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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I’m very happy having been done so many things for the day. I was in a way, being able to help a lot and it’s a nice thing that they are all happy. This is such a good day and I just enjoy helping people become efficient.

Anyway, while waiting to be fetched by auntie, I was listening to some good tunes I forgot to include in my playlist. I had my iPod ran on shuffle mode and its nice to have heard them all again. Some songs from Wolfgang, Metallica, Megadeth, Opeth and Shadows Fall were almost covered from heaps of my favourite tunes. I guess I just have to organize my playlist and archive them the way that it should be archived. I might need another external drive and hopefully, I could get a new iPod to replace my ailing one. The battery is draining easily and my iPod shuffle is taking over when all has been consumed. Not much in there as I technically using it to store some files between work and home.

I’m still struggling with the cold weather and so far, I am coping well. By just getting the right stuff to keep myself warm was good enough to get myself working. *sigh. This is really interesting as I will be experiencing my first winter while working.

Lights out!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...getting more friends

I just got home from a very good dinner. My Dutch friend, Adriaan, just made it all good. He’s really a good cook and it’s nice of him to invite me at his home to share the food with his wife.

He cooked some crackers, fried long grain rice with egg, chicken and bacon, beans with onions, vegetable salad, chicken wings and some red wine. The food was superbly done and the conversations over the table just made it all great. They are very interesting as Ria does some painting and Adriaan does the framing. They have also travelled a lot and support each other on their chosen fields. They pretty blend well and it’s nice and inspiring for a couple like them living happily together.

I should say, I want to grow old like them. Not much pressure, not much complication, just living a plain, simple and happy life. They just enjoy life with so much enthusiasm.

*sigh. How I wish my parents were like that.

Monday, April 28, 2008

...still cold

Climate change is really on the works. Though winter would be like months from now, some of the areas in Victoria are covered with snow. And here in Geelong, its “bloody” freezing. hehe

I’m practically covered with layers of shirt. I also have layers of blanket too. This is my first autumn and in a way, coping with the weather. I really thought autumn would be fun but I guess, I’m used to Philippines’ tropical climate.

I have bought myself a suede jacket yesterday just for this and so far, I like it. It keeps me warm and very light.

Tomorrow would be like 6/16 degrees and in a way, much comfortable that what it was this morning. We got like 14 degrees Celsius max and my hands were almost numb, reaching for my keyboard and mouse.

*sigh. Anyway, I just have to go to bed as tomorrow would again be busy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Struggling with the cold weather and my new blog

The weather here in Geelong is getting colder and my clothes just can’t protect as I thought it should be doing. I just have to put more shirts just to make myself warmer. Though my room has a heater, I ought not to use it as I can still tolerate and to climatised.

Anyway, I’m still struggling with this Autumn so, just to make things comfortable, I did another blog. This time, I am blogging in Bisaya.

Nothing special, with Aussie everywhere, I just miss expressing with my native tongue. Though talking to my auntie has some “Bisaya”, most of the time, we have to speak English as uncle and my cousins are just around us. You know, just to make things natural for them.

So, I have started my first post on my other blog and it feels very good to let it all out on my native tongue. It was very much different when I did it in English. Hehehe

Hmm…Time to go to bed.

Friday, April 25, 2008

...getting through my first ANZAC Day

Today’s a holiday as Australia is celebrating ANZAC Day. I woke up “late” and it was nice to have some more sleep.

Not much has happened as my Friday was somewhat like Saturday. I did my laundry, fixed my room, vacuum the carpet and again, a good day to hibernate. Weather has been so cold and with the holiday, I guess it’s an instinct to jump straight on the bed.

I also replaced the screen protector of my PSP as the old one is peeling by itself. I kinda miss the shine of the unprotected screen as I had some few moments while wiping before applying another set of film.

And of course, the Footy matches between Collingwood and Essendon and Fremantle and Geelong. I wasn’t able to watch the ANZAC Footy Match between the Pies and the Bombers but was able to catch up with the news. It seems so good as its one of Australia’s biggest event of the year. Hmmm, I should have watched it but was in a way busy with some chores.

Geelong’s game tonight was very “un-Geelong”. I don’t know but they were different. Lots of errors, they fumble a lot and they seem to be easily beaten by the struggling Melbourne Demons. They just gave me a fright but just like FPJ, they did a comeback and won the game by 1 point.

*sigh. A bit of a drag but I hope it’ll be better tomorrow. I want to go biking and catch some fresh air at the waterfront.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A "not-so-visit" visit to a friend

I happen to have a Dutch friend who happens to be one of my uncle’s music buddies. He’s retired for almost 20 years and he has been doing a lot of things during his time of his life. He does baking, photography, music and cooking. He is Adrian and for weeks, he has been doing his thing on his Mac and has been asking me for some assistance.

Last week, I had his Mac connected to his new DSL subscription and just this lunch break; I had updated his Mac to some programs that he has been using. Everything is doing great and he’s happy to get his things on a roll. I am also happy to have helped a friend and it’s also nice to taste some of his bread whom he himself bakes.

He has his own baking room where I could see his equipment. His cupboard where every ingredient is being stored, beaters, pans, oven and whatever a baker needs to make bread.

Though I’m just ok with the commercial bread, nothing beats home made that is freshly baked. I just love its taste and its distinct texture. I don’t know but it just has this soft and cotton-like softness that goes well inside my mouth.

Hmmmm…I guess I just have to learn his trade. I might make one for myself soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

...finishing the day

I just got home from a busy day. I was supposed to be home at 6 but my officemate called me to fill in for tonight’s job at one of our clients. So, since I’m not doing anything tonight, I enthusiastically said, YES!!!

It was pretty much an easy task as we have to deploy the new machines and install the Operating System and Applications to their specifications and enroll them to the domain. All were done as expected and finished the day with a good dinner at La Porchetta. I don’t know the soup but I enjoyed and loved the taste. The pizza was also good too.

Anyway, I just have to do some reading and some playing with Photoshop. Tomorrow would be the end for the week as it would be a holiday on Friday.

Hmmmm…Longer weekend. How cool is that?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...on a roll

I haven’t done much last night as I went home very late. I was supposed to do some “organizing” to a project that I have been “brewing” for days but Auntie arrived so late to have me fetched at Ate Arlene’s home. I don’t know but I have been having this “spurs-of-the-moments” that really make my life more challenging and enjoyable. The walk to Ate Arlene’s home just makes things better as I tend to have more time to think. I just miss the days back home where I walk from the office to the terminal and get into my favorite spots like the barbeque at Claveria Sts or visit friends to burn some time talking. Anyway, I woke up a little bit late but was able to do things faster to start things for the day.

As of the moment, I have been reviewing my notes to get things on track. I have been thinking of the “what shoulds” that I think might work. As my boss has told me that if you want to make it successful, try to do things the successful has been doing. With that, I just have to have to review on how these people have been doing and to why it works for them on a given time and place.

*sigh, so much for those as I also have to get into work. Maybe the “in-betweeners” would be good to get things on a roll. I just have to make sure that my notebook and pen are ready to accommodate my thoughts. I just have to do it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Loving "Footy"

When you live in a place where the reigning premiers are, you just can’t help but catch the fever.

Australian Football, Aussie Rules or as they say “Footy”, is Australia’s “National Sport”. It is very much celebrated that every Aussie that I have met has a team the he or she supports. It’s very much like the PBA in the 80s and early 90s where Pinoys are die hard supporters to their teams. The season runs in 22 rounds from late of March to early September. And after the normal season, a series of finals matches will be played until 2 teams will emerge to play for the premiership.

When I arrived last year in July, it was Geelong’s undefeated run that made me stuck to their matches. Watching the games just made me an instant supporter and a fan of the sport. Though there are “superstars”, the game is so fast that being on that pedestal has to be reclaimed in every game. And every game is every player’s avenue to confirm its status. It was an instant click that if I have to compare an established sport like NBA and NFL, NBA and NFL are so gay.

Having seen the matches last year and learning the sport as I get through the rounds, I have appreciated the sport very much that this year, each team has evolved and are very hungry for the premiership. While Geelong has never been defeated at of the moment, it gave me a fright yesterday when Sydney was getting close to 3 points in devouring the Cats. I’m just glad that Gary Ablett Jr. went to his job and gave 3 straight goals to further the lead. One of my favorites, Matthew Stokes, also did well as he graced the 150 m with his passes and marks. With his size, I really admire his talent on the field.

And the match with Richmond Tigers and Western Bulldogs this afternoon, I can’t help but went berserk with the ball being passed around the field many times. This sport is I think the most active sport as I haven’t seen any “dead time”. The ball is always alive.

Round No. 5 has ended and Geelong is leading the ladder, followed by Hawthorn. I hope Geelong will continue to get things done as I would want them to get the premiership again.

Go Footy! Go Geelong!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

...drinking with the Aussies

I’m still having this hangover from last night as my cousin invited me to go with them at his mate’s house.

Auntie and I arrived home at about 10 pm from roaming around the city and I only had a few minutes to get changed for some drinking session. I was supposed to do my laundry but I guess it’s about time to experience drinking with my cousin and his mates.

Though the drinking culture is pretty much the same, there are some things that I noticed about it that were way too different compared back home.

First, anyone who would like to get into the session must bring their own drink. Unlike drinking back home, everyone is pretty much drinking the same beer, the same alcohol. So, for the night, I had 6 bottles of Carlton Draught. Others had Coopers and some had vodka mix. Second, you just have to play some “parlor games”. Yeah! That’s right, “parlor games”. As gay as it was, you just have to be in the mood in playing it. We had somewhat played a card game where the cards were spread face down and everybody has to pick a card on his/her turn. Each card equates to a consequence and you ought to do it as it told you to do. Things like “scull” for n seconds, (Where n is the number on the card) and my favorite, Waterfall. Waterfall is when everybody has to drink until the person to your right ends drinking his. Whoever drinks further, wins.

Anyway, we went home about 3 AM and I was starving. I was too tired to get something to eat so I decided to retire to bed. I really miss the “kabawan” after the long drinking session at Davao. This is something the Aussies should discover.

So, for the rest of the day, I just have to watch the DVDs I bought yesterday and learn to play the harmonica. It was sweet when I got the harmonica instruction pack for just A$10.00 at Angus and Robertson. Time to get into something new. :)

Bring in the "Air"

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series and Life is Beautiful

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 day's work

Today's work was ok. I had updated all the iMacs for iMovie isn’t doing well with iDVD. I think it has something to do with the users using the previous version of iDVD with the new iMovie. (They just don’t like the latest version). So far, everything has been doing well when I had them updated.

...trying to open my blog on the mac.

Anyway, I had doubled my blanket as its getting colder. I don’t know but it feels like winter. As much as I would like to use the heater, I just have to deal with it as I have to get “climatized”.

*sigh. Still having trouble with some DRM protected WMVs. I hope to be done with them soon as I would like auntie to watch it on DVD. It may sound corny but it just brings back the good memories.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pinay made it to Top 4 at "So You Think You Can Dance Australia"

Finally, Demi, the Pinay competing for the crown on Australia’s version of “So You Think You Can Dance?” has grabbed a spot for the Top 4. She really is amazing as she really did it all. The B-Girl doesn’t have any formal training on any dance discipline as she worked her way out to get things done.

Few days to go and Australia will be choosing the winner. She have what it takes and I hope and pray that she’ll get it.

Go Pinoy!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I’ve been “Googling” around for some solutions to DRM protected files. I just want them to be converted to DVD as I would like them to be watched by my auntie on her convenience as she doesn’t want to fiddle with the computer.

I have tried TuneBite but for some reason, some of the WMV files won’t run as expected.


Another problem has surfaced as some WMV files needs to be dragged on the slider to be played. That won’t happen with TuneBite.

Any help? Please :D

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Mighty Cats on the roll

And Geelong finally nailed Round 4 as the Saints just ran out of luck in getting the game on their side. The Mighty Cats just went wild to dominate the game. I hope to see them rolling until the end of the season. I just find it amazingly great.

Anyway, as of this moment, Geelong has won 4 straight wins, undefeated and leading the ladder. I could still remember the time when I arrived here when the Cats had their wins rolling. That was really good and in time to experience Australia. So far, I’m addicted to footy and you just can’t go wrong loving it. I should say, footy is way better than basketball in terms of athleticism but flunking in marketing.

Hmmm…having seen footy since I arrived here would be a good sport for anybody who’ll try to be fit but not for Filipinos. There’s so much on the field that would make Pinoys “pikon”.

Improved driving and Footy

I’m just done with my driving and I’m happy that I have improved a lot. My instructor is very happy and we’ll be going to the town for more action. I can’t wait for next session as I am very much ready for the next level.

St. Kilda Vs. Geelong at this very moment and I’m happy that the Cats are leading at half-time. I hope Geelong will win and crush the Saints to victory. I just want the Cats to get the premiership this year and it would be great if I could watch it with Athens when she comes here.

So, I just have to go back to the lounge room as the game will be resuming in a few minutes.

Go Cats!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm back with my new template

After a week of late night choco munching and In Flames’ on the background, I finally have done tweaking the “minima” template. This would be my new face of my blog for the next few months.

I hope people who might see this will like it as I really took some time to get things rolling. This week has been a different feeling as I have been very much hyped out. I guess it has something to do with the “sneakers” that I’ve been eating.

Anyway, I still have to do more on my template as my preference keeps on changing. At least, I’m somewhat done and I’m happy.

The last day of the week

I started the last day of the week with so much work. I went back to the office for some reporting but was instructed to go to another school for some problem. The network printers aren’t working and you can’t even locate them on the server whom the printers are being served.

Weird as you may call it but it really was. I had to go around the building, checked all the printers and print their print configurations. Had them checked with the documentation and reinstalled them again. For some weird reasons, the network scanner/printer/photo copier cannot be pinged. I have to do some checking with the cabling and its power. Anyway, to make things simple, the switch just went dodgy and has to be reset.

The rest of the day was spent on checking the servers of another client and documenting the changes.

*sigh. What a day.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

...working on my new template

It’s 11:06 pm and I’m somewhat satisfied with my “new template” for my blog. I’m doing it on a test account and so far, I enjoy tweaking it.

I’m having In Flames’ new album, “A Sense of Purpose” and Guns N’ Roses’ Use Your Illusion I and II on the background and with them just brings back the good old days where my friends and I just stay up to wee hours in the morning, coding systems, shuffling between our tunes and talk silly just to stay awake. I just can’t help but feel sad and happy at the same time, thinking of those days. I really miss my friends and I really miss Davao.

Anyway, I still have to visualize on what photo to be placed as my header to sleep. Have to be early for work.

Hmmm…In Flames’ “A Sense Of Purpose” is somewhat good. I’ve been listening to it since Monday and 1I’ll just post about it next time.

Good night. Signing Off.

I miss my barber

As much as I like Australia, I just don’t like the hair dressers.

I had my haircut yesterday (5th time since I arrived here and the 3rd time to another hair dresser). Though I’m just ok with the past hairdressers, they just lack the finesse compared to the hair dressers in the Philippines. I just don’t feel the professionalism when they glide the clippers and the scissors. Everything has been done on triple time. I even had some hairs on my neck and never cared to brush what has been left.

If only they could see the way hair dressers and barbers back home, they would really be at awe when they compare their thing. The way the barbers and hair dressers handle the scissors, the clippers, the brush and everything that goes with it back home just makes you feel good. Everything is done nice and easy.

I hope I’m wrong as I only have experienced 2 in Geelong and 1 at Melbourne.

This just makes me miss Tatay Doming, my barber since 3 yrs old and Alex, after Tatay Doming passed away.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Getting through this day was a blast. I never thought I could be this busy for a day that’s pretty much laid back. It just felt so good having satisfied my mates at work. I just like being on the go.

I woke up 6:00 am, jumped out of the bed, went to a hot shower, got dressed, ate my brekky and off to work. As soon as I got myself to my chair, I got calls like crazy. I’ve been shuffling in between application and database installation and petty tech queries from clients. I’m just glad that everything went fine with some few clicks as it’ll be ready for tomorrow’s deployment.

Hayden arrived to pick me up for some tasks at the school. It was great as we have done things on the breeze and went out at about 3 pm. Again, I was picked up by Adrian, whom was tasked to get me back to the office, ASAP.

I really thought I could just mellow down as the day was going to end. 2 more laptops had to be configured and a new server to be installed. So far, the laptops were done as the server is still being done at the office at this very moment.

I went out of the office at about 8:39 pm and went home walking. I decided not to bother my mates and auntie of getting me to my destination as they were busy with their things. So far, it took me approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with my works shoes. Hopefully, I could get another pair of shoes for walking. I’m also doing my laundry while doing this blog at the moment.

Anyway, I just have to prepare later for tomorrow would be busy. I hope to get things as fast as we could as I want to get into driving and hopefully attend my cousin’s party.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Starting the day after the strong Victorian wind

I woke up very early today, 5:28 am to be exact. I felt like it was 6:30 am so I went out of the bed, trying to catch up for the “lost time”. When I turned on my PC, I realized that I was too early to start as my alarm was set to 6:00 am.

The room was very cold. I think I got like 7°C. The keyboard and mouse felt like ice. I was still struggling from the cold wind and searched for my thermal shirt and pants to get things for the day.

The cold weather was making me sleepy, so I decided to hit the bed for a few minutes. Minutes later, my alarm was buzzing loud and went out to bed to start my day.

Walking outside my room just makes things worse. I know its autumn but it felt like winter. I never had this cold feeling when I arrived last winter but the cold wind is just unbearable. Getting to the toilet seat was pretty funny. I just have to do my toilet fast as the seat is freezing my bum. I’m just glad that the hot shower just settled the mood for the moment.

Dressing up was a bit time consuming. Australia is a dry country so it’s a must to apply some cream. I had my thermal shirt and pants, thick socks, slacks, t-shirt, long sleeve polo and a jacket. I’m sure I’m pretty warm as I went out.

Anyway, while waiting to connect to some clients through VPN, I’m just mocking around with my blog just to make things rolling. The bad weather yesterday seems to wreck havoc here at Victoria and getting things back to what it used to be is a struggle.

I hope we could do things great today.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Windy Day with Fantastic Four

Victorian wind has been so strong. Roads and bridges have been closed, businesses were somewhat interrupted and some people were injured and even died. The wind even reached as strong as 135 kph.

Some of our clients had a hard time syncing with their data and peers around Australia. Even our office got no electricity in the afternoon. The wind just made it all.

Anyway, I hope it’ll be fine tomorrow as I know it’ll be a busy day for us to do some regrouping. Phone lines have been burning mad as we got calls from clients asking for some assistance.

So much for now as I have to go to sleep. I’m just happy to have received my Fantastic 4 DVD this morning at the mail.