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Saturday, March 17, 2007

300 Conan the Barbarians

Ok, having seen “300” with myself last Saturday and heard friends that this movie is great, hmmm, well, I’ll try not to dwell with it, even though I enjoyed the stylized violence and the cinematography.

I was first intrigued with this movie when I saw its trailer with Nine Inch Nails’ Just Like You Imagined last year. The scenes were so crisp and the idea of watching it from Tom Cruise's “The Last Samurai” preview to Ken Watanabe and the fact that it’s Frank Miller’s just made me and my friends marked it on our calendars.

I was on my line as the cinema was slowly packed with eager viewers like people expecting a kill on a coliseum. King Leonidas and his men were dressed like Conan the Barbarian. With shields, spears, swords and leather speedos, I wonder where he got his apple…Much like Legolas who doesn’t run out of arrows.

Xerxes is like an 8 foot RuPaul packed with the latest earrings, eye liner, lipstick and dog collar. It’s obvious why Leonidas is really pissed off with this giant.

Leonidas and Sparta is also trying to make war against Barbarism but they themselves put their babies to swords.

And the famous “No Prisoners” line just makes me laugh as it doesn’t make sense unless violence is the war’s goal rather than its means.

Anyway, I enjoyed the film especially the soundtrack. So heavy. Just right for the movie.