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Monday, October 22, 2007

My New Toy

After days of being attracted with PSP Slim and Lite, I finally got one for myself. I’m not really a gamer and never in blue hell did I had a gaming PC. All I had was for my work and for some geeky stuff.

I used to see it at Davao but I was somewhat passive about it. That I’m not going to get into gaming as I would prefer doing “physical” stuff. I’ve been working in front of a computer at an average of 12 hrs a day and having computer games as an entertainment would be overkill.

And in times that I’m idle, I’d rather read some books but here in Australia, it would costs you a fortune. I have lots of e-books but reading it on PC is such a load.

With those situations, I have been trying to put it on my iPod by copy-paste method and read it on its “notes”. I find it so hard to do this method as my e-books have like hundreds of pages. I have also tried doing it with iPod Linux but the battery just drains fast as I try to dodge with music and e-books.

And in weeks of getting to these, I’ve come across this pretty PSP Slim and Lite; Sony’s new version of PSP and its slimmer and lighter. Hehehe. I’ve been reading some reviews and some forums on what it actually does and I’m just glad that with some modifications, it can actually read pdf files.

I know it could do more as I’m still reading some forums. This is fun as I already had some videos converted for PSP. Yeah! I’ve played Tekken: Dark Resurrection and I realized I have missed a lot.

It’s about time to freshen up the boy in me. haha

Monday, October 01, 2007

...getting back and footy fever

Well, for some time, I was not that active in my blog. I don’t know, but I’m having this feeling of being “laid back” of the “laid backs”. Being here in Oz has been a great experience and I’m lucky enough to see what it is in the lower side of the globe.

Being here at Victoria, where Footy has started, you just can’t escape to the championship weekend fever. And living here in Geelong, is no excuse to be passive about the city’s pride, the Geelong Cats, who has finally ended the 44 year premiership drought.

I used to watch Footy back home on cable but was somewhat passive about it as it was competing with some good shows. I know it’s a good sport but I was quite busy with more important things then.

Not until I came here, where Geelong was having its ride to be the leader of the ladder in 22 rounds. Every week, I’ve been following to their games and it’s just a good feeling when you see them triumph over other teams.

And until last Saturday, where the City of Geelong just got happier when they finally made another record, the largest margin in finals history, 119 points. It was truly the sweetest victory. They’ve got the Rising Star Award, Best First Year Player, Brownlow Medal, Norm Smith Award, Leigh Matthews Trophy, 9 of the Cats are members of the All-Australian Players, McClelland Trophy and the Premiership. As people would say, it’s the Year of the Cats.

And yesterday, the Cats and whole City of Geelong, celebrated at the Kardinia Park (Skilled Stadium). It may be mushy but hearing the stories from the President of the Cats; the financial problems of the club and the struggle to get sponsors and the help and support of the people of Geelong, I can’t help but get teary eyed and got goose bumps as we all sang, “We are Geelong”.

What a way to start my journey in exploring Australia.