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Friday, March 23, 2007

Coup de Grace

I was asked by my officemates to write a letter to the Grievance Committee and Management about our HR Dept. Head. Hmmm...this is it.

* electronic and scanned versions


Good day!

We are writing in your office of our disappointment to the HR Department Head of SAMULCO, (HR Dept. Head's Name). For days, we’ve been trying to stay on our level but with her overwhelmingly effortless display of being an idiot, she had consumed the gap between us that she had successfully pulled us down to her level. We are quite surprised as it would take us light years to do it and suddenly, we are starting to feel uncomfortable. And with that, we are writing on the level she could only comprehend.

As the HR Department Head, it is very unbecoming of her to have tantrums, make faces, threaten co-employees and do unnecessary comments in front of many people especially the members of the cooperative. She may have the hair-style of Dora the Explorer but she truly is the female version of Gollum, ready to take advantage of her position for her convenience. She is the wolf in the sheep’s wool who flashes fake smiles on anybody or somebody she feels threatened. She is as paranoid as the addict who should be in rehab; doing potshots to anybody she might have found her enemy.

As far as we could remember, what used to be sublime has become ridiculous. We understand that she is doing her job as the HR Department Head but never in our wildest imagination that what used to be the antagonist on Soap Opera we love to hate has finally made her way to plague her dimwittedness in the cooperative. She had done things way beyond what is expected on her to the point she had become irritating. The atmosphere has become unhealthy as she is too loud as the banshee and stinky as a geek whiff breath of a never have been brushed mouth.

We understand that we have some misunderstandings and we have resolved it through your office and management. We were advised to shy away and we humbly waved our flag just to move forward for the good of the cooperative.

But in heaven’s name, she is doing again her wrath, making the office unhealthy.

And with her ego the size of Mt. Everest and her brain the size of a bird seed, we are not surprised to witness the things she does best, showing off her ego.

We hope to discuss things with you as we run out of words that could rightfully describe our disgust to this being.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

The modified scanned copy of my letter (hiding some names)