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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface is launched.

Microsoft Surface Computer

And this is happening…Microsoft Surface is MS’ new thing, putting itself as one of IT’s innovators. Launched this day and it’ll be available to developers on November 2007.

I'm so excited for that.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Offline to Online

I was “offline” for 2 days as rats in the office were munching on the UTP cable connected to our antenna to Smart Bro.

I don’t know but rats these days just had upgraded their tastes. I guess they want to be online too. *grin*. Anyway, we had it fixed by getting through the ceiling and had it protected with pipes.

With all the “free time”, I decided to get myself a 250 GB Hard Disk and had it installed to a Jet Black HDD enclosure. I hope this will be enough as I’m only allowed to have 40 kilos of baggage to Oz. I also had made a sticker for it and it's just nice.

And finally, I got broadband at home. For just Php 990 a month, I got a phone plus DSL. I’m just glad that my place is in PLDT’s NGN. Yehey!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ayos ka Davao Light!!!

Davao Light and Power Company deserve praises as they did what the politicians should be doing after the election. As I was trailing the streets of Claveria this morning, the employees of the said company were cleaning the “Walls of Shame”.

My horn goes to them. \m/ *clap*clap

Megadeth is back

I finally have my copy of Megadeth’s United Abominations and I’m just glad they’re back.

With a new line-up (ex-Eidolon guitarist and drummer, brothers Glen and Shawn Drover and ex-Black Label Society, White Lion bassist, James LoMenzo), they went to England to record drum tracks. They rented John Bonham’s drum kit (Led Zeppelin Drummer) and recorded at David Gilmour’s studio (Pink Floyd’s guitarist) and went back to California and recorded guitar and bass tracks.

They have recorded it the way before ProTools and digital editing. You can really feel the rawness of the music. Megadeth has really come back.

For metal fans, this record is for you.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Randy Ponteras is Pathetic

Randy Ponteras is blaming Nogie for his defeat in getting a seat in the Council. That Nogie had him excluded in the campaign.

Hmmm…How could he blame Nogie? He’s not even with Nogie’s party so why include him?

Well, with his tagline, “Bag-o, Dili Trapo”, doesn’t even get close to where his mouth goes. I guess he’s effortlessly showing himself as a Trapo as Trapo do things like this.

Peter Lindgren leaves Opeth

Peter Lindgren is parting ways with Opeth after 16 years of making great music.

Peter Lindgren

With his official statement at Opeth’s site, he said that he had lost his enthusiasm in doing music with the group. I guess, he has been fed up with all the touring and the rockstar lifestyle

He’ll be replaced with ex-Arch Enemy/Krux guitarist Fredrik Åkesson.

Fredrik Åkesson

United Abominations Is Out

…And the wait is over. Megadeth’s latest album, United Abominations is out.

This is Megadeth’s first release on Roadrunner Records and I just can’t wait to have my copy in my iPod.

My way to Death Metal Grunts

I’ve been a fan of Arch Enemy since 2001 when I got into Scandinavian Metal and I’m really amazed on how Angela does her screaming without getting tired or being hurt. I tried getting into it but I just can’t go through the process. I even searched the internet on tips on how to do Death Metal Grunts but things just don’t work with me.

After some time of forgetting my thing on screaming, I finally had struck the “Holy Grail” of Death Metal Grunt. Though it was not that technical but I finally made a few lines with Arch Enemy’s Nemesis and quite surprised with my throat not getting hurt or tired.

I guess, I can get into it and work my way out with the grunt. hehehe

Angela getting some lessons from Melissa Cross on screaming.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

...getting back

My laptop got infected yesterday as it ate so much of my time getting back to normal. I had AVG on it but never got the protection I needed.

Anyway, I heard of Kaspersky before but never tried it until I got busted yesterday. I’m just impressed with the way it handled security. It got it all covered.

With the entire struggle in getting back my toy, I went to my break and read the news regarding Arch Enemy’s new record. I’m just impressed and excited with the way Angela did her vocals for the new album. I’m just excited. I hope to see their concert soonies.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Randy Ponteras is a new Trapo

It was about 1 pm when I went out to vote. I never had this straight G.O. or straight T.U.. I had it all mixed as I tried to weigh in the candidates based on what I’ve known about them through their track record and views on certain issues.

I also had this thing on the new ones as I believe that these will be giving new light to Philippine Politics.

As I was about to get my pen on a certain “Randy Ponteras” when I saw his big tarpaulin across the voting precinct at Ma-a Elementary School. There’s even a flock of people who were distributing his sample ballots with Peter Laviña on it.

Hmmm. It seems that his tagline, “Bag-o, Dili Trapo”, doesn’t fit to where his mouth goes. I believe that there’s a certain distance to where your election banners/materials should be from (like 30 meters from the precinct if I’m right) but not across the voting precinct which was approximately 15 meters. And its not good to see his people giving out sample ballots right on the school’s entrance.

I guess, he’s the new TRAPO.

Friday, May 11, 2007

What if Microsoft invented the Apple iPhone?

Well, folks at Microsoft are actually having their sense of humor over the hype.

Poking fun on Philippine Elections

Few more days and the Filipino nation will once again vote for their leaders. I can really feel the heat of the campaign as candidates are doing double time in showing up to almost anywhere they could get. Some even resort to show-off their ASSHOLENESS (if there’s such a word).

Anyway, one good thing about Filipinos that is best is the humor. I was able to get into some pictures of Manny Pacquiao after the election...

I just love it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Wake Up Boo!!!

It was Wednesday night at Athens’ apartment when Athens and I discussed about early morning wake up music calls. Without further thinking, I was stuck to Boo Radley’s Wake Up Boo!!!

Yes, they may sound like Bamboo’s Nescafe Jingle but “Wake Up Boo!!!” was there since 1995.

Hmmm!!! Bamboo gaya-gaya