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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Sydney Experience

After days in Sydney, I’m back home…in Geelong.

Well, I was in Sydney with Auntie Paquita on Sunday, July 22, 2007 to meet Auntie Aloy’s family which I haven’t seen since February 21, 1989.

Our e-Ticket to Sydney and Back

Auntie was great to buy me a bag to Sydney. It's good because it was Winter sale.

We left home at around 4 am to MelbourneAvalon Airport. It was freezing cold and it was really uncomfortable wearing the gloves. The airport was somewhat small compared to Davao and the security was not that tight. Unlike Davao International Airport, our luggage, which was checked in, wasn’t even checked. That’s really a potential threat.

What supposed to be a 6 am flight, turned out to be almost 7 am. We waited for the ice to melt on the Airbus 320’s wings. But anyway, it was a good chance for us to get some sleep.

We arrived at Sydney at about 8:30 am and it’s really true that you can recognize a person right through his eyes. Without hesitation, I approached my cousin Ricky, whom I last seen as a baby.

Breakfast was great as we had Pinoy food on the table. Kare-kare, Sinugbang Isda and of course, RICE. We were all just filling the void for the years we’ve missed. I also had met my cousin, Rosemarie, for the first time. Born and raised in Oz, whom I dubbed as my “favorite”.

Rosemarie trying some bags

We all had fun as we ate lots of Filipino food, Videoke on a very large TV and visited some spots I used to see on postcards for a week. Sydney is great and so diverse. I almost forgot that I’m in Oz because of Cabramatta for providing the ingredients of our Pinoy dishes. Food is cheap and very accessible. You can just easily buy anything like food, clothing and electronics. It reminds me of Uyanguren and San Pedro Sts. back home. People from almost all nations are just represented.

Opera House na jud!!!

With Auntie Aloy at Opera House

Up Close with an Aborigine with his didgeridoo

Ferry ride at Port Jackson. Above is the Harbour Bridge and Behind is the Opera House

Enjoying the ride...Pagka bugnaw na lang jud!!!

It was also great to be at Port Jackson where I saw Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It’s like postcard on 3D. I’m just amazed how people think and build such kind of structures. A trip around Port Jackson via ferry was sweet. I was with my Auntie Aloy, sharing some stories while traversing as we ended up at Darlington Harbour, near her workplace at Sydney Convention. It was also tempting to watch Harry Potter on IMAX which is just around the Port.

Darlington Harbour

Outside Sydney Convention Center

Very Late for Sydney Olypmics...Hehe!!!

For barely 3 weeks, I was even able to get my new prescription glasses at Sydney. I’ve been eyeing on that when I was in Davao but just can’t afford. Thanks to the insurance system, I got an Oakley Socket 4.0 prescription glasses for FREE…priced at almost $500.

Trying Socket 4.0

It was a great experience and I know I would be back soon as I haven’t visited some… So little time and so much to do. Anyway, for as low as $79, you can go to Sydney and experience diversity.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Back from Down Under

Finally, after a week of getting things into moving, I’m back to my blog. Life in Australia is much like back home but with lots of white people and the very cold weather (Winter Time Nownies!!!).

I migrated to Australia last July 6, 2007 and it’s kinda hard to leave what I’ve been comfortable with all of my life. I got a job where it was very rewarding and very good; I got so many good friends and a “special” that I could be myself. Life has been a struggle but with opportunities like this, it has to be taken into consideration.

Anyway, I arrived at Melbourne at 6:10 AM of July 6, 2007 and it was very cold. Winter as it as but I was able to manage it with the help of some warm clothes. I can see my mouth having some “smoke” when I breathe.

My Heater helps me in keeping me warm

I live in a place called Fyansford, which is 3-5 minutes away from the center of Geelong. Geelong (link to Wikipedia) is 45 minutes away from Melbourne and learned to like it in here. I get the convenience of living in a country and a city. Geelong is much like Davao…Laid back and very interesting.

July 6, 2007 was the coldest in 3 years in Geelong…just in time when I got in. It was 3˚C. I was shivering cold and having a hard time adjusting. Things here are a little bit different but I’m coping. I’m just glad that my auntie, uncle and my cousins are very kind to get me into it.

There’s so much food in here and never have I felt hungry since I was here. The food is so cheap which is really great as I’m still trying all sorts of food that I could get. I can get what I want and of course, there’s rice which is very much Pinoy. (Pampa bug-at sa tiyan. Hehe) Thanks to the Asian store. I even got some dried pusit and Boy Bawang. I hope the owner can get sukang pinakurat as I asked her to get some for me. hehe

My fridge. Food here is very cheap. I wish, people back home can get the same treatment. Aussie Government is doing a great job in treating people as humans.

I had resurrected one of my uncle’s old PC for my personal use. Not that super fast but I’m happy with it. We bought some Microsoft Webcam, Netgear Router, Wireless Cards, NIC, RJ-45s and a crimping tool. Julian, my cousin’s bf even provided some cable to help me in setting our network.

My workstation. All the things I need to get me moving.

Things needed for our home networking.

The hard disk that I bought from Davao, with all my files in, have been busted. I’m just happy that I was to retrieve all my stuff to my new 320 GB Seagete FreeAgent External Disk. *sigh. That was really close.

My busted hard disk sitting beside my new mobile drive. All my files in it.

And of course, a cheap yet decent digital camera was given by my aunt to take some pictures for my friends and family to see back home.

My camera (taking this picture) with 1 GB of Memory Stick and some rechargeable batteries.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Sweet Shadow

When everything just went better (I got to meet new friends, happy job, do what I wished to do and a “special”), I just have to get into another phase of my life where it left me of no other choice but to leave.

The offer has been laid down since 2003 when my 2 aunts had their vacation. I was somewhat passive about getting into it as I was slowly getting my niche in having a stable job.

But when my application was lodged on February 2006, everything just went so fast as I had my happiest events in my life.

It’s right. Best things come when you don’t expect it.

I know it’s just something to look forward…something better…where happiness is a sweet shadow.

But for now, I just have to sing Megadeth’s, A Tout Le Monde.

"A tout le monde"

"A tous mes amis"

"Je vous aime"

"Je dois partir"

Hello Oz!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 was just ok

I grew up watching “Transformers” and I’m somewhat not happy about how they were treated. It was just eye candy.

Comparing it to the 1986 Transformers the Movie, there were only 2 humans and a lot of robots. I’m not happy about it.

I love Optimus’ line “One Shall Fall…” as it was again delivered the way it was but having the original voice talent for Megatron being booted out was not really good. The reason was, it doesn’t fit to the new face of Megatron. *sigh. I think, Hugo Weaving’s voice was great but they should have retained Megatron’s face.

Optimus got flames on his paint job which is kinda “over”. His chest doesn’t even close. No mouth cover and they transform so slow.

Bumblebee which was supposed to be a Volkswagen, turned out to be a Camaro. What’s with GM doing in the movie.

Well, this seems to be another thing about being loyal to the original and having good business. Since kids of today wouldn’t “dig” this movie as the “old” people who grew up with it, has to be treated in a way where people on both markets have to be met halfway. As rumors have it, Shia and some of the casts are signed to shoot more Transformers movie, would most likely have a Trilogy/Sequel. The ultimate formula of getting big bucks.

Hmmmm…anyway, it was ok. Great action but I hope to have the robots looked the way they used to.