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Saturday, March 24, 2007

...holier than thou

The (CBCP) Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines is very much disappointed over Bishop Tobias’ appearance at the opening of PAGCOR’s version of Las Vegas at ParaƱaque. That it was not proper to see the servants of God in places like casinos.

Hmmmm…I guess, Jesus had made the wrong move in going to earth. You know, the earth is full of shit.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Coup de Grace

I was asked by my officemates to write a letter to the Grievance Committee and Management about our HR Dept. Head. Hmmm...this is it.

* electronic and scanned versions


Good day!

We are writing in your office of our disappointment to the HR Department Head of SAMULCO, (HR Dept. Head's Name). For days, we’ve been trying to stay on our level but with her overwhelmingly effortless display of being an idiot, she had consumed the gap between us that she had successfully pulled us down to her level. We are quite surprised as it would take us light years to do it and suddenly, we are starting to feel uncomfortable. And with that, we are writing on the level she could only comprehend.

As the HR Department Head, it is very unbecoming of her to have tantrums, make faces, threaten co-employees and do unnecessary comments in front of many people especially the members of the cooperative. She may have the hair-style of Dora the Explorer but she truly is the female version of Gollum, ready to take advantage of her position for her convenience. She is the wolf in the sheep’s wool who flashes fake smiles on anybody or somebody she feels threatened. She is as paranoid as the addict who should be in rehab; doing potshots to anybody she might have found her enemy.

As far as we could remember, what used to be sublime has become ridiculous. We understand that she is doing her job as the HR Department Head but never in our wildest imagination that what used to be the antagonist on Soap Opera we love to hate has finally made her way to plague her dimwittedness in the cooperative. She had done things way beyond what is expected on her to the point she had become irritating. The atmosphere has become unhealthy as she is too loud as the banshee and stinky as a geek whiff breath of a never have been brushed mouth.

We understand that we have some misunderstandings and we have resolved it through your office and management. We were advised to shy away and we humbly waved our flag just to move forward for the good of the cooperative.

But in heaven’s name, she is doing again her wrath, making the office unhealthy.

And with her ego the size of Mt. Everest and her brain the size of a bird seed, we are not surprised to witness the things she does best, showing off her ego.

We hope to discuss things with you as we run out of words that could rightfully describe our disgust to this being.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

The modified scanned copy of my letter (hiding some names)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Water Bed Prank


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I won and I'm blessed

The good news from

Yehey! I got myself Php 3,000.00 worth of E-Money, courtesy of

Well, I never expected it but it’s a nice feeling having such a delight. With an LCD TV BOX gift by Melanie and Php 3,000.00 of E-Money, going through this day is so much fun.


I can now watch TV on my laptop.

Monday, March 19, 2007

300 Soundtrack

With nothing to do, I went to my other PC and downloaded the soundtrack of 300.

Scored by Tyler Bates, the music justifies the movie as he tried to be true to Frank Miller’s adaptation of the Battle of Thermopylae.

The 25 track soundtrack was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, describing the score as having "beautiful themes on the top and large choir", but "tempered with some extreme heaviness"

Anyway, I just love the way guitars blend with orchestra and epic choir.

Favorite tracks: “To Victory”,”The Hot Gates”,"Fever Dream"

Saturday, March 17, 2007

300 Conan the Barbarians

Ok, having seen “300” with myself last Saturday and heard friends that this movie is great, hmmm, well, I’ll try not to dwell with it, even though I enjoyed the stylized violence and the cinematography.

I was first intrigued with this movie when I saw its trailer with Nine Inch Nails’ Just Like You Imagined last year. The scenes were so crisp and the idea of watching it from Tom Cruise's “The Last Samurai” preview to Ken Watanabe and the fact that it’s Frank Miller’s just made me and my friends marked it on our calendars.

I was on my line as the cinema was slowly packed with eager viewers like people expecting a kill on a coliseum. King Leonidas and his men were dressed like Conan the Barbarian. With shields, spears, swords and leather speedos, I wonder where he got his apple…Much like Legolas who doesn’t run out of arrows.

Xerxes is like an 8 foot RuPaul packed with the latest earrings, eye liner, lipstick and dog collar. It’s obvious why Leonidas is really pissed off with this giant.

Leonidas and Sparta is also trying to make war against Barbarism but they themselves put their babies to swords.

And the famous “No Prisoners” line just makes me laugh as it doesn’t make sense unless violence is the war’s goal rather than its means.

Anyway, I enjoyed the film especially the soundtrack. So heavy. Just right for the movie.


Well, Phillippines has recently bagged the most prestigious award as the most corrupt country in Asia.

Hmmm…some people in the government (congressmen, senators, MalacaƱang) have expressed their disgust from the survey. That it’s not fair for the country.

I think they’re right. It’s not really fair, especially to the people who pay their taxes and have it spent by some of the government employee’s convenience.

Imagine, with the election, a senator would approximately earn Php 35,000.00 a month, why would they spend so much for the campaign? TV and Radio ads would go as high as Php 50 M plus all the things that goes with it (Print, Campaign Materials, etc). I don’t think a seat on the senate would help them get back what has been spent on the campaign.

And after all those things being promised on the campaign, the country is still plagued with poverty. The people in Negros are still fighting for their land that has been awarded to them. Some of the Policemen are still doing doble-kara as “Kotong Cops”. Government hospitals are not equipped with the right people, right equipment and right medicines. Public schools are producing below standard graduates. And the list goes on and on.

I just don’t get it. Like Manny Pacquiao, Chavit Singson and Cesar Montano, who’ve been dreaming about helping the Filipinos, doesn’t even know what’s within them that could help. With their wealth and influence, I think these would be enough to get through. Mr. Cesar Montano was right when he said that campaigning is very expensive and the money should be spent on worthwhile endeavors…hmmm…why is he still running and spending “the money”? PORBIDA.

Millions have also been spent on Prospero Pichay’s ad as he expressed his dream of helping the Filipinos. I hope he’s not dreaming as I haven’t heard him promised to help. Wake up Mr. Pichay.

I also find it funny from Sultan Kiram and his daughter complaining on TV. That the sultan should be treated different as he is “king”…then why is the sultan running as senator? Is he downgrading himself?

No wonder, more Filipinos are still living a cruel life here in the Philippines. Statistics could be right but not enough to make them feel what those numbers really are.

Monday, March 12, 2007

a date with myself

With nothing left to hold, I decided to watch “300” with MYSELF. This has been marked l in my calendar since last year and I don’t want to miss it.

Anyway, the movie was great as the effects would make anyone in awe. The battle scenes and the music just fit.

Of course, I enjoyed the film but the aircon at NCCC Cinema 2 is not great. They turned it off.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


For hours, it has been a struggle wearing a kabuki mask. I find it so hard to hide my feelings towards the demise of my nephew. I don’t have any other choice but to look tough and emotionless to my brother and to my family.

I’ve been to many battles in my life but this has been the toughest of them all. Sadness just creeps within me and right through my entirety. Even the things that have been my source of strength have no match in dealing with it. The bar has been raised and I’m trying to equate every part of it just to get a hold of my reasons. My heart aches watching my brother weeping in pain.

I guess, God has His reasons and I hope we’ll have that courage to understand those things.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Our HR Head is again doing her act as the macho asshole effortlessly. She’s too immature that she handles everything like a retard. Imagine, having some bad air in the office…doing her “Tiger look” to anyone whom she had hostile relations and “a know it all attitude” just makes the office like a soap opera on IMAX theater.

I just don’t get it. With her “know it all attitude”, why can’t she distinguish an effortlessly charming person from an effortlessly asshole person as she is?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The REAL Ghost Rider

...funny pix, being weird and Panky

I got this picture from my uncle yesterday. I guess, people really have weird thoughts of doing things from simple tasks. I just find it funny.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel weird about myself as I woke up early in the morning (about 4:00 AM) just to check if my iPod was charged. I don’t know but it was like a continuation of my “what to dos” before I slept.

I also had a chance to see for myself what a Shih Tzu does when everybody is sleeping. As what I’ve heard from a dog breeder in one of the dog shows in Davao, it’s the Dalai Lama’s guard dog. I guess I’m his “Dalai Lama” as Panky was really on guard. Now I know why he’s sleeping in the morning.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Hmmmm…I’m just wondering if people from Philippine TV networks and KBP are doing their job well.

Having been the modern day Ironman aka Plantsadoro on Sundays, I resort to TV while ironing my clothes (as some old school labandera/plantsadora would get their transistor radio with Guy and Pip’s picture on it).

It has been my observation that bleeps on TV doesn’t get its way to censor those hostile words for normal TV viewing.

With GMA 7’s Panic Room last night, I heard bullshit and shit without bleeps…the same thing with their “Independence Day” movie months ago. No bleeps…no censorship.

Is this what GMA 7 is doing now? For Philippine TV? Have we evolved?

Well, maybe, this is what they call, “SERBISYONG TOTOO”

Friday, March 02, 2007 Arch Enemy DVD

I finally got a myself DivX copy of Arch Enemy: Live Apocalypse. I had it authored and made myself a DVD. It was great as I was able to make some chapters on it and have it played on my DVD player.

My next thing would be In Flames’ Used and Abused: In Live We Trust

...2 more things to go

Hmmm, I finally got my visa stamped on my passport by the embassy and the next thing for me to do is to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar and get my ticket.

*sigh... I can smell it.