things. You know, pride.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Starting to Roll

It has been a busy weekend; Driving lessons, ironing clothes, reading books, heard mass and study. This would be my thing in the next 10 Sundays or so as I just have to get my things on a roll. I’ve been planning on the readings and studying and it’s about time to put them into action.

Some things have to be refreshed as some concepts that I have learned in uni is having a comeback. I know, it would be a struggle as time is limited. I just have to get things organized by tomorrow as the plan has started to roll. This has been me and I just have to push myself as it has been hanging for ages. I am also thankful to have some friends here who have helped me in lending their resources for my readings. It’s really a big help.

And I have also bought myself a notebook to aid me in my reading. I know, my penmanship is kinda awful as I don’t understand some of it. I just have to stop myself from my own version of short hand.

Anyway, lights out!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

August 1, 2008

Yay! It’s the 1st of August and time has been speeding its way that fast that I lost track of time. It seems like yesterday when I was enjoying Sydney with my family and my girlfriend. You just can’t tell. Suddenly, it’s like December 2008.

Thinking about how fast time is, I began to get hold of my things just to squeeze every task. I’ve been thinking of doing a lot of things but with the role that I am having right now; I just have to schedule and prioritize everything. There are times that it feels good relaxing, sleeping on a cold day, under the sheets, but the thought of wasting time just can’t allow me to accommodate such a thing.

Well, I’m waiting for my laundry to be done and will be fixing my room after it. Watch “The Wonder Years” to sleep and get early for tomorrow’s driving lessons and book reading.