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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

...worse right ear?

I had my hearing assessment this afternoon at Melbourne and I’m just not happy about it.

The lady told me that (I’ll quote her) I had a “worse” right ear…That I have problems with high pitch noise. Especially to women who technically have that characteristic.

I’m just puzzled that if I have a worse right ear, I couldn’t have understood her (Yeah! She’s into that category). I couldn’t have distinguished tracks from the music I listen. And to try to imitate the music, you just have to have the ear on how to distinguish tracks on it. I could identify a note even with interference and superposition. I couldn’t have played guitar and I’m learning piano if I have that worse ear. I could also have that imbalance or being awkward, not to function well and comprehend.


I really don’t understand.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Snow Trip at Mt. Buller

As a Filipino who just arrived in Australia on winter, I was looking and asking for people to what snow would be. With temperatures getting as low as 3 degrees Celsius, only a few frosts in the morning and a hailstorm were all I experienced. I’m still hoping for some snow but its not here in Geelong.

Map. From Geelong to Mt. Buller

Getting through Mt. Buller.

I’m just glad that Auntie Paquita was able to schedule a plan for a snow trip at Mt. Buller. Yeah, it’s still in Victoria and the trip was very fine. It’s almost a 4 hour ride with Filipino, Aussie and Argentinean friends.

Getting through the freeways of Victoria was easy as the roads and signs are motorist friendly. As we go up to Mt. Buller, the chill was getting through my jumper. This is really great at I’m trying to get into the mood for White Christmas…in August.

Well, Mt. Buller was fun. I’m just amazed on how the people of Australia had maintained it for nature and tourism. It was not just the resort’s thing but everybody’s concern. They really are conscious about their “rubbish” as rubbish bins are everywhere…so, there’s no excuse to pollute Mother Earth.

It’s almost the end of winter and I’m just glad that I was able to get into it. I hope I could be back early on the next winter as I really wanted to try some snowboarding.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The most hated elite in the Philippines today

The article that created so much fire in the Pinoy blogsphere

After reading the article of the elite, Malu Fernandez, I can’t help but puke at her. Having seen her picture on it, I just can’t imagine that a FAT PIG can actually have a 17kg of make-up, wear a Jo Malone and can actually spray Baygon and Lysol. She’s disgusting, trying to sound elite as she tried to fit on her Adidas all-terrain instead on her Havaianas. Well, in that case, she really needed that as I could imagine her hoof won’t clip or it wouldn’t do justice in having her ginger like feet on that tsinelas.

She’s been acting as if she had this royal blood, disgusted over economy class and the thought of being with OFWs in a “sardines can”.

Yeah! Some might say that hitting her below the belt is not good and immature but she had leveled the field to her degree. Just like Jose Rizal did, as he was eating on the table when the Spaniards passed all their banana peeling to his plate, trying to degrade him as a monkey. That he just smacked his way out by labeling Spaniards as low class monkeys, who eats bananas with peelings.

It’s not about free speech that she could get away from it, it’s about how she satisfies her ego.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Everyday, well, for the person that I am, who just migrated, Australia has always “NEW”. And it doesn’t fail to surprise me.

While I was at St. Augustine Chapel at Bourke St., I was approached by a bloke, asking for $10. He wanted to use that for his accommodation near Collins St.. With the country that I’m standing now, I’m quite surprised having met a beggar on leather jacket. And at Collins St., a lady asked for 20 cents for public telephone.

I know there’s this Centrelink that helps people on that category but is it really enough to have that dole money every fortnight? Poor people are ubiquitous. In all shapes and forms. It’s just sad.

I wonder. How they end up like those as opportunities are overflowing. Is it luck or just “some wrong moves”?

It’s also nice to see some buskers around Swanston St. as they showcase their skills for tips. They are so good that its mind boggling that they don’t have decent jobs. I hope they could get the right avenue.

The artist...starting to do his craft on the floor.

The tips and the inspiration. Rock music on his stereo.

After a few minutes, it's done.

As my uncle has told me, a job is something that you don’t really love but you do it to support something that you love to do.

I hope I wont end up like that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank you

Finally, few days after my birthday, I’m back to my blog.

My first birthday in Oz was very much the same compared to Davao. Not much gimmicks. Not
much fuss...Just another ordinary day.

My Birthday Cake

Well, I almost stayed in my room the whole day as I was trying to get into the DVDs that I have bought. It was also sweet to have received some greetings from friends and families. It has really helped me a lot in going through the day. I was overwhelming with love and care.

Jacklyn just can't behave...

Anyway, I would like to thank my friends and families for trying to remember me on my special day.

As they remembered order.

  1. Athens
  2. Kat
  3. Mama
  4. Gail
  5. Nat2
  6. Rica
  7. Juan
  8. Rommel
  9. Jun
  10. Rox
  11. Kris
  12. Mary Ann
  13. Beverly
  14. Greta
  15. Janneth
  16. Jojo
  17. Ruby
  18. Ian Garcia
  19. Jenie
  20. Cocoi
  21. Meiko
  22. Maean
  23. Isabelle
  24. Debbie
  25. James
  26. Ken
  27. Yubs
  28. Rosemarie
  29. Unlce Pedring
  30. Auntie Aloy
  31. Helen
  32. Cly
  33. Velchie
  34. Marian
  35. Gold
  36. Buboy
  37. Jacklyn
  38. Julian
  39. Kathleen
  40. Auntie Paquita
  41. Angela
  42. Ipe
  43. Sally
  44. Bohjoy
  45. Joss
  46. Fran
  47. Air
  48. Bing
  49. Bong

Thursday, August 16, 2007

...starting my special day

Well, I “just woke up” and its 4:25 am. I don’t know but I just can’t get back to sleep. I really needed it as I have to do many things for the day. Anyway, yesterday was fun as I was able to get my chance to be out of the house. I had my first Aussie haircut, bought some DVDs at JB-HiFi and a walk in Moorabool St to Corio Bay. I had some pictures taken as I was trying to experiment being a photographer. I’m just happy that my mentor, Kat, was happy with my results. I really have no idea to what she was telling me in her email but I hope I could get into the technicalities of it.

Moorabool and Corio Bay
So, it’s my first birthday in Oz. I know it’ll be different compared to last year and I’m just in the thing of getting through it. I’ve been to many things since last year and so far, God has been so good to me. I’ve met more friends and things are getting into what I wished for. And for this day, whatever could that be, I’ll be on it.

DVDs...for myself

Thank you Lord for another year.