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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back on my 2008

Few days from now and the New Year will start to roll. Thinking about my 2008 makes me wonder how in blue hell did I breezed through the year. It was so fast that I almost lost track of time.

Looking back, these are some of the things that I should say made a mark for my 2008.

1. My first trip to Tassie. Though I was there for work, I tried my best to explore Tasmania whenever I had the opportunity. Hobart was special. The old buildings just make you feel special. Launceston was sort of an outback. I felt sleepy exploring it. And Devonport was some sort of a ghost town. It’s like a scene on a western/cowboy movie minus the cowboy hats. With limited time, I failed to see the Tasmanian Devil and the penguins at the Penguin Island. Hopefully, I’ll be back to explore more.

2. Big Day Out 2008 – I used to dream about getting into this festival when I was in high school and I told myself to work hard and experience the fun with the people and the music. After years of imagining myself into it, I was finally able to go and experience my dream. The bodies bumping each other just to get a good view of the performers was spectacular. I didn’t imagine myself getting through “Rage Against The Machine” crowd. It was the best, thinking I am small to go through the Big crowd. I didn’t pass out and it was all worth it. Slamming with the fans was such a hell of a ride that I decided to go out after the first song. At least, it was only me in my group who made it to the “Rage Against The Machine” crowd.

3. World Youth Day 2008 - I never thought of getting into this until my girlfriend had a volunteer slot for this event. We were supposed to meet here in Geelong/Melbourne when things went on a roller coaster. We have to see each other before she goes back to New York on September. She had problems in getting her Australian visa until a blessing knocked on our doors. She got it through volunteering for World Youth Day 2008. Since she got her slot, I thought, why not get mine too. It was such a blessing as I got mine a week before the event, where most of the Aussie based applicants had a hard time getting theirs. Some even waited for at least 3 months. Everything went fine and it was the best 11 days to spend with my girlfriend. The pope was a rock star and it was nice to reaffirm my relationship with my girlfriend.

4. iPhone – With the worldwide release of the revolutionary iPhone 3G and having my dodgy phone for 4 years due for replacement, the most logical substitute would be the iPhone. It’s nice and I don’t have to bring my iPod and my mobile. It’s all in one. As of the moment, I could just lounge everywhere and chat with my friends over an IM client, blog, check emails, listen to my favourite tunes, watch videos or get my way through Google Maps and AroundMe. An essential for my kind of lifestyle.

5. Moving out - After a year and 3 months, I decided to get out from my aunt’s place and live on my own. I don’t have much savings but enough to get me through. It was hard but I’m lucky to have friends who really helped me in this transition. My new place is good and the housemates are great. I feel better staying here and there’s nothing I could ask for the moment. The peace of mind and the “freedom” are the best.

6. My driver’s license – I really thought I couldn’t make it as the passing rate for Learners’ in Victoria has dropped to 30%. I failed thrice as I always in a hurry. The test was very strict and they really had the eye on me. But a week before my 1st anniversary of being a Learner, I have finally got my Victorian Driver’s License. Though I could now get a car, I should be delaying it as I’m not ready yet to get into this crazy petrol prices, car maintenance, registration and other fees. Hopefully, by next year, I could get mine soon to be more mobile.

From Pinoy Kangaroo

Well, my 2008 is practically a preparation for my next journey. I may not able to understand some of the “in betweeners” but I believe that these are just fillers for my journey through life. I have more things to do and I look forward for my 2009. I know it will be a blast and I am excited to get things on a roll.

With the help of God and His grace and mercy, 2009, “Just Bring It On”!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

...trying to amuse myself

Not much drama for today as I was just at Melbourne, trying to burn some time. I have enough of staying at home; watching TV and it was such a struggle to amuse myself.

Anyway, I had spent the day better and actually had bought some shirt and a cap since it was Boxing Day sale. I’m happy with it and I’m proud that I was able to hold back my urge in buying some more items. As much as I would like a desktop speaker for my PC, I just have to delay it as I have to discipline myself from spending too much on unwanted items.

Stores are also smart asses as they try to sell items on usual prices with a higher price marked “X” beside as if it was the old price. Actually, when you check it closer with their previous catalogues, the prices have been the same for 2 months. Some old dirty tricks eh.

So, I went home, had dinner and made some root beer float. As Mat told me, its actually a Spider.

...getting ready

Root Beer Float AKA Spider

Thursday, December 25, 2008

...the worst Christmas, so far

This is my worst Christmas so far. Though I was in my aunt’s place this morning, I felt that I was not invited. I just dropped my gifts and went home. I was supposed to be at Uncle Rey’s place after that but I lost the desire of continuing Christmas.

Watching "Friends"

I returned home at around 11 am and turned on the Xbox. Chucked in the “Friends” DVD and watched some episodes while having my lunch. The chicken curry I had the other night was really handy. Some biscuits and chocs also helped me through the meal.

Christmas Lunch

Got bored with “Friends” and decided to watch “Spider-Man and Green Goblin”. I wasn’t really paying attention as I was actually trying to chat with my friends on my iPhone. I never got any good reply; just the common, “Merry Christmas” as if it was broadcasted over the instant messenger. They too were also busy.

After Spider-Man, I turned to Iron Chef America on SBS and slept through the episode. I was glad I did that. At least, I forgot that I was bored.

At around 5:30 pm, I decided to have Chinese for but realized that all the shops were closed. So, I came back and sliced some potato, fruits and prepared a slice of chicken breast for grilling. After few minutes, I got myself some potato wedges, fruit salad, boiled veggies and grilled chicken.

Christmas Dinner

I then washed the dishes and went back to the lounge room, surfing channels.

Not much on TV tonight so I had a shower and shaved my goatee.

*sigh. And at this time, I’m still trying to amuse myself to sleep.

What a Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 iPhone's new case

I tried some iPhone 3G cases before but I ended up using SwitchEasy’s CapsuleRebel. I bought it online from Rushfaster in Sydney and never looked back.

It has a nice grip and my iPhone is pretty much safe from scratch and whatever possible hostilities it might get. But after few months of using it, the bottom part got flimsy and started to shop around for some cases. Since I liked SwitchEasy and being voted as the best by iLounge for 2008, I decided to get their “Colors”. Again, I went online and checked its “specs”.

When I checked it on the SwitchEasy site, I noticed a “Contact Us” link and started asking if there would be some workaround regarding my CapsuleRebel. To my surprise, I got a reply the next day and was asked to take a photo of the fault and email them with my details as they would be sending another one. I was even asked to keep my existing one. I was really happy and complied with their request right away.

I almost didn’t get another one as they only ship to the US. But it was smart of them to get somebody from their HongKong office to send another CapsuleRebel for me. After few days, I got it on my mail and replaced the flimsy one.

This is one good company with a good product.

Monday, December 22, 2008

...4 days straight and exhausting.

It has been a hell of a ride since Thursday. I had like 4 drinking sessions and I’m somewhat exhausted.

First, it was the Christmas party for Corio Bay. It was fun as the theme was musical. Everybody was dressed and I really enjoyed it. Some dressed like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, casts from Chicago, the Blues Brothers, Grease, High School Musical, Wizard of Oz and so on.

I just had an afro as the kid from High School Musical (drunken version). I didn’t have much time to prepare but I guess when everybody is drunk, it really doesn’t matter.

My boss was dressed as Willy Wonka and turned the bus into the Wonka Bar. Roger just did a good job in making the PiƱa Colada as everybody was pretty much drunk before we arrived at the venue. All of us were at “Cloud 9”. I should say, I was a bit louder.

We partied all night long and even continued with some of the staff at the pub. We were rejected at Bended Elbow so we ended up at Home House. And right there, we just danced until 2 am.

Second was the “party” for ByteWay. Not as loud as the first one but I was drunk. Not much to talk about as it was all just “settling down”.

Third was at Uncle Rey’s place. I was just fixing his PC and he was serving me some champagne, wine and beer. I almost didn’t finish the task but it was a good way to spend the day outside home.

And lastly, at Robert’s place. I went straight after the mass and helped him with the “barbie”. It’s a bit hard as we had Johnny Walker and San Miguel Beer after it. We even had videoke which our friend, TonTon who just went louder. Its really fun having videoke with alcohol

SMB in Da Haus

Anyway, waking up this morning seems to be a struggle. Since I am officially on break, I just went further to sleeping and woke up late like 10 am. I should say, it was a bit of a drag but at least I was able to regenerate myself to tomorrow.

Hmmmm, I guess, I’ll be back on Christmas for some drinking with my cousins.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 for gifts, final tasks

Shopping for gifts online is fun but when you have to send it to New York, most of the US online shopping sites just bar you from continuing as they only allow shoppers with US addresses and US issued credit cards. It was really frustrating as good items on those sites can’t be seen from other sites for purchase.

Anyway, after a lot of “googling”, I was finally able to get into it through Amazon. Everything went smoothly and was able to place my order. Finally, I can now have a good night sleep.

Well, my day was busy as tasks just breezed in like they knew that the end is near. Laptops get dodgy, unseen issues and some last minute tasks which really went weird yet fun.

It was about one of the staff’s iBook G4 to be migrated to the new aluminium MacBook. The iBook G4 was on Mac OS X 10.4.8 and for it to do the migration, it has to update its migration assistant to get it rolling. The problem is, for it to be updated; it has to be at least version 10.4.11.

side by side: iBook G4, MacBook, Mac Server

Of course, I searched on it at the Apple site and for it to be updated to 10.4.11; you just have to update it from 10.4.8 then to 10.4.9 and to 10.4.10 and then to 10.4.11. That’s like 4 reboots and a lot of waiting. Talk about “Think Different”.

Well, lights out for now as it’ll be a long day tomorrow.

It’s Parteyyyyyy after work. Wooohoooooo!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

...start of the end

My Monday was quite unusual as it’s the start of the last week of school. I had some tasks in the first few hours but after lunch, I was practically pretending to be busy.

It’s not about dodging from tasks, I just feel uneasy when nothing is left for me to do. I just went online, read anything useful. And along the way, I’ve been struggling to stay awake. How exciting is that? hehe

I don’t know what to expect for tomorrow. I guess I just have to get myself into the flow.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 new old guitar and rewarding myself

It has been a busy weekend; the usual chores plus some things that I should have done weeks ago. The thing is, unlike Davao, most of the shops here closes at 5 PM so, as much as I have to get things for whatever I might need, I just have to delay until Saturday.

I now have the teeny weeny part for my machine head. I’m glad that the boys at Music Den were able to supply me with their spare part which I was supposed to buy the whole set. They were also helpful to assist me to what set of strings and pick to get me started. And after minutes of attaching the part on the machine head, the guitar saddle, the strings and some help with TUNIC guitar tuner on my iPhone, I can now play the old guitar that was given to me by the school.

The string feels stiff and the 1st string just sound as if it was palm muted when being strummed. I guess I just have to do some adjustments. But other than that, the guitar is now playable. I did some AC/DC (Back In Black, Highway to Hell), Stone Temple Pilots (Plush, Creep), Alice In Chains (Heaven Beside You), Mad Season (River of Deceit), The Pixies (Here Comes Your Man) and The Youth (Multong Bakla, Takbo).

I’m finally home. I can now do something on my spare time. I should relearn some songs and techniques which I’ve been telling myself of ages ago. And now is the time.

I also bought some gifts for Christmas and rewarded myself with “Sanuk”.

This sandal is really kewl.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

...feeling celebrity

I never imagined getting my Australian driver’s license would be big news in my workplace. It’s like everywhere I go; anybody would just congratulate me like they’re so happy with my accomplishment.

I’m never used to this but along the way, it’s nice having friends being happy with what I have been through.

Just as I was about to leave, I saw this at the Staff room.

Now I know why everybody was on the hype. hahaha

...gettting into Tea

Last night was the best. I never imagined I could appreciate tea until we had our final Tao talk for the year.

I knew it would be great but never did I imagine that it would be about the “Tea”.

Well, we ran through the history of the tea and its types. Having learned that, it has changed my outlook on the tea bags at the supermarkets. Tea really has an interesting history and I’m just amazed to how tea should be.

Tea tasting followed and I really paid attention to the tea set and the way tea was prepared and served. For the test, we had 2 “shots” of red tea and 2 “shots” of green tea. I was really happy having found the oil on my tea. The green tea was truly green and the taste and the aroma just beat the ones on tea bags.

Having said that, I might go to OxFam at Westfield later after work.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yeehaaa!!! I passed the Driving Test.

And finally, after few attempts and months of waiting, I can now legally drive here in Victoria.

The test was sort of tricky as they have changed their rules last July 2008. They have done it to make it sure that Learners can really drive safely. But other than that, I am happy that I have nailed it. I really felt good. Getting a green P was such a delight.

So, I can now start choosing a car. hehe

My old Learners' Permit and my Probationary License

Monday, December 08, 2008

Bad Apple

Having adored Apple products since I laid my hands on them years ago confused me with the kind of technical support they provide.

Yesterday, with some unknown reasons, one of the iMacs at the Music Room just produced a cloud of smoke. Luckily, Sandy was quick enough to get things under her control and contained the situation with such finesse.

Of course, having that story from her this morning, I called the Apple support and reported it to them. The staff was courteous and very friendly. And about almost 20 minutes on the phone trying to exchange information, I grew tired on it, trying to answer questions which I thought were irrelevant with time.

Imagine, questions like,
1. Is the machine busted? (What? Does the smoke make it look ok?)
2. What's the color of the smoke? Did you take a picture of the machine on smoke? (* Yeah, good idea, why didn't I think about that? Should I take a picture first before unplugging it and always have a camera ready?)
3. Did you have to crawl to grab the wire?" (sounds like terrorist attack. hehehe)
4. Would it be ok if some insurance inspector will assess the situation for further advice? (Ha? the iMac was on smoke. With the downtime we are going to experience, I just want to have the machine repaired or replaced)

I understand what they were trying to do as to identify and document some cases along the way but I really don't want to participate in the lengthy process of their procedure. It took us almost 45 min more on the phone trying to isolate things. Should they be doing that themselves and let us not worry about the fault and get the machines running? They’re cutting out some precious time here.

Unlike Lenovo, they don’t ask questions as extreme as these and their support is super fast.

I wonder, they promised to call me back before the day ends. Until now, never in blue hell did my phone ring.
Bad Apple.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mabuhay Manny Pacquiao!!!

After an exhausting Saturday and a struggling Sunday picnic at Werribee, Manny Pacquiao’s win over the Golden Boy of Boxing just made me refreshed. I was practically torn between staying at home and going to the picnic but I just have to be at there as I have already set for it. But thanks to technology, I was able to get updates on my iPhone.

I’ve been repeatedly refreshing some websites for updates and it was a thrill getting the news. Chatting with some friends over IMs was also good as we were patiently waiting for the best fight of the Filipino people.

I guess, everyone seems to get into PacLand as it has bugged down with the amount of traffic it has served. I didn’t have much choice but to wait until I get home to watch the replay. was KOed

As soon as I get myself out of the car, I hurriedly ran upstairs and turned on my PC. I then searched for a site that hosts the replay. After a few minutes, has done it again.

It was great as the whole Filipino nation was cheering for Manny. Every punch was exciting, slowly cementing the Philippine’s pride to boxing history. After 8 rounds of boxing, Golden Boy’s corner threw the towel, signalling the start of the Philippine nation’s celebration.

I could just imagine the Pinoys everywhere in the world are. I myself can’t contain my excitement as my housemate hurriedly went up to my room as I was cheering so loud for Manny. He then was curious and couldn’t help but admire the Pinoy Boxing Superstar.

*sigh. Manny is really an inspiration. He just made the Pinoys proud.

courtesy of

Mabuhay si Manny Pacquiao!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

...wednesday morning

I woke up 30 min after my alarm. The sun was struggling to come out as the clouds tend to play with it. December is the start of summer in Australia but I guess, this is what they call, climate change.

I took a shower, got dressed and jumped to the kitchen to have by breakfast. Turned on my PC/TV and watched “Bandila” at SBS for a dose of Pinoy news. As usual, the Joc-Joc Bolante Case, the “Cha-Cha” and of course, Manny Pacquiao’s match against the Golden Boy on Sunday were heavily circulated. And with their Christmas themed features along the way, it never failed to remind me of my lonely Christmas celebration this year.

I’ll be just home, alone, maybe sitting everywhere to beat boredom. I might wake up late and sleep back to forget it. And again, I’m going to miss a lot this year but I swear I’ll be home soon to make up with lost times.

And going through the streets and malls with Christmas decors, I just can’t help but get teary eyed.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

...getting fit and consuming "Pinakurat"

For the past days, I was on the roll, trying to do things on limited time. I didn’t have much sleep and kept my body sore in doing push ups and sit ups as my housemate’s friend and trainer, helped me in strengthening my back.

I actually read some articles on the net on how to make someone else’s back strong and one of the equipment to help it solid was the exercise ball. So, I bought it last Friday and it was just right for last night’s impromptu session. It was simple and scientifically right. What I used to know was practically outdone with smarter and efficient method. So far, I could feel my back, tummy, chest and arms sore as I’ve done 40 push ups and 50 sit ups. I have to do that for 5 days straight and 4 times a week after. I hope this would get me fit.

I’m also happy of getting a lot of Pinakurat last Saturday. I enjoyed it and I think it would take me light years to have it consumed. I might give some of them to my Pinoy friends and hopefully, they’ll enjoy it the way I do.

I think I should get some kind of royalty as I was recommending it to my friends who end up getting too. Hmmm…Paging Rene Jose B. Stuart del Rosario of “Pinakurat” hehehe

...getting into Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight

I’m a bit tired as I went to bed at around 12:30 am this morning. I was practically reading articles and watching videos on Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Fight on Sunday.

Dubbed as fight of the year, the No. 1 Pound for Pound will fight against the Golden Boy of Boxing. They will meet halfway at 147 lbs as Manny will get himself up while Oscar will trim down to the category. I know, with their weight and height differences, the bout seems to be a mismatch but when I was reading and watching their preparations, this fight is a must for every boxing fan.

I hope I could watch it on Sunday like Manny’s last fight with Diaz. I’ll be like “googling” the net to find some free views and replays of the fight. I’m just excited to watch it.

And as usual, Philippines would again be peaceful as no crimes have been committed on his fights and ceasefire between the army and the rebels would be observed.


Monday, December 01, 2008

...exhausting weekend, "naughty housemate", "Pinakurat", summer

I’m exhausted. My weekend was loaded. Not only I was at the Pinoy Fiesta last Saturday at Laverton and at Colac for a friend’s birthday yesterday, I wasn’t able to sleep well on a Saturday night as my housemate was really, really, really, really, really naughty.

Imagine, at 3:45 am, I could hear her moaning plus slapping like in porn movies. I really thought I was dreaming until I could hear her doing her thing with a partner for a night. I’m just ok with her naughty orgasmic ride but I should have been sleeping at that time. She should have been stuffed with socks on her mouth as it was really distracting. Bad, bad, bad girl. Anyway, “Opeth, Tool and Pantera” helped me in masking her moans.

I also enjoyed the fiesta last Saturday as Pooh was really entertaining. Uncle Rey, Auntie Elma and I just can’t contain ourselves as we were laughing so hard. He truly is entertaining and it’s nice to see the Pinoy community enjoying in unison.

Staying under the heat of the sun was all worth it. It was also our chance to meet Fritz and his brother, who imports “Pinakurat” in Australia. A BIG thanks for giving us discounts. I couldn’t imagine we were able to buy a box of “Pinakurat” which was 30 250 ml bottles. Hahaha.

Sunday was also fun as we went to Colac to celebrate Kuya Ronnie’s birthday. As usual, non-stop eating and laughing was thing for the day. It was kinda hard for me as I was stuck between the oldies and the kids which was a struggle trying to get into topic. But other than that, the food was great and the conversations were all fun.

Hmmm…anyway, it’s officially first day of summer here in Australia and I’m looking forward to enjoy the hot, Aussie sun.

Back to work.

Saturday, November 29, 2008 Pinoy Fiesta 2008

As expected, the sun is not coming out for the weekend. Rain clouds are again dominating the sky and I’m a bit worried about our trip to the Pinoy Fiesta at Laverton.

Uncle Rey will fetch me here at home at about 10:30 am as we’ll get into the festivities. I’m just excited to experience the Pinoy Fiesta as food and fun events will get everyone on the roll.

Anyway, I’ll get myself ready for the day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

...still rolling

It has been an exhausting week. I’ve been non-stop since Friday and I’m trying my best to get myself rolling until I’m relevant. Work, support group sessions and house chores were my thing and it’ll continue until the weekend as I’ll be with my friends for the Pinoy Fiesta 2008 at Melbourne.

I can’t wait for Saturday as lots of activities will be in line for the celebration. John Lloyd Cruz will be there whom Olfa is very much excited and of course, Pooh, to laugh my worries away.

I hope Suka Pinakurat will be there and some food that I’ve missed. I’ll be bringing a bigger bag to accommodate some goodies which I’ll enjoy during the holidays. I’ll contact the organizer to get things rolling so we could schedule our trip to the fiesta.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

...back and then empty

I’m feeling much better. I had enough sleep and ate enough to get me through the day. So far, everything’s under control and I’m happy that I can actually walk without struggling. Hehe

This morning, I shifted from oats to cereals and fruits (kiwi and strawberries) with thick cream. I was actually getting some bananas yesterday but it was way too pricey. Imagine, from what used to be $1.99 per kilo, it went up like $4.99 yesterday. I hope it’ll be cheap later as banana is still the best energizer. I also wish I could find a banana that taste like the ones in Davao. They’re sweet and very delicious.

Anyway, Christmas is getting soon as shops and malls have been displaying their decors to boost the spirit and the spending. Looks good but I just find it hard to how I am going to celebrate it. Nothing to celebrate actually as I only see myself staying at home, sleep, watch movies and try to find the meaning of life. My high school friends will be coming back home on December, my housemates will be going to their families and for me, I’ll be stuck to my place.

*sigh. I feel so empty.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

...jelly legs

I’ve been having jelly legs since yesterday and I was practically on “Safe Mode”. Doing my tasks were a bit of a struggle but I’m glad that I was able to do them right.

I didn’t have much sleep as I’ve been trying to squeeze more tasks on limited time. It may be a bit silly but I just have to get things on a roll. I also have to eat better on breakfast as I’ve been having oats which I think, doesn’t give me much energy to get through the day. I guess, more fruits and more milk would be my thing starting tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s nice to have the sun after days of rain. Its not that I don’t like the rain, I just like my clothes be dried by the sun and not by the drier.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I’m struggling to keep myself awake as I went home late last night from the fun and exhausting weekend with my high school friends at Melbourne. It was like party like there’s no tomorrow as I went straight to Melbourne after work last Friday. The wet weekend didn’t stop us from getting somewhere and I should say, it was all worth it.

Olfa who’s getting married next month was kind enough to let us stay at her home. Her family is always accommodating and getting anywhere in Melbourne just makes things easier for us. Our room was very comfortable and the food was just superb. It was our jumpstart to anywhere. Not much planning as we just practically went anywhere from whatever we might think for the day.

We were supposed to be at Torquay when the rain just triggered us not to go. It was supposed to be a perfect time but it was too cold to enjoy the beach. And with everyone seems to go to the Sexpo, we decided to give it a shot.

It was ok. Not much to talk about as the event seems to be hyped with so much publicity. It was like the Mecca of sex toys. Pretty much everyone was selling the same stuff. I had fun with some of the program on the stage but other than that, it was a waste of money. I even got spanked by one of the exhibitors and some of them have cellulites which was a nightmare. I’m just glad that there were hot girls roaming around the expo to neutralize the not so good view.

Saturday night was movie night as we watched Mama Mia on DVD. It was good and it gave us good laughs. Pierce Brosnan just made it fun for me. Imagine, James Bond, doing Bollywood. Hehe. Prior to that, Australia lost to New Zealand on Rugby League World Cup which spoiled my appetite.

And Sunday, we went to hear mass at Our Lady’s at Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park, bought some items at the Filipino store and had lunch at Cheryl’s home at Mordialloc. It has been a year since I saw her and it’s nice to see them with their new baby. Alex is such a gem and it nice to see Cheryl and Michael happy with their new family.

*sigh. It was too much for the weekend and it made us all exhausted. All of us were struggling to get awake, catching up with each other but ended up having siesta after lunch. Hopefully, we could get more energy next week as we’ll have Olfa’s party, visit to Werribee Zoo and enjoy the Pinoy fiesta at Laverton.

*sigh. I need more sleep.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Not much drama for the day as I was just running through my task. Everything went fine and I even had some time doing hoops at the gym. I’m not good in basketball but I won over my boss doing shots inside the 3 point arc. It was fun and I think I’ll be alright on the coming game with my Pinoy friends against the Aussies.

I’ll be home late tomorrow as I was invited by a friend to have dinner at their home. I’ll be meeting some of his friends from other states and I’m excited to meet them all. It’ll again be a vegetarian night and it’s just lovely being invited. I just feel lucky.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...a surprise from a retard

I just don’t like it when some people cuss like they know everything. As if they have the solution to every problem mankind has been trying to solve.

Just this morning, I was explaining a situation when a retard on the other line just cusses like a bogan. He didn’t even know the whole picture and started firing his mouth as if I did wrong. I was caught unguarded and tried to maintain my cool.

The thing is, the situation was my boss’ plan and I was just implementing it. It’s like him, firing his mouth on my boss’ face. But when it was time to get down to his level, I retreated back as it would take me light years to counter his mouth.

I should say, most of the people I’ve met in my workplace are outspoken and are never afraid to express what they really feel. They are opinionated and oozing with so much emotion to the point of hurting anybody on their way. They become tactless and just shoot like they own the world. And after they’ve said their piece, they would then rationalize everything as “respect-my-opinion-as-I-respect-yours”.

How in the blue hell did they arrive to that thing? It’s not about respecting opinion, its about them, getting their ego stroked.

Monday, November 17, 2008

...busy weekend, Christmas

I had a busy weekend and was tired cleaning and fixing all our things here. Our housemate Jane has moved to Melbourne yesterday as she had her rubbish filling up our yellow bin. Mat and I were really irritated as we have to wait until next week to have that fetched. I hope everything will be just fine.

I’m glad that we had done a good job in cleaning the house. Uprooted the weeds at the back, brushed and mopped the floors, brushed the tiles and bowl at the bathroom and swept all the leaves at the front garden. In that way, our new housemate will be happy and make things easier for her to move in. I just can’t wait for the weekend as we’ll have BBQ. It’s like housewarming. hehehe.

Anyway, few more days to go until Christmas as shops were starting to paint the town with Christmas colors. I don’t know what to expect but this would be my first Christmas to celebrate with myself. My housemates would be somewhere as I’ll be just staying at home, maybe just sleep or try to forget that it’s Christmas. I just miss Pinoy Christmas with all my family and friends.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

...back, harassed

It has been days since I logged in to my blog. I’ve been busy and exhausted with all the things and getting to my PC was a struggle. Anyway, I’m back, trying to pick up what was left on my blog. Hehe.

Not much drama for the week as I was just doing my work and trying to please everybody. Though there are some hiccups along the way, my week seem to work out the way I’ve been visualizing. Hehe. And this time, I also have to deal with control freaks and narcissist who seem to get their egos stroked once in a while. I guess I just have to add that thing to my job description.

And to end the week, I had fun with Jane and her bf Darren at the pub last night. We started with beer at home and had vodka mix along the way until we were confident enough to get into the dance floor. That was so much fun as I never realized that I could dance like nobody’s watching. Hahaha. I know I looked bad but it felt good like working it all out. The band was great and I hope to be back for more soon.

The crowd was also good until I got some weird hand movements on my bum. Some lady just pinched it like 3 times while I was on the dance floor. I know, a man like me should enjoy it but I felt like I was harassed. I was too drunk to react and I guess, it was just a part of the Aussie pub thing.


Monday, November 10, 2008

...up from a lazy weekend

It has been a lazy weekend as I was just in my room, surfing the net and doing some naps. The weather was lovely as it was like Davao.

Unexpectedly, my internet provider was dodgy and cannot even get myself online on expected speeds so I just did some ringtones for my iPhone. I did Metallica’s The Judas Kiss and lamb of god’s Laid to Rest. Quite sick for a phone like that. I just can’t wait to hear it when someone calls. Hahaha

Not much drama for the day as the users are happy with their machines. I am practically just waiting for the time to nick off and trying to burn some time by reading and do blogs. Hehe

I hope I could get SBS tonight on my PC as it was not picking it since yesterday. I just can’t miss “Swift and Shift Couriers” as this show has really changed my Monday nights.

Saturday, November 08, 2008 9

So far, everything has been effortless. Everything seems to fall into its place. I couldn’t ask for more as lots of people have been so good to me. My “moving in” to my new place has become comfortable and I have not worried that much as I have expected. I am really in Cloud 9.

I have finally organized my things and I can now locate to where I have actually placed them all. I think, a little more time would get me acquainted with my other stuff.

And with Jane, who’s leaving on the weekend, would be another major change that I’ll be expecting. I kind of like her dog very much as it gives me joy after the day’s work. It’s just sad that we’ve only known each other for barely 2 weeks and thinking about it would be unthinkable. *sigh

Anyway, my life has been a roller coaster for some time and I’m enjoying it. Changes have made everything exciting and I’m just happy with the outcome. Hopefully, things will go my way further.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

...struggling with the steak

I regret getting “specials” from the grocery that I have to force myself to eat them before they expire. Last Sunday, I bought like 3 slices of steak and have to consume it by November 6. Since I had cooked other than steak last Monday and never realized the expiration until yesterday, I have started consuming it last night and slowly getting on track to have it consumed before the date.

So far, I am trying to get into the massive serving of meat on my plate. I’m in a way guilty, thinking of my family back home as I eat comfortably.

And next time, I just have to be rational in getting my groceries.

Steak No. 2

Tuesday, November 04, 2008, Michael Jackon, Melbourne Cup

I was supposed to have a haircut last Saturday but I forgot and was tired of getting to the barber. And looking at the mirror, I should say, I’ll delay my visit to the barber in like 2 week’s time. I’ve also been thinking of making it long, just like in the old days.

A week and 3 days have passed and I’m adapting to my new place pretty good. I have somewhat arranged my things and I know where to locate them. It’s just funny that browsing on my PC last night seems to be somebody else’s PC. I guess I just have to redo it and continue my readings before I sleep. I’ll be printing chapters of my reading and hopefully, I could start by tonight.

And for some reason, I have uploaded Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bad on my iPhone last night. I don’t know but I feel like dancing like what it was in the 80s. It feel so nice reminiscing the good old days with my family and with our boarders, having a good time on a not so complicated era of Pinoy entertainment; where our TV was black and white on a cabinet like case with few channels and Michael Jackson’s Thriller video before the start of regular programming. That was on SBN Channel 7 Davao. Hehe

Anyway, it’s Melbourne Cup and I’m not getting a day off. I don’t know but we have to get into work while the rest of Victoria is enjoying the spring weather. I guess I just have to do some work and try not to think about it.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I just realized that I really like chicken. For months, chicken has been my thing on my plate. It could either be chilli chicken, chicken schnitzel, stir fried veggies with chicken or even chicken burger at Macca’s.

And just this evening for tea, I had beef afritada which I never enjoyed. I don’t know but I used to like it when I was in the Philippines. I guess, this made me realize my new found love for chicken.

Anyway, I am offering my last set of beef to Mat for tomorrow. I’ll let him prepare some steak as I don’t have much idea on how to do the Aussie way. With that, I can now get more chicken for myself.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

...I'm back

Finally, I am back online as I have subscribed to a wireless broadband. A bit weird for my first week as I had no monitor for the first two days and my computer was on the floor.

I was pretty much doing everything on the carpet as I waited for the right time to get myself a table. You know, as soon as I nick off from work, the shops are also closed. So, this morning, I was lucky to get myself a cheap and appropriate table for my toys at the op shop which was few blocks away from my place.

Anyway, I’m just tired for the day and I just have to take my rest.




Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...slowly getting back

I’m still trying to settle in my new place. With all the work done at home and at work, I am very much exhausted to get into my normal schedule. I think, one week would be enough to get back from what I used to do.

Anyway, I am enjoying my new home and my new life. Not much pressure and I can practically get things on a roll. I have also setup my PC to receive digital TV signals as I can now watch my favorite shows while doing work. I also have to settle my finances as I have to get myself an internet connection at home.

So, hopefully, I could get things back soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

...I'm the luckiest

I’ve been busy for days as I was preparing my things for tomorrow’s “moving out”. I already got my keys for my new place and I’m excited to get things on the roll. It’s a bit hard but I’m lucky to have friends who are willing to help me in this transition.

Roger, who’s my boss and my pseudo father, has helped me a lot in getting my things prepared. He had practically gone out on his way to ask everyone here in the office of acquiring things for my room. Bel, one of our staff will be giving me her spare bed which I’ll be getting on Sunday with Uncle Rey. Gail will also be giving me some of her kitchenware and I’m very sure that my housemate, Mat, will be happy to hear it. I’ll also have a computer chair, 2 computer monitors and beddings from Di who was kind enough to offer it to me.

I should say, I am the luckiest person at of this moment. Though I don’t have that much, my friends are always there, ready to help.

Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...feeling lazy

I wish I have enough energy to fix my things tonight but I have decided to postpone it for tomorrow. I don’t feel like doing it as I’d rather listen to music and watch music related videos. Anyway, just to start ending my day, I just have to write about something it.

I went to the village to look for some things for my room. I don’t know but when I convert them to Peso, everything seems to be pricey compared to its quality. But anyway, I’ve known some place where I could visit on Saturday after I bring my things on my new place. Its also nice having Roger, my boss, of extending help in getting myself some furniture. He’ll also provide me with a computer monitor for my PC as I am using my uncle’s. I might get 2 so I could extend my desktop.

So, hopefully, I’ll be ok tomorrow as I have to sort my things out. I know, it would be a busy weekend and may everything be squeezed on a tight schedule.

Monday, October 20, 2008

...This is it!!! I'm really moving out.

Few days from now and I’ll be moving out to another place. I’ve already met my new housemates and it’s nice that they’re all good and friendly. The fact that they are also dog lovers makes me comfortable.

I’ll be moving on Saturday and I’ll be starting to sort out my things. I could still remember when I came here with just a baggage and a knapsack. But now, I got heaps of DVDs, a desktop computer, more books and some clothes which are pretty hard for me to handle. The room that I am going to occupy is just enough for me. The window invites enough light and the place is just near the shops and the bus stop. And I also have to worry about a table, chair and a bed to get things rolling for me.

So, hopefully these are all for the good. I’m very optimistic about this and I’m quite relieved that this is really happening. At least, the pressure can now be exhausted. I just can’t wait for Saturday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

...crazy weather, moving out

Weather’s funny since yesterday. It was hot and now it feels like winter. I’m practically confused to what to wear that’s why I get to bring my jacket when I go out. Geelong truly has 4 seasons in a day.

Yesterday, I was sorting my wardrobe cabinet and one-by-one; I began to keep my winter clothing at top of the cabinet. I have also resurrected my spring and summer clothing which would help me blend with everyone. I just can’t wait for summer as I really want to get to the beach. I kind of miss my weekends with my friends whom we could just go “Irie” over Tanduay, music, Frisbee, kayak and heaps of food.

Anyway, I have already talked to my "soon to be house mate". I’ll be visiting her place tomorrow and hopefully we could agree on terms.

So, its getting cold and I just have to get under my blanket…Nyt2x.

Friday, October 17, 2008's about time

I just can’t believe it. My boss asked me to do something on a client’s server. Since I worked here, never did he ask me about some “heavy” stuff as I really felt he never had the confidence compared to my other officemates. But anyway, it was about time to show him what I can really do.

It was about doing a backup on a certain database on our client’s SQL Server. That he can’t do a backup out of it. With the look of his face, he had pretty much exhausted everything and I could see on his wide forehead the invisible distress signal of desperation.

Since previous versions of SQL Server have its own way of doing backup, I just did the manual backup, created a script on it, access the script on task manager and have it scheduled to run on a specific time; my workaround on a limited time given to me to have it working. So far, the backup has been running fine, automatic, can be restored and painted a smile of relief to my boss’ face.

Hmmm. And it’s about time to ask for a raise. hehehe

Thursday, October 16, 2008

...summer's coming

Finally, it feels like home. I just love the weather; Tops 21˚C and the sun shines like in Davao. Bit warmer and no more layers of clothing which indicates summer is coming. Though people in Davao tend to complain about it, I just miss the times where I could move freely and expose myself under the heat of the sun.

Not much drama for the day. I just continued doing the configuration of the rest of the iMacs to the network. In a way, I have enough of Leopard and I can’t wait to lay my hands on the new Windows Server which I’ll promote as the new primary domain controller.

So, no work at Norlane High tomorrow as they’ll have something for the Geelong Show. I’ll be reporting at town and do the usual “stare-at-the-computer-and-wait-until-it’s-5-pm”.

Anyway, I’ll watch Jacky Chan’s New Fist of Fury.

...blogging at work

I went home late last night as I had sessions with my “Tao” group. And as usual, food was great. I never thought vegetarian meals would be that tasty. They have in some way cooked like there’s meat on it. I was practically full plus the dessert was yummy. I guess I just have to join their cooking class every 3rd Sunday of each month.

Anyway, I’m going back to work as I have heaps of iMacs to configure. I’ve been tweaking NetInstall and I can’t seem to make it work. Anyway, hopefully, things will go my way as I am really trying to hit my mark to finish everything by this afternoon.

So, back to the front.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

...getting back, Macs, Windows, iPhone

I’ve been “lazy” for days getting to my blog as I practically end up sleeping as soon as I am done with my stuff. Pretty much exhausted and my body kind of hurts. I think I got to the point where I am fed up with my routine. I guess I just have to put some variety on it. Maybe juggle while I bike or hop in between points. Hehe

And of course, I’m happy after attempts of integrating the Mac server to the Windows network have finally worked. Some issues along the way have been solved and it’s nice to have the iMacs communicate like Windows workstation do. The fact that there are only a few configurations of Mac workstations compared to gazillion of Windows machines, I should say, maintaining Macs are way much easier than Windows. Getting to the domain is way faster. Averaging about 10 seconds to get everything done compared to minutes of lights years on Windows. I hope we could do something on the new Windows server to make things faster and easier to maintain.

Anyway, I have finally made my iPhone get into the world’s largest WiFi enterprise network. Wireless certificates are kind of tricky that it only worked on one site. I guess, I just have to recheck my settings on its iPhone Configuration Utility and re-issue it.

Ow, the new MacBooks will be out later this morning (1:00 AM AEST, Oct. 15, 2008/10:00 AM Pacific Time, Oct. 14, 2008) and hopefully, rumors of releasing a US$800 MacBook would be true. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

So, my eyes are getting heavy. Nyt2.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I’m done with my tasks and I’m just waiting for time to pass. I’ve been thinking of what to do and so far, staring on the computer screen has become my past time. Opening sites and reading whatever I could just helped me in eating some time.

As much as I love the weekend, having not much to do after my tasks just makes me want to have the weekdays again. But anyway, I’ll be in town in a few minutes and hopefully could get some DVD to watch for the night.

And for the moment, I just have to finish Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Glued to Apple

I’ve been very busy for the past 2 days as I was practically glued in front of the Mac Server. And after yesterday’s failed attempts to integrate it with our network’s Active Directory, I have finally made it to work after some tweaking this morning. I’m very happy as I’ve learned a lot from it. I can now login using any Windows username and password to any Mac workstation.

The rest of the day was spent on tweaking some of the services we would need. File sharing, Print Server, Web server and playing with MobileMe. Roger just gave me a MobileMe account to test with and I should say it’s overrated. I have synced it with my PC, the iMac that I used at work and my iPhone. So far, it’s easy to use and not much to talk about. Somewhat negligible. But who knows, I might get into something exciting soon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

PC and Macs, on the roll

I’m tired as heaps of PCs and Macs have arrived this day. We have to carry them from the door as the pallet can’t fit right through it. It was just ok until the number of trips plus the weight just made things harder for us, making my back and my arms kind of sore.

Anyway, all went better as I unpacked the servers. The Acer Altos was just ok, powerful enough to get the domain running. We’ll be installing Windows Server 2003 R2 or Server 2008 to it as we really have to work with the changes we have made on the old server which has been running for almost 5 years. The Mac Server was no doubt, sexy. You can really feel that it was made with so much “love” and way too pricey. The Acer Altos just went cheap and ugly when it was placed on Mac’s side. I guess, the production line didn’t even care about its look. The front case was a cheap plastic with some “excess” plastic on its edges. But anyway, we could always hide it under the table or behind the rack. Hehe

The 2 will be integrated with Active/Open Directory as we’ll be retaining the users’ windows domain accounts. I just can’t wait on how things will be rolling out especially at the Media and Music class.

Acer Altos and Mac Pro Xeon

Monday, October 06, 2008

...back to "school"

I don’t know if I’ll be happy with the rain or not.

As much as I would like to have rain to fill the dam in this drought stricken Aussie state, the rain just make things harder to me in pushing my bike to work and back. I can barely see the road and the weather just makes me wet, cold and slow. *sigh. How I wish I could get my license and get a car soon.

Anyway, it’s back to school and I’m happy to see everyone at work today. The staff and the students just energize my day and I should say, I enjoy more working here than stay at the city, with the usual phone, online and on-site support. I just love being on the go and interact with people.

I am also excited for the new machines to come. It’s like 50+ PCs and 20+ Macs. I can’t wait to lay my hands on them as I would be deploying them side by side. I also can’t wait for the Macs to be deployed at the music room as I have to see how things would be rolling on Mac first hand. Done that on PC and will be playing it on Macs.

So, its like getting late as I have to catch more sleep. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Nyt2.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

...Time Travel

And few hours from now and we’ll be in the future. Daylight saving time is coming and we’ll be moving the clock, one hour ahead at 2:00 AM.

I’m sure everyone will be losing an hour of sleep. Though tomorrow’s Sunday, where majority will be having their rest, I’ll be at Melbourne to continue my lessons. I have already prepared my things for tomorrow and I’ll try my best to wake up “on time” to get things on the roll.

So, time to sleep. Nyt2x.

Friday, October 03, 2008

...dealing with another loss, Speaking in Tongues

It’s sad to see Adrian leaving. He has resigned from work and will move to another company. He’s one of my first Aussie friends whom I could talk like I used to with my friends back in Davao. I don’t know but whenever I get to have a person whom I could get along with here in Oz, that person would just go away when everything seem to click. Anyway, that has been the thing and I just have to deal with it.

And on the other side, most of the Aussies that I’ve met have tendencies like “Born Again” Christians. They just “speak in tongues” and it’s really hard to understand them. Just this morning, my boss was mumbling something like on trance minus the white precipitate on the mouth. I was really struggling to understand and been thinking of the “Sub-Titles” button on the remote to get a clue to what he was talking. At the end of his sentence, the only thing I could understand was “period”, as in “.”. hahahaha

Sometimes, you don’t need to be in Comedy Central to laugh. You can actually have it just around the corner.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

...Pinoy Movies, David Icke

Porbida!!! I just finished watching “You Got Me” and I should say I enjoyed the movie. Not that it’s a good one but the things I could remember from watching Pinoy movies at movie houses.

When watching Pinoy romantic movies at the theater, expect the movie goers to go screaming in unison when the mushy thing comes. And at the middle of it, expect another person from the crowd who’ll just scream “I Love You (insert name of the actor)” in a gay manner, bursting the crowd with laughter.

I don’t know, but that’s how Pinoy movie houses go when watching Pinoy romantic movies. It’s like teasing each other why so “Baduy” and trying to hide their faces when going out of the theatre, thinking someone might see them watching it and dodge away from being dubbed as “Baduy”. I guess, they also enjoyed it too. Hehe

Anyway, I got David Icke’s videos from Adrian as he started talking to me about him, his books and his videos. The whole afternoon, in between tasks, was spent on discussing some interesting things about his statements about the world and the people who “control” it.

Hmmm...Off to watch this one. Nyt2x

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

...moving out, playing with linux

I’m in a process of looking for a place where I could move in. It’s just that, I just have to live independently, have more privacy and do things which I can’t do while living here in my auntie’s home. Hopefully, I could get a good deal as this would be my first time to become “independent”.

Anyway, my day was ok. I had setup linux boxes as our machine to monitor our clients’ domain. It’s on Debian and so far, all of the 8 boxes were doing great. I just have to configure them one by one as to fit with our respective client’s specifications. I had tested it over the SSH client and everything has been doing fine.

Hmmm..This should be great as I just have to refresh my morsel of knowledge on linux. A lot of working on the terminal as no desktop manager/GUI has been installed. Everything else has to be accessed over a browser through SSH.

...time to sleep.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

...not much drama

My bike’s tire got punctured and it’s a bit hard walking from home and chasing after bus schedules. Imagine the hike going down and up the hill with approximately 45 degree elevation plus some magpies trying to chase you. It’s like “Takeshi’s Castle” minus the brutal part. Anyway, I have already bought some spare tubes and installed it moments ago. I just have to wait until tomorrow morning as I have to borrow uncle’s air compressor to fill some air.

Not much of a drama lately and it’s a bit boring working at town. I could easily finish the tasks and staring on the computer screen while waiting for some clients to call, things are starting to become a bit of a drag. Not much action that I’m excited to come back to school next week. I reckon, working at school is much more fun as I could interact with the staff and students.

Anyway, lights out. different

Though I got my auntie, uncle and my cousins here, I’m practically living “alone”. Auntie, who’s at Melbourne at this moment, is having her break at my other auntie’s home, leaving us for a few days. “Home” is overwhelmingly dominated by the Aussies.

On my way home yesterday, I was thinking on what to cook for tea until I arrived with my cousin’s girlfriend doing the thing. Seems like it was almost done but to my surprise, they were just cooking for themselves. I don’t know but whenever I do my thing in the kitchen, I am doing it for everybody (been doing that many times even). I don’t know if that’s the way Australia is but for me, it’s somewhat rude. And as usual, they have left the kitchen like it was World War III.

Well, you can chuck culture in this argument but being rude is universal. It just shows that some people are not that sensitive or effortlessly rude. That they only think of themselves and when the time they need some help, they don’t even hesitate to ask for your help. At the end of the day, it’s about how you think for everyone and being relevant.

I just feel sad and miss home badly with this one.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

HEAVY Sunday

It’s a sad Sunday as Geelong is still coping with yesterday’s loss. The town was so quiet and the people are really having a hard time comprehending yesterday’s game. The newsagencies can’t even sell the news with Hawthorn FC on the front page. But still, some supporters are still proud of wearing the colors amidst the sad outcome. You can really feel the sad atmosphere and it’s a bit hard to just forget about it.

At Sunday’s mass, Fr. Dillon even had it on his homily. A Geelong supporter himself, he was somewhat philosophical with the defeat and tried to uplift the churchgoers. It was again obvious from the look of their faces and it’s a bit of a hearth breaker. The shops filled with blue and white were starting to fade with sadness. Geelong has somewhat taken the thing seriously.

Well, tomorrow’s a new day and I hope the town will be back to fight back for next year’s season. I know the boys will be again the team to beat as they were still really good until the day that mattered.

And to my cousin, good luck to him as he would be having a hard time getting the paint off his ute. hehe

Saturday, September 27, 2008

...a huge upset

Geelong was festive, excited but went on halt as Hawks dominated the Grand Finals for a huge upset. With Geelong, being the leader of the ladder for this season and favourite amongst coaches, media and at sports bet, Hawthorn’s win was a heart breaker for the club and for the fans.

The first half was very close. Each team had given everything but I should say Geelong has played different. Their forwards didn’t do that much and more behinds were produced than goals. Even the surest goal you could imagine was not even nailed by the best of the Cats. It was really unbelievable.

Anyway, I’m glad I was not at Skilled Stadium as I watched the game at Uncle Rey’s home. I’m a bit frustrated and it’s sad to see Gary Ablett Jr. cried with disappointment. He really had work hard for this season but I guess this is it. Everyone has its own time and this time, it’s the Hawks.

Hmmm…I wonder, what would my cousin do with his car being painted with blue in support for Cats?

Friday, September 26, 2008

...starting my weekend, shaking off the loneliness

I’m done for the day (work and my laundry) and I’m just doing some stuff to make myself sleepy or should I say, trying to be ok.

This day is much different as I was struggling to shake off this loneliness. I was roaming around the city, feeling the footy fever and at an instant, I realized that I have no friends whom I could be with to talk to.

For weeks, I can only talk to people either at work or through the internet. It’s somewhat superficial and I am missing home. The “what-ifs” are again getting into my mind. I am starting to sink as I really feel isolated.

*sigh. This is really getting harder.

Anyway, I hope I could shake this off to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow and finish everything before noon as the footy finals will start at 2:30 PM. Geelong will defend their titles against Hawthorn and hopefully, they could get the flag. I might be at the pub or maybe at Skilled Stadium to be with the fans.

I’m somewhat excited for tomorrow’s game.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enjoying Spring

Finally, I’m done with the Cases Rollover and I’m happy that everything went fine. The machines were quite fast and installing the OS, programs and setting up the network was fun. I guess, that really was the thing especially when machines are new and of top of the line.

Anyway, the weather was fine for the past 2 days. The sun and the wind were just enough to energize me for the day. Though a bit chilly in the morning, at least, it’s not as cold as it was last winter.

And of course, daylight is getting much of its time in this season. I could practically enjoy the Waterfront after the day’s work and just sit or bring some food to settle for the day. Well, I did enjoy some sushi rolls while facing Corio Bay.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MV Doulos in Geelong

I’ve been passing Cunningham Pier/Western Beach in the last 2 weeks but never bothered about the ship that has docked near it. I was passive about it until I knew that it was the “MV Doulos”. I knew I have to get into that as I heard of it when I was still in Davao on a morning show. Since the ship will be leaving on the 29th and it’s the last leg of its Aussie tour, I just have to find a way to see what it’s all about.

It was after work that I have decided to visit this famous ship. It’s like few blocks from the office. Since its Tuesday and not much people compared to weekends, the ship is pretty much, mine. Hehehe

MV Doulos is the world’s oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. Also known as the floating bookstore, it carries thousands of titles, ready to spread the joy of reading around the world.

Well, most of its books are of self-help and religious. You can also find heaps of children’s books and souvenirs exclusive to MV Doulos. You can also enjoy your coffee at the ship and even buy some CDs of your favourite tunes. Of course, before it’ll be decommissioned on 2010, I might as well get myself a souvenir (lanyard) and a book about tips to common household items.

I should say that it was interesting to have finally stepped foot on MV Doulos. I had fun roaming around the ship and never had expected to see it here in Australia. This is just good.

Weather Report and Footy week

It was raining and windy yesterday. Weather Apps in the iPhone just can’t be trusted. It said to be just cloudy and not raining. With that, I didn’t bring my rain jacket and have to wait for some time for the rain to stop. Anyway, I had BOMRadar installed for a much reliable weather report, courtesy of Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Well, I went to bed late last night as I was waiting for the 2008 Brownlow tally results. Too bad, Gary Ablett, Jr., who was the favourite, didn’t win as his injury cost him not to play 4 games. He was 2 votes behind Adam Cooney of the Western Bulldogs which was not bad. Ablett was clearly disappointed when his name didn’t come up on Round 22 as Ling, Bartel and Johnson got 3,2,1 votes respectively.

Hmm. That’s what life is. I hope that would push him more on Saturday’s Grand Final clash against the Hawks. As much as I would like to stay home to watch it on “tele”, I'd rather be with friends and watch it with excitement as it happens.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My iTunes/iPhone Play Count for Death Magnetic

After a week of listening to Death Magnetic, I should say, I have pretty much exhausted the boys from SF. Since I got in on my iPhone and on my PC (September 12, 2008), I have practically played them whenever I’m in front of the screen or going on bike to work and back.

I tried not to skip tracks but sometimes I get to play some of my favourite tunes over and over again. One of them is “The Judas Kiss”. I just love getting to the chorus when James goes like “Bow Down!!!” from progression. I also like “All Nightmare Long” as the guitar crunches like 80s thrash metal. Sometimes I just have to skip over “The Unforgiven III” as it keeps me mellow. Heheh

It might not be the best album they have but at least, the Bad Boys of metal has come back for its sweet revenge.

My iTunes/iPhone Play Count

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It was raining, windy and cold but never stopped me from going to Robert’s house to fix their PC. It really gave me a headache as its PSU just keeps on resetting itself and backing up has been a problem along the way. Anyway, I’ll be at the swap meet tomorrow to get a replacement for my old iPod’s battery. Hopefully, I could get a good deal for his machine.

Of course, being with a Bisaya was a treat. Conversations were funnier and I’ve learned a lot with his entire lingo. Though I speak Binisaya, I’m not as skilful as Robert as he really came from Cebu. This was a relief to have finally able to talk to a Bisaya for some time.

I’m also starting to fill my iPhone with lots of free Apps from the Apple App Store. So far, I’m getting myself occupied with Tap Tap, WhiteNoise, Labyrinth LE and CanonGame. My iPhone is starting to have fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008

...OT, Footy and Mystery of the Missing "R"

I went home late last night as we were asked to do overtime. We have installed 2 new server racks and it’s nice to see Adrian and Zoran since I left for Sydney last July. As usual, we were just doing work as if we were playing. The racks were nice but we struggled a bit with its installation with Adrian having a few bumps on his head and on his shin. That’s a lot of injury for the night that I pity the racks for being hit by Adrian. Hahaha

Anyway, it’s the last day of school for this term and I’ll be coming back to the city for the next 2 weeks to work. DST is coming soon and we just have to roll the patches to our clients’ workstations and servers. This could be a blast as we’ll be moving in between clients across Geelong and Melbourne.

And of course, Geelong has got the slot for next Saturday’s grand finals against whoever wins between Hawthorn and St. Kilda tomorrow. The game tonight was very “un-Geelong” as they really had a hard time getting over the Bulldogs’ defense. I guess it really affected having no Chappy on their side. I hope he’ll be back for next week as he really is good getting the ball around the field to the goal. Footy fever has finally come back to Geelong. Expect to have more blue and white in preparation for the grand finals. I hope they’ll get it again this year.

And another thing…I think I have solved the mystery of the missing “R”. With the Aussies, they usually pronounce words that end with “er” like ends with “a”. Like cheaper to “cheapa”, number to “numba”, however to “howeva”, etc.. Having that, I think they just have it relocated to other words. Like they pronounce “no” as “nowr” and “yeah” as “yer”.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Only in Australia

Not much of a drama for today as I did everything reactively. Just the normal, I-have-to-do-this-because-its-asking-me-to-get-into-an-expected-result. Well, not really exciting.

Anyway, just to accommodate some “excitement”, I’ve been thinking of getting this on my blog but always missing the chance of taking a shot of my camera. It’s about one of Australia’s butter, the Flora “Pro-Activ”.

If eating oats or fiber rich food lowers cholesterol, will spreading of Pro-Activ on it will cease from decreasing your cholesterol count? As its tagline, “Lowers Cholesterol Absorption”, it will lower the absorption of cholesterol of these foods. Instead, leaving your cholesterol count as it is or worse add up.

Only in Australia.

Monday, September 15, 2008

...crazy spring, Death Magnetic

Weather here is giving me another challenge. After the struggling winter season, the chilly and howling winds are again, dragging me out of the track. Going to work on bike with this crazy spring weather has again giving me reasons to pray harder for good weather.

So far, I was able to handle the drag but it was hard for my legs as I’m exerting more effort especially when going up. It really is exhausting after each trip. *sigh. Anyway, I have conquered winter and this time; this crazy spring will be under my belt.

It’s my 4th day of playing Death Magnetic on my PC/iPhone and so far, I’m still enjoying it. I just can’t stop myself from popping it during free time and no signs of music fatigue. I really love the album and it sound so fresh as Metallica really had done a good job in proving everyone wrong. The whole album is just enough to reaffirm their throne as the kings of heavy metal.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend at Melbourne

My weekend has surprised me with cancelled appointments. No driving lessons because my instructor’s car was a mess, the “Tao” session was postponed and I missed my Sunday class as Melbourne trains didn’t synced to our Sunday habits. Hehe

It was nice to see Olfa and her family and of course, Anton, whom I didn’t see since he arrived in Melbourne. It was sweet as we reminisced our high school days and laugh on those moments over vodka, Bacardi and beer. Time really has changed us as the drinking habit has mellowed out. Hmmm…That’s a bad sign on our plan to reunite on 2010. hahaha

Hopefully, we could materialize everything on that plan. Its just that, we just have to get over one big challenge, to gather everyone online and create a critical mass to start this wave.

So, have to rest. Metallica’s Death Magnetic is really good.

Friday, September 12, 2008

...The Bad Boys of Metal are back

I’ve been a Metallica fan since 2nd year high school when most of my friends were into grunge. Though I was hooked to Nirvana, Mud Honey, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, I wanted more. The energy brought by these bands just can’t contain my youth. But when I heard “Sad But True”, I know, this would be my soundtrack.

Tapes were being circulated between friends as we could only afford that much from our allowances, back tracking to their past catalogues and compiled them to 90 or 120 min cassette tapes. “Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride The Lightning”, “Master Of Puppets” and “…And Justice For All” were played almost everyday. My crappy cassette player just did all the magic. Auto Reverse was my best friend.

Metallica has evolved so much since the “Black Album”, even accused of being a “sell out”. But whatever people have said or would say against them, I have remained loyal even with their “un-metal” years. Their Anti-Napster days and their documentary, “Some Kind Of Monster”, I should say, the band with the real “Testicular Fortitude”. They really have the guts and were never afraid in exposing their weaknesses. I also believe, with their stand against piracy, has helped define the line in the evolution of music distribution even when some are trying to ride-on with what was popular at that time just to get support from fans and would be fans. In short, these bands are just plain, afraid.

And now, 5 years after St. Anger, Metallica is finally back. Listening to “Death Magnetic” reminds me of the glory years of thrash metal. New riffs, old vocals, artillery-like drums, pounding bass and killer solos have produced the Metallica I used to know.

Sounds so fresh and I can just feel the energy and the excitement of its music. My favorites so far are …all of them.

Welcome back, Metallica. I hope they could visit Oz soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

...knowing "Tao"

For 2 nights, I’ve been occupied with discussions about “Tao” with friends whom I met from a friend on a bus. It actually started from me, being invited by Cindy to a vegetarian cooking class and then went further to discuss about spirituality. It was just "ok" and seems to make sense but sometimes, being brought up a Catholic and grew up in a country where religion is important, I have doubts to where things would end up.

So far, the discussions where philosophical and everything just click to what I have known. Most of it, I have even applied to my everyday living. In a way, having “Tao” to my attention has made me “technical” about how to deal with life. It's just something that define to what I have been doing while growing up to be relevant in this society.

Well, the master would be here on Saturday to do some ceremonies on receiving Tao and I am in a way, looking forward to see what that ceremony would be. I’ve been walked through the temple and how the ceremony would go and it’s about time to scratch the itch.

Let’s just see.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm not OK

At this point of time, I think, I’m going to burst. I have enough of trying to become ok. Living in this country, light years away from comfort zone and people that I love just makes everything harder. I know, a year and 2 months is too much to adapt in this place but sometimes, being “alone” just keeps me from being normal.

Internet has helped me a lot in getting in touch with family and friends but when people at the end of the line just become passive, every conversation feels like talking to a machine. It has been “Hi, Hello, How Are You?, Are you OK? Bye! Aren’t you going to sleep? Good night, I love you, Catch You Later” for almost a month and I’ve been thinking of doing a program just to automate my answers to these lines. They have become way too busy than the usual and its really hard maintaining 3 time zones. The isolation has practically got worse and this is not good.

Though I got family and friends here, things are way different in the land down under. It’s not like back home where people are more accommodating and compassionate. If you want to see them, you might as well schedule your thing with that person. My auntie has her own time, my cousins are too busy with their useless stuff and friends are accessible only at workplace. How in the blue hell could you deal with that?

Well, I hope I could get some lovin’ from the end of the line. I’m just tired of the usual “chat to the machine” thing.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday "Special"

It’s Monday and it’s a nice day to start with my special’s birthday.

So, to start it right, I just have to greet her a “Happy, Happy Birthday!!!”

*apas na ka sa ako? hehe

Friday, September 05, 2008

...happy, very happy

It feels great having done something very good for the staff.

Imagine, a program that has not been running for 2 years because it won’t run on present machines was resurrected in 2 hours. As soon as I went in for the day, I ran through the tasks and one by one, eliminating them for completion. I have done the installation of the wireless certificates of the rest of the laptops, configured the network scanner and made it accessible to the staff, installed the receipt printer and finally, ran “Sugoi”.

I never imagined how hyped the staff were when the news just spread like virus amongst them. Over and over, they were elated and very much thankful with the progress. I even got chocolates from Kirsten. haha

With that, I went home smiling as if I’ve won the lotto. Indeed, real happiness is by giving happiness to other people.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

...what a day?!

And again, my attempt to install Leopard to PC has failed. BrazilMac’s version just kept on producing empty ISOs even with modifications to the scripts as suggested from forums. No luck for the moment and somewhat exhausted juggling between tasks and this project. And with BOOT-132, so far, I could see the Leopard Retail DVD booting but getting the Beach Ball of Death.

Anyway, that’s all part of the journey and its keeping my life somewhat exciting. The thought of making it work just encourages me to explore for more. I hope to get this right soon as this would be very sweet.

The seminars this afternoon did well. Everything has worked and everyone has been happy with the machines. Hopefully, by next week, I could see some of them doing some projects, especially with Stop Motion Animation and Robotics.

*sigh, What a day!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...geek mode

I had an attempt of tweaking the Mac OS X Leopard DVD with BrazilMac’s script. So far, the images that I’ve done with the method just created blank ISOs. It just occupied approximately 4 GB of space with nothing on it. I also tried looking for an update but no luck as of the moment. Hopefully, things will go better tomorrow as I really want to try Leopard on PC.

Anyway, everything has been done for tomorrow’s seminar. Drivers of the devices have been installed and tested and ready to roll. There are 2 topics that I would like to join but both are of the same time. Hopefully, I could decide without regrets as I really like the 2.

I’m also enjoying my Capsule Rebel case for my iPhone. It just fits right and feels better than my previous aluminum case. It’s sexy, rugged and I can easily access the volume and vibrate mode buttons. This is I think the best iPhone 3G case in the market now.

Ok, enough. Nyt2x

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I’ve been trying to sort my things out as I just have to keep everything to minimum. I got lots of rubbish and it’s about time to get them to the chimney. So far, I had everything sorted and I think I need another time to sort things again. I just have this habit of being sentimental: that I always keep something from something important or someone special.

My knees are pretty much exhausted. I guess, it has something to do with my everyday biking to work. I hope it’ll feel better tomorrow when I wake up. It just feels a little flimsy.

Anyway, my desk has now a little space from all the clutter I had. I do hope to get myself to reading the book that I’m supposed to read. It’s just that, after the day’s work, my body just want to rest and enjoy some movies.

So, lights out.

Monday, September 01, 2008


It has been a year and a month since I left home and I know time will come that I have to get out again from my temporary comfort zone. I’ll be moving out but I don’t know when and how to get things on that level. Lots of factors have to be considered and hopefully, I could sort things out easily.

I might be moving out with my cousin Jacky as she’s not happy living with her sister. As much as I would like to live alone, I just have to consider my thing of supporting my mama and my brothers back home. So, for the moment, shared accommodation will be the plan.

Anyway, I just have to call it a day as I don’t want to stress much on that. Its like late in the evening and its about time to sleep.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

14 time zones and the comeback of the endangered specie

My girlfriend’s in NY right now and it’s a bit harder since we’ll be like 14 time zones apart. As soon as I go to sleep, she’s like starting the day.

As of the moment, we’ve been exchanging e-mails, SMS or instant messages. That’s all we could do to keep everything in the loop. There are times when all I do was to speculate but that’s really normal when you are left with almost nothing. I’m just glad that we are still fighting this hard battle and I know, in God’s time, that things will just unfold the way it used to be.

Anyway, what I thought to be endangered has resurfaced this morning. A 5 year old trapped in a 28 year old body was again bullying my classmates in our Sunday class. He’s like trying to tell everybody that he knows everything and flaunts his gadgets just like a 5 year old kid. To my surprise, he went to me and showed his HTC Diamond with comments like, “Here’s your iPhone killer. Does your iPhone have a modem? No! Does your iPhone do AD2P? No! etc.” I was really shocked like how in the blue hell did we arrive in a conversation like this. I was just in the elevator with everyone, trying to think on what to get for lunch. Of course, with his know it all attitude and in a way, pissed me with his bullying to my Indian friends, I thought I should end his mouth and stop his ego from growing. I was like, “Ow, that’s ugly!” and serenity has resurfaced again like I shut his mouth with staple wires.

I really didn’t mean to be rude but I think it’s about time to stop this person from bullying us. I know he’s bigger than most of us but at least, we know what self control is and do exponents. I just can’t believe he wrote 2 to the power of 5 as 5 squared as if he’s right.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

...footy fever

With the grand finals coming in the next few weeks, AFL is also doing the International Cup 2008 at Melbourne and Warrnambool, which will be rocking Australia. Teams from Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Japan, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, South Africa, Sweden, USA and to my surprise, “The Peace Team”, which is composed of Israelis and Palestinians will be fighting for Footy supremacy. How good is that?

Not only that the tournament excites me, having the “Peace Team” just give me goose bumps. Who would have thought the two clashing parties in the promise land would wear one jumper? Footy really does wonders and it’s a nice thing having everybody getting into healthy and exciting competition.

The tournament has started last 26th of August and will run up to the 6th of September. Hopefully, if I can’t get into a venue, I could just get on TV and witness this historic event.

So far, as of this moment, NZ def. Japan, Great Britain def. Peace Team, Papua New Guinea def. Nauru and USA def. China.

Anyway, there have been talks about Geelong as “the greatest team of all”. Statistics shows that the 2008 Geelong line up has nailed the dominant Bombers in 2000. Who knows, Geelong has very much secured a finals spot and hopefully, continue its domination to capture the back to back premierships.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yoyoy and Max

Going to work on bike with Yoyoy and Max on my iPhone is a joy ride. It just feels so home and the memories of my childhood just flash itself like iMax. No doubt, it gives me a smile going through the streets of Geelong.

Well, it’s sad that Yoyoy has gone and his contribution will be missed. Though Max is still there, it seems that he has stopped making songs. These kings of Pinoy novelty are so good but sad to say, they are somewhat ignored by the industry. And with their massive catalogue of great music, they should be recognized with their contributions to Philippine music.

Some Pinoys may call me “baduy” but hell with them. I might be rocking hard but Yoyoy and Max will always be in my iPhone.