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Monday, December 31, 2007

...ending my 2007

Few hours from now and we’ll say hello to 2008. Though not as fancy as we celebrate back home, people here as just, “SO-SO”. I’m actually just sitting down, trying to get hold of my sanity as the hot weather is drying everything up (39ºC and a UV Rating of 12). To forget about this hot weather, I am doing “flashbacks” on my head.

Looking back, I could say that God has given me so much. I started 2007 with all the final preparations in moving to Oz. I wasn’t that excited and actually never had thought of getting sooner. I had all the time to prepare when everything went so fast as I didn’t had the luxury of choosing my schedule. I got my visa last February and was instructed to be here before September. Everything was fully booked and the only thing that I could get was the July flight.

In between those times, the first half of the year was in a way “lazy” as I tried to enjoy my “final moments”. Things went so good as blessings continue to pour. I had my friends whom I enjoy doing stuff with them. We had tried a lot of things and ventured to places where we enjoy each others company. The food, the beach, the drinking sessions and the “in-betweeners” just made life so good. I really missed hanging out with them.

I have also met my special friend whom I could say; I am most me when I’m with her.

The rest of the year was technically new and exciting as I was getting my way through my new turf. I’m still struggling but I’m glad that things are getting into its places. I’ve learned so much about patience, humility and faith the hard way. I’m also glad and lucky to have my family and friends in supporting me. God is always so good.

So, for the coming year, I hope and pray for God’s blessings for us all.

Happy New Year!!! More Blessings, Good Health and Happiness to us all.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aussie summer and Fantastic Four

It was a very hot day; 36ºC, UV Rating: 12. Not much clouds to minimize the sun’s rays from scorching the earth. The wind and the sun just can’t stop from raising the heat. As I understand, Monday would be like 41ºC.

The fan didn’t help that much so I decided to stay at the lounge room. The brick just made everything fine as it kept us from the hot weather. The wooden floor also kept us feeling fresh.

With Aussie’s cricket season and TV shows on reruns, I felt bored surfing between channels. I decided to get back to town and buy some DVDs.

With one of my favorite shops, I’m just glad that finally, they have the Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes. My Marvel collection is again filling up.

On Filipinos acting like refined idiots

I’ve never been drinking tea that much until I arrived here in Oz. Every house I’ve been got a kettle and technically, you can enjoy tea anytime you want. You can either have it black or white (just put some milk on it). As I’ve observed, my uncle consumes at least 6 cups of tea a day.

With Aussie’s tea culture, Filipinos are also adapting the practice as auntie and I went to her friend and was offered some tea. Since I preferred my tea white, I had some milk on it.

Auntie’s friend just gave her sarcastic comment like “Hindi ka pa pala Aussie. Ang dami mong gatas na nilagay.” I was in a way disgusted and I told her, “Syempre, Bisaya ako. Wala kasi kayong Milo.”

I don’t know for some Pinoys but this Pinay just can’t stop acting like her skin is white. As what I understand, you can do whatever you would want to your tea and never in blue hell did I encounter an Aussie trying to tell me with my white tea.

As I understand, this Tagalog has this tendency of getting into the Bisaya’s nerves. Like telling us on what’s “right” to do. Things like table manners, what are the right words to say on certain situations, etc. I just find this Tagalog ridiculous. As if she’s refined.

Though I’ve been here for almost 6 months, I prefer eating with spoon and fork or with my hands. Even that, on a Filipino dominated gathering, she just can’t stop but say something about that.

Porbida! Mas nindot pa man akong kutis nya oi.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to work

It was a “lazy” day as we went back to work on “skeletal staff”. We just did some phone and online support and some “sitting”.

Time has been so slow and Geelong was like hibernating. No traces of “coming back to work” as it was quiet as a ghost town. As they say, it’ll be back to normal the day after New Year.

Anyway, I just received my Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD. I’m just surprised that it came with a packet of Ultimate Avengers Card. Its nice and my marvel collection is filling up.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

So far, Christmas in Oz is just ok. I woke up at about 10 AM and went through the day as normal as it supposed to be. It was very quiet and not much to talk about. I just had a lazy morning watching Charlie Chaplin on the “Tele” as my cousin Jacky did the Christmas lunch.

Auntie’s family was there. It was my first meal to be with them all. The food was great and it just made me feel sleepy. I just can’t help but think about home.

Anyway, I’m also glad to receive my Marvel Trading Cards (1995 Fleer Ultra) from UK. Even though it took a long time for it to arrive, its just great to have it on Christmas day.

That’s so much for now. I just have to get myself to “Safe Mode” as I’ll be at Melbourne with my cousin Ricky tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Few days to Christmas

Few days to go and I’ll be celebrating my first Aussie Christmas. I’m not as excited as I used to as I hear reunions and gatherings back home. It’ll be my first time to be absent from those events and it would be a struggle to pretend that I’m ok.

Though the thought of being away is tearing me apart, I’m just glad that Auntie Aloy and her family have arrived from Sydney to celebrate Christmas with us. Last night, it was really fun as I taught them how to play “1-2-3 Pass”. Jacky, my other cousin, was very game in playing with us. She also had brought a bottle of Jim Beam and some soda to take everything “easy”. We all had a good laugh and in a way drunk as we retired to bed at around 3 AM.

Anyway, I’m still looking for the next few days as we would be getting silly. Jacky promised to bring some booze on the eve of Christmas and hope to have the karaoke setup by tomorrow.

Friday, December 21, 2007

What's for Lunch?

One of the things that I’m trying to get rid off is the “Currency Converter” mentality. I know that I am living in this first world country but I just can’t help but think about the “what-ifs” of spending money back home.

Getting something seems to get things converted to Peso. Like having a meal on a usual Fish and Chips shop would be too much if I’m in Davao. That I can actually have my favorite tapa at Sana’s in multiple servings or treat my friends.

I know it’s a weird feeling but in a way, helps me in saving money. Like getting into lunch breaks would normally cost an average of AUS $ 10.00.

So, just to get things settled, I am actually bringing “baon” at work; A Sandwich, a banana, an apple, some biscuits, a bottle of water and/or choco drink. Not only I can save some money but save some energy, time and delay the wear and tear of my shoes.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

...another DVD for my Marvel collection

My “Dr. Strange” DVD has finally arrived. My Marvel related collection is getting filled and I’m just excited to watch it after this.

Dr. Strange has been one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes and it’s just good to have his own full length movie. I’ve always been fascinated with his adventures and what a way to experience it on DVD.

Anyway, so much for now as I am going to watch it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Starting to Drive

I finally got my Learner Permit this morning and just in time for the holidays to have some practice. I got like 3 months to advance to P1 and in a way; I am preparing myself for the road.

I’m conditioning myself of the “keep left” thing as I’m still having this “keep right” feeling. I hope that everything would just run smooth as I am really looking forward to explore Australia myself on the road.

My Learner Kit and My Learner Permit

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good Deal

One of the things that I like about Geelong is their weekend market.

After the mass at St. Mary of the Angels Parish, auntie and I went to Belmont to have her watch’s battery replaced. There were heaps of people, selling their merchandise and old stuff. Things like fruits, veggies, trading cards, clothes, toys, jewelries and anything they thought could be sold. You just have to be very careful in choosing things as you might regret it.

While waiting for the watch to be repaired, I was lucky to find this Spider-Man action figure. Without hesitation, I hurriedly bought it and went home happy. Another thing for my Marvel related merchandise collection.

Not bad for a A$ 5.00 price tag.

Ako si Spider-Man. Rarrr!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Run to the Hills

Radio has been one of my friend and I’ve been listening to ABC 774 Melbourne for local and international news. I also like the exciting quiz program, “The Challenge” where it relaxes me to bed.

For days, I’ve been hearing this climate change crisis and never in blue hell did the topic skipped. From the federal election campaigns to the current Bali Summit, I just can’t deny but be afraid of the future.

I’ve seen Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and it still echoes from the Aussie Government’s effort to combat climate crisis to the early morning talkback radio shows. It seems that everyone here is exerting so much effort with the crisis. Even on utility bills, reminders on how to minimize power consumption can be read.

And recently, Aussie PM Kevin Rudd signed the Kyoto Protocol, leaving US, the only UNCIVILIZED first world nation to continue polluting the world.

And to topple it all, the summit host, Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, explicitly pointed out to the US as “The worst emitter of greenhouse gas.”

If the recent study of having an iceless arctic on 2013, I guess we should run to the hills.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday was great as I have installed another server and assisted setting up the VPN at Belmont. Everything went ok and I’m very happy about it. Auntie also had her TV replaced by “The Good Guys” after days of emailing them about the defect.

I just find it weird for a first world country like Oz, selling inferior products. Most of them, I haven’t even heard of. Do “Hisense”, “Soniq”, “GVA” ring some bell?

Anyway, I just received my “The Invincible Ironman” DVD through ebay. I’m excited to watch it tonight as I already had dinner and done all the chores.

So much for now, I just have to watch it…NOWNIES!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Thunder

So far, my Tuesday was a thunder. I woke up so early and had everything done for the day. I had listened to Airbourne, took a hot shower, get dressed, had my power breakfast and prepared my “baon”.

Everything was very good. I helped setup the VPN and made new friends. Time was also fast that I took my lunch at 4 pm. I’m just glad to have everything covered on “brekky”. The rule is, “Its better to skip lunch than breakfast.”

Anyway, I’ll prepare my stuff for tomorrow as I will be again very busy.

Hmmm…Christmas is soon. I’m missing home.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Blue Monday

For days, I’ve never been busier in my stay in Oz. I’ve felt so tired that I’m having headaches and lack of sleep.

It started last Thursday when I started work at Geelong. For months, I’ve been contemplating about shifting to another career and I’m just happy that in a way, I am more “at home” and never been happier in choosing to be active in computer networks. I have installed ISAs, ADs and related network configurations. The avenue seems to fit my aspirations and I’m very happy to have it started.

I also had my first Aussie Christmas party last Friday. It was not the typical party that I used to have back home, where everybody would just dress and flaunt, but more like hanging out with friends. We had it at my boss’ house as he hosted BBQ. His family was there as we enjoyed conversations over nice food. I also had a Christmas card from my boss’ daughter, Eloise. Though my name was misspelled, the thought of being recognized by somebody was a nice feeling. They are genuinely sweet.

The following day, I did my pile of laundry and vacuum my carpet. I only had like few hours left as I woke up late and have to drive at Colac, which was 1 hour and 33 min from home, for the start of the racing season. It was really a struggle to be awake as I have to give my uncle some company in traversing the hot and dry roads of Oz. And again, went back home at around 2:30 am.

Sunday was a bit lazy as we went to mass and stayed at our friend’s house for catechism. I was somewhat drained and struggled my way in ironing my clothes. I retired to bed at around 1 am.

With all those activities, Monday was like blue. I felt like staying at bed but I love my job. I woke up late and only got a few minutes to prepare for the day.

Anyway, I’m going to end this thing as I have to get some sleep.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Stupid Senator Bong Revilla

I just find it stupid for Sen. Bong Revilla to criticize OMB Chairman Edu Manzano.

Upon reading a news about the raid that involved him who somewhat led the group, and seen nothing but an almost empty place, I was disgusted.

Yeah! It’s true that piracy really did a lot in making the Philippine movie industry on what it is right now, but being a senator himself, he should also do something about alleviating the state for Juan dela Cruz so he can afford to buy original DVDs.

And of course, as an actor himself, he better make better movies so he could earn more. Just don’t make piracy a main reason for having Philippine movies flopped.

I wouldn’t even buy pirated versions of his movies.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

...lazy day

It has been a lazy day and I’ve been in my room, watching videos. I’m not bored and my body has been telling me to catch some sleep.

Well, in between episodes of “Cow and Chicken”, I just can’t help but struggle to open my eyes. I love the episodes but my eyes were getting heavy as I progress through the first season. So, I never really understood some.

I also watched my cousin’s Princess Diaries DVD and when it was almost done, I’m very happy and surprised to receive my Ultimate Avengers DVD.

Yeah! I’m so excited.

Monday, December 03, 2007

...more to read

While I was waiting for auntie at Market Square, I was reading the scanned Marvel Comics Trading Cards at my PSP while listening to Soundgarden. I was enjoying my time when a very pretty lady approached me (she looks like Natalie Portman by the way).

I was hesitant, thinking it would be a case of mistaken identity but she was looking at me, trying to say something as I removed my earphones. She asked me if I’m a Filipino. (Finally, somebody has recognized me as a Filipino. For months, I’ve always been mistaken as a Singaporean.)

Of course, I really am a Filipino so I replied “Yes” to her. She had some books as she began to explain what she had been doing in her life for the past years.

Her name was Sandhini. It was kinda weird looking at an Aussie female, having an Indian name. She told me that it was given to her by her teacher. She had been living in a temple at Melbourne and been doing the evangelization of Krishna Consciousness through giving books for donations (to cover printing costs)

Since I find it ok and she looks so tired (she had a backpack of 6 copies each for 5 books), I was in a way convinced to get the books. She gave me her number and e-mail address as she wanted me to give my feedback after reading the books. She even invited me to try the vegetarian restaurant that their group has been operating at Swanston St., at Melbourne.

So far, I’m enjoying the cookbook. In a way, it persuaded me to change into a vegetarian. I don’t know. I just have to wait and see.