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Friday, April 27, 2007

TM - Tetar Montano

Election fever is getting hotter as local and national candidates are pounding their way to get their seats. Millions of Pesos are being spent and I think we would only get a few out of it. Anyway, I’ll try to get humor out of the spending.

I’ve seen Cesar Montano babbling about some candidates’ spending on advertisements. He’s the “MAN” as he tries to rationalize about spending it on “worth-while” endeavors. Things like schools, roads and medicine.

Hmmm, it seems like he deserve a seat in the Philippine Senate but what if I’m the one who thinks like him (Yeah! Only in THAT SENSE). I guess he has to stop spending in making films as it’s more sensible in doing things like making schools, roads and medicines.

Yes, I know he’ll say that he would be helping lots of people in doing films as he employ people to help him do it. That it gives hope and inspiration in doing great films. Hmm, does doing advertisements employ people too? Is making great films the only way to give hope and inspiration? Well, not a great thinker. Checkmate!!!

I wonder…He seems so empty in this week’s ANC Forum 2007. I guess, the scriptwriter wasn’t that good but he’s great in acting like dumb. Best Actor.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Turkish Massacre

Last week, I was intrigued with this Turkish Coffee Shop at Bonifacio St., so after a long week of work and “stress”, I paid a visit to experience Turkey, Davao style.

So, I had this windy ride from my client to the coffee shop. Going through the streets of Juan Luna, Aurora, Padre Faura and Bonifacio on trisikad at night is really fun. The cool breeze and the experience of dodging between vehicles is rather fun than scary (don’t worry, it’s just me hehe)

The place is great. I’m somewhat impressed with the color and furniture. The seats with back rest seem to help me with my aching back. The color and the lights in the place just fit. There was even an acoustic band to help you get into the groove.

But what seems to be a good place doesn’t equate to good food and service. I was there at about 9:20 PM, asked for my order and waited for an hour. I had this struggle of waiting for what they can offer and being impatient but I guess they made a monster out of me. I decided to walk out.

While waiting for my order, the 3 blocks of 2"x2" ice has turned to water. What a miracle!?

This is the worst of the worst. What used to be a restaurant/coffee shop has changed to a refugee camp, waiting for the food at the mercy of the establishment. Even though they have this acoustic band to help me forget about getting hungry, they seem to amuse me with their confidence of playing lousy renditions of great songs. Not only they scored ZERO with their food and service, they are also Tone Def. I’m just glad I have my music stuck to my ears just to keep my sanity intact.

Children of Bodom helped me kept my sanity intact

I’m just glad mama had spared me my share of Adobo flakes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Winnie The Pooh Night

After a disappointing stay at Masaje, I went straight to Athens’s apartment. Since she had like 4 Winnie The Poohs (The Normal Pooh, The Indiana Jones Pooh, The Nurse Pooh and the Baby Pooh) we ended up having pseudo Winnie The Pooh arguments.

I'm with Pooh RN, Baby Pooh, Indian Jones Pooh and "Chinese" Pooh

Things like, why her Nurse RN Pooh had this slit on his pants, can we undress Indiana Jones Pooh, why is Baby Pooh look like he’s having hydrocephalus, is the Normal Pooh made in China since he had this chinky eyes, what is Winnie The Pooh’s family name and to why Pooh has no pants.

Rarrr!!! These are all mine. Bwahahaha

It was a fun night as we tried to get into answers. We even had thoughts on making a Hannibal Mask for the Nurse Pooh and look for a Pooh who had fingers on his hands.

Hmmm, I guess I just have to bring my Pooh next time as I have this Winnie the Pooh bag, Winnie the Pooh plastic envelope and Winnie the Pooh pencil case. We might as well have a duel to who’s Pooh is the Pooh.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Indian Michael Jackson in Thriller

I just can't help it. HAHAHAHA

...sunkissed with ultimate frisbee friends at Isla Reta

After getting drunk with Athens, Rica and Juan last Saturday night, I only had few hours to regenerate for beach on Sunday. I worked my way through all the places I could possibly get comfy…Puked at BakBak and the streets of Juan Luna. My throat got hurt along the way and I thought I couldn’t make it through Sunday. Thanks to Athens for being so patient at me.

I felt so dizzy getting my stuff and I tried to shake it off with water and some Gatorade. But what made me get back was the delight of my friends waiting for the boat ride to Isla Reta. We all had fun chatting and doing kids’ stuff.

Anyway, Isla Reta is great as the beach, the sun and the sand just made it all worth it. We tried playing Beach Ultimate, ate all the food we shared, drink the booze we could get and kayak along the beach.

Who says getting sunburn isn’t fun?

Isla Reta

* Thanks to Pyk and Greta for the pix

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting ready for Beach Ultimate

It’s Saturday and I’m excited for tomorrow’s activity. We’ll be having Beach Ultimate at Isla Reta and it’s about time for the Davao Bora Team to flex their muscles on next month’s tournament.

This would be fun.

Anyway, here’s last year’s DULA Beach Tourney 2006 pictures.

DULA Beach Tourney 2006

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dark Tranquillity on my iPod

With nothing left to do in the morning, I uploaded the complete discography of Dark Tranquillity to my iPod.

To my surprise, I only have 55 MB left on it and I just have to get some DVD to backup my tunes.

I guess, 20 GB isn’t enough.

High School Pictures

Thank you to my friend, Dr. Jake V. Valeroso for lending me his archive of pictures. I was able to visit him last Sunday and I’m very glad he let me scan the pictures for the consumption of everybody in our batch.

Anyway, I’m done with them and uploaded it.

Presenting, Davao City High School – Datu Bago – Abad Santos Batch 1995.

datu abad 1995

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Microsoft Listed as Most Secure OS!

Well, Microsoft has been ridiculed by some I.T. Professionals, Groups and Companies on its security but for Symantec’s 11th Internet Security Threat Report, it has done great overall than its leading commercial competitors.

Hmmm…What can Linux and Mac Zealots say about this?

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Back with

Finally, after days of not blogging and my not being renewed, I’m up with my and soon, my Thanks to my friend, Rommel for helping me with these.

I’m also done with my thing with our Gen. Ass and it was really nice to have a very long vacation... Just right for me to regenerate and get my sanity back.

Anyway, I just have to finish some things with my domain.