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Friday, May 18, 2007

My way to Death Metal Grunts

I’ve been a fan of Arch Enemy since 2001 when I got into Scandinavian Metal and I’m really amazed on how Angela does her screaming without getting tired or being hurt. I tried getting into it but I just can’t go through the process. I even searched the internet on tips on how to do Death Metal Grunts but things just don’t work with me.

After some time of forgetting my thing on screaming, I finally had struck the “Holy Grail” of Death Metal Grunt. Though it was not that technical but I finally made a few lines with Arch Enemy’s Nemesis and quite surprised with my throat not getting hurt or tired.

I guess, I can get into it and work my way out with the grunt. hehehe

Angela getting some lessons from Melissa Cross on screaming.