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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pinoys are getting hotter at "So You Think You Can Dance? - Australia"

I’m just excited for our “kababayans” getting the spot on Australia’s “So You Think You Can Dance?”. Demi just surprised us with her transformations. She’s doing great.

J.D. is also doing well but he seems to be left behind with his performance last night.

Anyway, on its 2nd week, Demi and J.D. are still on the finals. I hope they could make it as Australia will choose 2 from the top 20 (1 male and 1 female)

Demi and Jack (Week 1)

Demi and Jack (Week 2)

J.D. and Rhiannon (Week 1)

J.D. and Rhiannon (Week 2)

Monday, February 25, 2008


Its 3:40 pm and time has been so fast. I never realized how fast it was until I took a break from doing “images” for the PCs to be deployed on the other side of the building.

Anyway, while waiting, I popped my iPod to listen to some tunes in shuffle mode. I always have it on a volume, loud enough to simulate an open air metal concert. Getting through Slayer, Opeth, Shadows Fall and Arch Enemy, I could hear a lady whispering through my ears. I know what I’ve heard as I know the songs very well. Never in blue hell was a lady on the same song.

I don’t know but I hope I’m not hallucinating. I had my lunch and I’m very much awake. Could it be someone or just something on my imagination?

I hope it’s my guardian angel. :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

...dusts have settled.

It was a struggle sleeping last night. Though my bed was comfortable, I can’t seem to get myself to nodding off. It might be the cold air or maybe just something which I don’t know.

So, to make things easier, I went online and did some reading; The ZTE-NBN scandal, the HD-DVD-Blu Ray stories, Pinoy showbiz “balita” and my unread e-mails. My eyes were getting heavier until I received a message (through “friendster”) from someone seems familiar. First, it was sort of “Who in the blue hell is this?” but as soon as I get to open it, it was my high school classmate, whom I used to date with.

I’m sure was surprised because as far as I could remember, the last time she was able to do online was ages ago. I think that was in 2005 where we used to exchange e-mails and texts. Checking on her “friendster” confirmed my assumptions.

We had a decent chat. The usual, “How are you?/I’m fine, thank you” went to “settling the dust” between us. I admit, during that time, it was very hard moving on but it was the right thing to do. She had moved on and I was getting hold of my sanity. The conversation somehow made a “closure” to the issues. In a way, it was nice to have settled the issues.

Time really has it way to get things on track.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Congrats Bay!!!

With my usual “Turn on the Computer” before everything else, I got the best news before changing my clothes for the day. My friend Juan is finally a Registered Nurse.

I'm so excited and happy for him. I know how he dealt with his journey to RN and what a day to end it all.

Juan, Rica, ako and last beach party with them at Davao

I can’t help but be overwhelmed. Praise God!!!

Nagisi pa jud akong medyas…Gi-atay. Sobra ka excited!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pushing Harder

I’m still trying to sort things out as I am planning to get myself another PC in my room.

I just have to have another one as I am going to do a lot of readings (ebooks), get most of the videos that I have and at the same time, my test server for my programs and scripts. As much as I would want to have a media center PC, my money just won’t allow me at this time.

I had my wish list posted on my wall and I still have to wait until things will be covered. Though there are schemes that would help me get the items, I just can’t deal the thing of worrying each month for payments.

Anyway, I still have to work with some dodgy computer parts that have been lying upstairs. I know I could do something about it as it has been there for ages and never was resurrected.

I hope this would act as my temporary ebook reader. hehe

Sunday, February 17, 2008

J.D. is Pinoy!!! Yee-Haa!!!

J.D., one of the finalists for “So You Think You Can Dance? – Australia”, is actually a Pinoy.

Abandoned by his parents at a very young age, he was seen walking at the streets of Manila by a taxi driver. The taxi driver then dropped him at the orphanage where his adopted parents took him to Australia.

He has been dancing ever since. He has done performances for his family and mates and has created so much noise in the Melbourne dancing scene with the creation of Melbourne Music Academy’s dance faculty as the premiere urban dance school.

He has also toured the likes of Ja Rule, Usher, Destiny’s Child and Ashanti and has been teaching around Australia, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Taiwan.

He has really made a mark as a choreographer and joining the contest is a struggle he is trying to overcome with the thought that he’s just a choreographer and not a dancer.

Well, I guess he’s making a mark as a dancer now. I hope he’ll make it.

J.D.'s Audition

Bloody Hell!!!

Well, I just have to borrow this phrase from the Aussies to express my thing for the past days. Since Wednesday, I never had a decent time to sleep and get hold of my things. I was in a way very busy with all the things at home, school and work.

I got some overtime last Wednesday night for the new workstations and servers to our new client. Thursday was doing a “PR” for another provider to get the school’s software licenses on an earlier date. Friday just went early to Melbourne to deploy the workstations at Tullamarine and a server at Laverton. And Saturday which was supposed to be my day to hunt for bike parts, was allotted to our client in deploying a new server and updating the network and profiles for the users. I just arrived home and in a way, exhausted with the exchange server.

Anyway, I hope it’ll be better next week as I also want to read some stuff that I am supposed to be reading. I just have to get back on track as I really wanted to do more in the coming weeks.

Good night and I just have to retire to bed for driving lessons tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pinoys at "So You Think You Can Dance?" - Australia

After searching the net, here are the videos of the siblings, Demi and Carlo.

Go Pinoy!!!

Pinay made it to "So You Think You Can Dance?" - Australia

Finally, of the 3 siblings who tried their luck, Demi made it to the Top 20. Though her brother made it through and through, he just didn’t make it to the finals. That was very close as it would be great to see the siblings on Top 20.

Well, I’m just happy that our kababayan made it to the top. I hope and pray that Demi would make it all.


Demi featured on this link - Highlights - Top 100

Carlo (on pink stripes with his cap trick), Demi's brother, just impressed the judges - Highlights - Audition (VIC and SA)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boy Bawang Vs Cadbury

What I like about living in Australia is that, rich or poor, they eat the same food. I mean, everything is accessible. You can just go straight to any shop and buy whatever you want. People here just don’t go hungry unless it’s their choice.

But with all those things being said, I still miss the “Sari-Sari” store. The “chichiria” and the people that go with it and the experience just makes me proud being a Pinoy. I miss Boy Bawang, the 1 Peso Yellow Paper/Bond Paper (cocom bond haha), chicharon, toyo and suka on “lapad”, candies and the “lista” just makes the experience unique.

*sigh. I’m still craving with all the “chichiria” but I’m glad that there are some Asian stores to fill the gap. I just had some Boy Bawang, Nagaraya and Lucky Me pancit canton hehe.

*Oi! Imported na sila ha. hehe

Ramon Bautista IS IT

When I’m all done with work and chores, staying inside my room require so much creativity just to make things on a roll. I mean, unlike back home where I get access to anything that I would want, staying in a foreign country and still trying to get hold of the new things, is a bit dragging and just have to deal with everything just to make my sanity intact.

I have collected DVDs but my money just won’t allow me to make it bigger. I have also collected free magazines and catalogues from local stores just to burn some time staring on their merchandise. I even resorted to reading labels of deodorant, soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste instead of counting sheeps to sleep.

With the computer that I am using now, in a way, it has helped me in exploring things. Reading ebooks, news, maps (familiarizing myself around my place), chatting, blog hopping and blogging are just some of the things that kept me from getting bored.

But what really made me happy for the past days were the videos of Ramon Bautista on YouTube.

He’s just so effortless in his antics. I just can’t help but laugh hard on his skits. He’s just funny.

Anyway, I have searched YouTube for his appearances but had already seen most of them. I hope that anybody home could just upload them so that everybody could be happy.

One of my favorites, Highway Crossing

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Taking care of the elders

When I set foot to this country, what I noticed about children is that, they leave home when they turn 18.

With that kind of setup, I can see how devastated my auntie has been when all of her kids just went to their next chapter of their lives. She might be a Filipino who have lived here for 25 years but the Filipino in her is still intact. She has been thinking of what her life would be and been comparing the life back home.

One thing that really concerns me is that, who would be taking care of them when they turn so old? How would things be going here?

I myself am trying to get a hold of this new thing as we are not used to that. We take care of our elders as they live with us but here is a bit different.

On searching for some answers, I have come across this website, Bettercaring. Here I was able to find some answers and try to understand the concept of nursing homes. In a way, I was able to see how things are going to be and the things that has to be learned as taking care of the elders in the first world country has its own unique way. Here, they have some discussion groups and blogs to make people like me understand concepts like care homes, nursing homes and taking care of the elders.

Anyway, I’m still reading and exploring the site as I’m trying to understand the first world on their way of taking care of elderly.

..."date" with my iPod

Since school started 2 weeks ago, it allowed me to have some “quality” time with my tunes. My old and trusty iPod and I have finally found some time to confirm and explore my love to music as I never had a chance to have it played at school, office, in my room and during my short trips.

I usually blast my tunes after school, sitting near the gate, while waiting to be fetched. That very moment is my own personal time with my tunes, trying to get my sanity intact.

Well, I hope to find some time to update my playlist as it has been a struggle to organize heaps of tunes on a 20 GB iPod. Perhaps some Spanish guitar-driven songs.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Update on Capt. Mercado : February 7, 2008

With my evening routine; checking emails, messages and reading, I got a message from John through Friendster. Though it was very short, the pictures just said it all.

*John's Photo Gallery

John's message at Friendster

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pastilan De Venecia

Upon reading the news back home about De Venecia’s whining on his ouster as the Speaker of the House, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

With all his “grand accusations” about the current administration, why only now that he blew his whistle?

I just find it disgusting that after all his 59 minute speech; he remained stupid as he used to be. I don’t really care about his intention of joining the opposition to denounce corruption. What more can he do now? Now that he’s just a “congressman”. He has done nothing as the Speaker, so why bother?

Porbida ka bay!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

"Pinoys" at "So You Think You Can Dance? Australia"

Just this evening, while having dinner, we were watching “So You Think You Can Dance? Australia” at Channel Ten.

It was just ok until we saw a family of “Kababayans”, trying their luck for the Melbourne audition. They were 3. Actually they are siblings, 2 girls and a boy. I just can’t remember the girls’ name as I went excited with their story. The younger girl was deaf and mute and was dancing through vibration. “Ate”, who did all the talking for them was a typical Filipina, always wearing a BIG smile. And their brother, Carlo, who tried to start funny, just made it all for a ticket to Sydney.

Though their younger sister didn’t made it, “Ate” was just great. Her hip-hop tricks just convinced the judges for her ticket to Sydney. And Carlo, with his spectacular moves, just made Matt, Jason and Natalie at awe. Matt even told everybody that Carlo has CHARISMA.

Well, it’s another thing to watch on Mondays and I hope and pray, they'll make it.

It's "Ate", dancing with so much joy

Skype on my PSP

…and finally, the wait is over. I now have the new firmware for my PSP. It’s Version 3.90 and can use Skype on it.

It has been the news since CES 2008 and I was itching for it. With its new Skype feature, I could now do some talking with friends while roaming around school and the office.

I just have to get a compatible Webcam and a headset to do the talking. I just can’t imagine doing the typing on its buttons.

Anyway! It’s already installed.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Microsoft to devour Yahoo!?

Having been bombarded with so much e-mails and news about Microsoft going to devour Yahoo!, all I could say is that Microsoft’s claim of being on its top on its game has been left behind its glory days.

Well, if you have to think about it, if they are really “in control”, why should they acquire Yahoo! for that matter? With the money they are going to spend on eating Yahoo! alive, they could just do something about eating a bigger pie from Google’s share.

I just want to see Microsoft as what it used to be. With Bill Gates going to have a full time role on its foundation and a part time on Microsoft, I wonder, how would the company be for this year?

3 Thingies

...Just to make me sleep.

■ Aldrin
■ 'drin
■ Al

LIFE: (as of now)
■ March 17, 2007
■ Sept. 8, 1987
■ March 16, 1521

■ eat
■ watched "MacGyver"
■ answer this thing

■ microsoft
■ sennheiser
■ quiksilver

■ love
■ family
■ peace

■ Metallica - Master of Puppets
■ Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade
■ Opeth - The Grand Conjuration

■ eyes
■ skin
■ smile

■ rica
■ juan
■ brgy. t5

■ MS test voucher
■ winning lotto number
■ car - hehe

■ listening to music
■ read
■ travel

■ davao
■ tasmania (hobart, launceston, devonport)
■ sydney

■ japan
■ new york
■ gothenburg, sweden

■ gloria
■ athens
■ rica

■ Geelong Waterfront
■ Moorabool River
■ Asian Store

■ Hi Sushi
■ Subway
■ Chook N Hook

■ Tubig
■ Schweppes Agrum
■ Brekky Juice

■ iPods
■ Documentation

■ black
■ white
■ blue

■ athens and i are going to see each other
■ more experience with tech
■ more concerts

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Domain Name Registration

I’ve been thinking of getting another domain for another blog and this time with a “” extension. I used to have my .com but after it was expired, I had a hard time getting it back as the provider was asking for more compared to normal registration. With providers like this, I’ve been so skeptic to some so after a few extra days of searching the net, I was able to go past this Aussie provider for my new domain name registration

The prices seems to be reasonable as 2 years would cost around AU$34.98. Not only you can get the domain, you can also get 24/7 support, email hosting, URL forwarding, management tools, domain name parking, renewal reminders (yeah! This would help me) and a fast domain approval.

I have also tried their trial online store as it was a breeze setting it up.

Anyway, I’ll get through this in a few days as I’m still struggling getting into my things.