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Friday, November 30, 2007

Free Hugs

Before I came here, Athens showed me a video about a guy who carries a sign with “FREE HUGS” on it. I was somewhat excited upon learning that everything was shot at Oz. In a way, I had an idea on how Oz would be.

I forgot about it until I was at Federation Square this afternoon. I was really surprised and very happy when I saw the “FREE HUGS” bloke.

Luckily, I got my camera to prove it.

I'm not short. I was sitting down. hehe

Thursday, November 29, 2007


It was 6 pm and I’m starving. The queen of the kitchen was not yet home and it was time for me to take the opportunity to cook some Pinoy food.

For days, I’ve been craving for adobo. I just can’t demand something like that as the majority demands the normal thing. And since the fridge has no lamb, Uncle has no other choice but to say “yes” for some pork. So, without hesitation, I grabbed the pork and all the ingredients and went down for some business.

Again, I’m so lucky to have everything within reach. The ginger was in a tube and the garlic was ready to be chopped. I was also excited to how it would taste as I’ll be using apple cider vinegar and some soy sauce which I haven’t even heard of. I dumped everything to the pot and waited for few minutes. And of course, rice was also on its way. I also decided to put some chicken egg in the rice cooker as I miss the “adobo with hard boiled eggs” of one of my favorite carinderias in Davao.

What a day to enjoy!!!

Added some lettuce and sundowner apples. With diabetic’s friend, basmati rice. Ug syempre!!! Ayos jud kung naay ice cream.

Lucky Boy!!!

For months, I’ve been looking for Marvel inclined merchandise. I went around Geelong and Melbourne and wasn’t that lucky enough. Though I got some Spider-Man and Hulk DVDs, I’m still on search for trading cards, comics and other related items.

Since I’ve been to every place my feet could possibly go, I turned to eBay. With my first eBay/Paypal experience, I’ve been trying to look for a particular set of trading cards. I used to have them when I was in high school but never in blue hell can I remember to where those things might have been. It just brings a lot of good memories as we used to read behind those cards and knew them all by heart. We sometimes bully Grade 5 and 6 students just to fill our collection. And play “teks” as some of my friends are naughty enough to be caught cheating. It was our getaway from the pressures of high school. Hehe

And for 2 days, I’ve won 2 bids. One was the Marvel Comics Trading Cards and the other was the Ultimate Avengers DVD. I just can’t wait to have them all.

Good News!!!

Well, I’m still bidding for some items and I hope to be as lucky as I am right now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Get paid to blog

I’ve been blogging since 2004 and in a way, enjoyed having this thing as my outlet. I’ve met some friends and was able to communicate with some people whom I’m interested to know. I’ve also made enemies along the way as I was being accused of “libel”. With those things, blogging has been my voice when my mouth can’t do the talking.

With bloggers sprouting like fungi in Davao City, a gathering was organized. I’m just surprised to know that some had quit their jobs just to do this. To my amazement, they were earning big; to the point that they can buy anything to their disposal. That they get their revenues from blog advertising or have joined programs that enabled them to be paid with every entry they have done.

I was not really into that until now. I’ve seen some of my friends’ blogs and most of them had joined programs in getting paid to blog. With some extra time, I’ve read some reviews about these programs and decided to jump on the crazy train.

I guess, there’s no harm in trying as I have to see myself as what people have been buzzing. So, I enrolled myself to Smorty.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

get paid for blogging

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...getting to Christmas


Next week would be December and never in blue hell did I felt Christmas.

In a way, Christmas in Australia is much the same compared back home. The fact that Oz and Philippines don’t have snow on holidays, Santa in Oz would be sweating more like a pig since it would be summer. I could imagine his undies, drenching with so much sweat. Like last year, Victoria has registered temperatures between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. Santa should be wearing something for the weather. I reckon, he should be in boardies.

Looking at the Aussie calendar, I somewhat missed the irrelevant high tide/low tide numbers of the Pinoy calendar, with matching company names and season’s greetings. Last year, my calendar was filled with parties, reunion or just plain “get together”. Unlike now, aside from the Christmas Day, I would be “lazy” for their Boxing Day.

For the past years, I have witnessed the decline of the Christmas spirit but never did I felt this lonely. I’m still struggling to hide my emotions. No silly friends, no drinking sessions, no exchanging of gifts, no parlor games, no ”parols”, no Christmas trees, no reunions, no parties, no Pinoy Christmas.

I know, this would be my loneliest Christmas as I’ll be celebrating it with auntie and uncle. The 2 cats, Clyde and Tommy and Bow, the neutered dog.

Monday, November 26, 2007 little time

I just find it amazing having met some of my classmates in high school at Melbourne. I thought it was only me and Olfa but Cherryl was here ages ago. And Melissa happens to have a stop over.

With no time wasted, we agreed to meet and just went silly. It just seems like yesterday. We were so happy talking about anything. The lives that we had and the challenges we are having. The old times and the stories we might have missed. Listening and sharing stories just made our day.

Not only that, Cherryl and her significant other, Michael, were so kind to treat us for dinner. The food was very nice and just enough to get us through the drinking session at their home. Olfa, Michael and I just dozed ourselves with Vodka, Beers and some Yugoslavian drink as the pregnant Cherryl was on slurpee.


I miss high school.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

...on a lazy Sunday

Well, for a lazy Sunday, I was able to finish 6 DVDs I borrowed at the video shop. Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown, Spider-Man Vs. Doc Ock, Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight, Batman: The Legend Begins, Transformers: Beast Machines Vol. 1 and 2.

I just love watching cartoons and kids’ shows. It reminds me of my Saturday cartoon/kids’ days. There’s Uncle Bob of the ever famous Uncle Bob, Lucky Seven Club, who never failed to entice me with his toys. The old Mightor and Moby Dick, though the plot is simple, just make me feel happy. The G.I. Joe and Transformers series which competes with “That’s Entertainment’s” weekly talent battle. (I always end up struggling to take command on the TV as my cousin, who loves the Thursday group, was bigger and stronger than me. With that, the names of Kuya Germs, Jestoni Alarcon, Caselyn Francisco, Janno Gibbs, Manilyn Reynes, Romnick Sarmienta, Sheryl Cruz, Jojo Alejar, Benedict Aquino, Chucky Dreyfus, Isabel Granada, J.C. Bonin, Herbert Bautista, Mutya Crisostomo, Lester Samonte, Jigo Garcia, Joed Serrano, Aljon Jimenez, etc. just stuck on my head). Whoa! I never imagined I could enumerate that list. Hahaha.

The Silverhawks, Thundercats, Sky Commanders, Smurf, Chip ‘n Dale, Chipmunks, Disney’s DuckTales among others, just left me with so good memories.

It also reminds me of my high school days where we collect and play trading cards. While rich kids of Ateneo and Stella Maris collect NBA Cards, my high school friends and I just dealt with Ultraman and “The Fake” Marvel cards. We always talk about the “Did you knows” of the Marvel superheroes and knew them by heart as we read the facts over and over again. We sometimes walked as far as Kapt. Tomas Elementary School to bully Grade 5 and 6 pupils, just to fill our collection.

Having been into those things, I am starting to collect DVDs of whatever superhero or cartoon character. I’m also getting my eye on the 1990-1991 Marvel trading cards as I was searching for it on eBay.

I hope I could get them soon as I would like to share and talk about it with my friends on our next reunion.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Are you safe?

Well, Microsoft engineers are on Overtime as they work frantically on thanksgiving holiday after a design flaw on Windows systems has left millions of computers exposed to cyber criminals.

The bug was shown by ethical hacker, Beau Butler at the Kiwicon Hacker Conference in New Zealand last week. Testing the flaw has left more than 160,000 computers vulnerable in NZ. The rest of the world is potentially open for attack.

Details of its vulnerability was raised to Microsoft and confirmed it was serious; So serious that the information on the flaw was not published for fear of seizing mass information from personal computers.

With that, Microsoft engineers and its security team are working on the holidays. Though the flaw was old and has been fixed five years ago, I guess it was somewhat effective.

I guess I just have to check for updates on my operating system and be more aware with some information being lodge on websites.

My friend has come back to Oz

While watching Spider-Man, The Animated Series, auntie knocked on my door. She surprised me with…DURIAN!!!

Hehe...You're mine!!!

I thought it would only be at Sydney but she got it at Safeway. I was so happy holding it. It was like me in another time parallel. It’s like Magsaysay Park in my room.

Grrr!!! I miss you very much!!!

Since uncle doesn’t like the smell, I had to open it in my room. I was in awe. Though I’m not an expert, the Dabawenyo in me just got me through the fruit. I was fast and very much excited. I felt like I could open a basketful of Durian.

Sorry, no coke for tonight. Vodka is it!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

...on being away

I was in Melbourne for some mission. I was searching for some Marvel DVDs when I came across QV. The thing is, no more Marvel DVDs and I was exhausted and hungry. With its diverse food stalls, I decided to munch at Oishi Bento.

The fact that their food comes with rice, the pictures seem to entice my buds and in a way, cheap (Just don’t convert it to Peso). With an appetite like a hurricane, I devoured the whole thing when Slayer’s Angel of Death was about to finish (approx 5 min)

It was a nice feeling as I walked around the other side until I saw their giant Christmas tree.

I don’t know but I felt sad looking at it. Though it reminds me about Christmas is soon, I just can’t imagine celebrating it away from home. I’ll miss the “everyday” parties and the exchanging of gifts. I’ll also miss the reunions and being silly with friends.


Well, I guess, this is it. I just have to face Christmas as if I’m one of them; nothing personal and just an ordinary day. I don’t know if I’ll be "technical" on the holidays but at this time, I just can’t forget home.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My PayPal/eBay Experience

At last, I finally had my PayPal used for my first eBay purchase. I tried searching for some cheap DVDs and I’m glad to have found a bargain through eBay Australia.

It was fast and very convenient. I had been getting through this in the Philippines but never had PayPal. I wonder if PayPal is operating now in the Philippines.

This would be my start of getting some titles that I’ve been wanting. I already had some of the Spider-Man/Buena Vista Marvel DVDs and I hope to get the Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 and The Invincible Ironman.

...the boy in me.

For the meantime, I just have to deal with the “Classics”.

...My first PayPal/eBay purchase. Classics Bay!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Re-Learning to Eat

For months, it has been a struggle not to have rice on every meal. I got headaches and I don’t feel like had enough. I used to have at least 2 servings of rice but here, rice goes when auntie feels like having. I’ve been also learning how to use fork and knife as it’s really hard to have spoon on meats.

And I just can’t demand to have rice since it would be costly in my aunt’s part and I don’t want to be treated special. I just have to eat whatever’s on the table.

Whenever there’s a chance, I treat myself to an Asian restaurant. Though not really Filipino, but at least, there’s rice. I’m still getting the feel of it as it has its own unique taste. I like its taste as it reminds me of home, especially Chinese and Thai but Korean and Indian food, I just can’t eat them when I’m out. Though “smell” is subjective, I just can’t bear the stink it brings. Mask it with mints or any cologne, it just stick right into you. I just don’t want to scare people as I got scared with Koreans and Indians on train and trams.

So far, I’m learning to eat the way they do. I’m slowly having fruits and cereals on breakfast, pies or sandwich on lunch and meat and veggies on dinner. I’m somewhat getting the good side of it as I try not to store unused carbohydrates.

Am I getting 5 more for my 1 pack abs?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lonely Night

For months, it has been a struggle battling loneliness. I have watched every DVD that I had and read every book that I have. I’ve ran out of anything sane to do as I do replays to the DVDs and even read labels (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc) just to forget time.

At this moment, I have enough of iPod and PSP. I’m just “locked” in this place, isolated from the “real” world. I felt sleepy but woke up upon being tossed with this sudden spur of loneliness. Living away from home is truly an ordeal.

I miss home. I miss my friends. I miss the times where I could just walk from work to any place where I could wait for the jeepney ride home. I miss the times where I could just be lazy on a Sunday afternoon; watching movies with my family and eating maruya or camote with ice cold Coke. I miss the times where I could just be silly with my friends at the “barangay”. I miss the times where I could just watch Pinoy shows after the day’s work. I miss the times where I could just walk with my dog. I miss the times where I could just eat cheap bbq at Claveria St.. I miss the times where I could just laugh with my officemates about anything. I miss the times where I could just hold my cellphone and text my friends about schedules, whereabouts and jokes. I miss the times where I could just enjoy movie nights with my friends. I miss the times where I could do window shopping at all the malls in 2 hours. I miss the times where I could just eat kwek-kwek with my friends. I miss the times where I could just get my favorite lug-lug at Nang Azon. I miss the times where I could just eat a good meal at the “carinderia”. I miss the times where I could just hang-out with my special. I miss the times where I could just get cheap DVDs at downtown. I miss the times where I could just get drunk happy. I miss the times where I could just go to the beach with friends.

I know that I’m missing a lot since I got here and getting through all of these things just makes me teary-eyed. I hope I could just sleep with it and forget about these tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Left is the new Right

Being from a place where I always go on the “right” side, I was having a hard time getting through the streets of Oz.

At first, I always find it awkward being on the left-front side of the car. And crossing the streets, I used to look at the left side first that I almost got hit at Sydney. I missed some Trams at Melbourne as I always wait on the wrong side.

Going around Geelong on bike is also a learning experience as I try to get into bike lanes which I find “hostile”. Back home, I always go at the left side for the purpose of visibility. That it’s safe and easy to see what’s coming, not to what’s behind me. Well, I just have to be on the outermost “left” side.

A lot has to be learned as I’m trying not to be conscious of the changes. Here are some of the examples

  1. Take Away – I find it weird when I first ordered fast food. Is it “eat in” or “take away”? It’s “Take Away” for “Take Out”.
  2. Mate – This is one of the things that really made my day. I can now identify whose Aussie or not. While most Aussies address people as “mate”, American influenced people just say “man”. Like “Wazzup Man!” Haha.
  3. Lollies – I was confused when auntie asked me to get some “lollies”. I look around the candy lane and never found “lollies” as I was looking for lollipops. Yes! They call candies as “lollies”.
  4. Toilet - When nature called, I came to ask one of the employees at the mall. “Where’s the CR?”. *confused* . It’s toilet diay. *sigh. Haha
  5. Chips – I’m surprised to see their “chips” were shaped like “French fries”. hehe
  6. “R” – I’ve been trying to listen to how Aussies talk. Well, most of them, like “hello”, “no”, “yeah” just turned into “hellowr”, “nowr”, “yearh”. Now I know where the “Heller” of Iya Villania has originated.
  7. Rice – I am a Filipino and a rice eater. And being in an Aussie dominated household, rice is not a staple food. There’s no choice but to eat what’s there. Cereals for “brekky”, Sandwich for lunch and Meat and Boiled Veggies for dinner. For weeks, I felt like eating nothing. “Kulang kaayo”. It’s such a delight when auntie and I visit her Filipina friend which is dominated with Filipinos. And also at the Asian store. Rice is it.
  8. Tea – Not a coffee drinking country though Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, McCafe and other coffee shops are everywhere. There’s no Milo in the house. huhu
  9. Rubbish – That’s for garbage.
  10. Roundabouts – We call this “rotunda” in the Philippines. It’s common on Aussie intersections as it was designed to minimize road accidents. While Aussie roads are wide and equipped with road signs, traffic lights and advanced traffic systems, the Philippines only need a LOUD horn. No Traffic Lights means No Traffic. haha
  11. Torch – I just find this one funny. It was dark when I have to get rid of the “rubbish”. Uncle told me to use the “torch”. Hmmm, my instinct is visualizing a primitive “torch”, with wood and some gas. Well, actually, its flashlight.

Well, there’s more in getting myself through this country. This is just interesting and sometimes, funny.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Finally, the sun has come out and what a day to fix my desktop. I had my CPU on the floor and rearranged my workspace. So far, I’m happy about it as it’s refreshing. Having another scheme on my boring 4 cornered room is a welcome addition.

Rearranged for a complete breath of fresh air.

Anyway, I’ll be out later to explore the north side of Geelong on bike.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

...beating boredom

It’s been raining since last night and without nothing much to do on a very wet day; I’ve been munching "kiamoy" and jellies.

Damage, Inc.

I had enough of waiting with my slow internet connection and I just can’t mask this loneliness. I have done my laundry, watched the DVDs that I have, played Tekken on my PSP and read anything that I could get myself entertained. Time has been so slow to forget boredom.

I don’t like Mondays but this time, I just want it to be.