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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lex Luthor is DUMB

Even though I love the movie, I have some thoughts on the things being done on the film.

On the scene that Lex Luthor is again doing a land grab…where he would make a continent out of the crystals that he had from the Fortress of Solitude…where people would pay a fortune out of his genius.

Hmmmmm!!! If he’ll kill billions as what he claimed with his conversation with Lois, who will purchase his idea? Again, Lex has never thought about that.

Superman is REALLY BACK!!!

Finally, Superman is back. I was able to watch the movie last night at NCCC Cinema 2 at its 7:25 PM slot. I was very excited that I hurriedly went out from to office to get our seats. Luckily, we were able to secure slots.

The movie started with its casts showed much like in Superman 1 to 4. Much has improved. The graphics was updated. The music is still the same but it’s really different when you’re in a Dolby surround theater than having it on iPod. The experience was nostalgic. I can still remember in my younger years where I used to watch it with my auntie and uncle on Betamax. How I wish they’re with me experiencing the comeback of Superman.

19 years was really worth the wait. Even though I like the idea of bringing Christopher Reeve to the screen, I never missed him. Brandon Routh was really fit for the role. This mild mannered young actor from Iowa has the qualities that would really be called inherent of him. The idea of Singer to cast an unknown actor really had paid the years of waiting. This has really established him as a great director. Much as what he has done with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. And with Brandon Routh, he truly has secured the spot as Superman. He’ll truly be remembered as the Man of Steel for his lifetime. The way he spoke and the way he was as Clark Kent, as Kal-El and as Superman.

And Kevin Spacey, well, I expected him as the Lex Luthor who evolved from the Smallville series. The movie was true to its predecessors. The Lex Luthor who is somewhat evil yet funny. Much like Gene Hackman did to the character. At least, not like Mr. Hackman who wore toupee 99% of the movie, Mr. Spacey was bald. He almost resembles Michael Rosenbaum, the Lex Luthor of Smallville.

I’m just happy to watch the movie. I can’t help but get teary eyed on the airplane scene. I was truly at awe. It was really perfect. Superman has truly come back. Not just in the movies but brought my childhood back. I’m still getting goose bumps as of this time.

I’m going to watch it again.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

...few hours to Superman Returns

Few hours left and Superman will fly again. I’m expecting a Superman that’s not Christopher Reeves. The mild mannered reporter that he was, I hope, it’ll just leave Mr. Reeve as he was and spawn a new breed of Superman. Unique and special as the most loved superhero.

Well, having seen X-Men 1 and 2, I hope Bryan Singer will do justice to Superman. The wisdom that he has when he listed Hugh Jackman as Wolverine would be seen here as Brandon Routh wears the red cape.

I’m just excited.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I’m starting to hate what I used to like.

Why do some people have this overpowered vanity? Who tends to project an image that they’re so tired yet shoots us with a “pa-cute” face just to have that “Effortlessly Beautiful” facade?

Well, she’s annoys each one of us. When in blue hell will she realize that she’s not that cute?

...getting to Superman 5

.."gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind." – Lex Luthor

I began reviewing Superman 1 to 4 to get into Superman 5. I also had my cellphone and laptop changed to Superman ‘s theme. I’m just excited getting into the movie.

Well, I’m expecting a Lex Luthor that has evolved from Smallville Series. With Kevin Spacey as Lex, I think he’ll get to be the best Lex. Superman 1 to 4’s Lex has Gene Hackman being somewhat psychotic yet funny. With the trailers that I saw, I think, it’ll be a different Lex around.

Anyway, two more days and Superman will be flying again.

Trailer 1

Windows Media Player, High bandwidth

Quick Time Player, High bandwidth

Trailer 2

Windows Media Player, High bandwidth

Quick Time Player, High bandwidth

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Girls!!! grrrrrrrrr

Ako: *Oi…gwapaha ato oi!!!* Hi!!! gwapa lagi ka…
Girl: Dili no!!! (galit…feeling kaloko daw)
Ako: *thinking *sigh...and why are you having that pose on your picture? Perti ka…sige pa gwapa unya masuko…grrrrrrrr

Friday, June 23, 2006

Road to Spirits

This is getting into our nerves. The STDs have finally met to discuss things for the training. We had it at McDo last night and so far, we are on the right path.

Since we don’t have the coach that we would be licking his ass, we have to formulate goals and from it, generate things to do for the training. Everything has to be done first time and fine tuning would be the thing for us on the road to the Spirits.

As of this time, I’m trying to squeeze some ideas for the collaboration on the group’s training program. I’m just glad that the people behind the team are very positive. We just hope to do it on time, in sync to what an Ultimate player should be and experience fun as we always had it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I’m somewhat getting “late” to the office because Doraemon is shown at 9 am. I just love it and I hope I could get some copies of the episodes.

I just had my cellphone customized with Doraemon. The wallpaper and the ringtone just had the feel for it. I’m so happy.


*sigh...air frisbee hehe

Finally, I was in my cleats playing Frisbee. The movement was better and I can now freely pivot. I also did some great backhands. Last night was really cool.

I’m still figuring how to get my perfect backhand. I had devised ways on how to throw it but still getting the feel of the Frisbee. I hope it wouldn’t take me longer.

And I just can’t forget how pretty “Air” was. *sigh

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

...on becoming an Ultimate player

The road to Manila Spirits has started. STDs are working harder in establishing what an Ultimate player should be. Drills, throws and plays were somewhat getting into our veins. We are playing organized Frisbee. Hehe

What used to be fun and passive playing has become a serious thing for us. We tend to be conscious in everything on the field. Almost all of us have “googled” plays and anything about the sport. We are truly disc addicts.

I hope we won’t forget the “Spirit”. This, in the first place has glued us together. May the “Spirit” be with us all.

Monday, June 19, 2006

back again and being lucky

After days of not getting into this blog, I’m somewhat getting the feel of writing again. I ran out of things to write and the inspiration to get into it. I was busy with work, with my family and with some activities. But anyway, I’m back for it.

Yesterday, I was back playing Frisbee. My friends were there and the feeling was great. We even played under the rain. It was fun but I just have to be careful with my asthma. Grrrrr.

I was also able to buy cleats for Php 500. It was a great buy. I was really lucky to get those and I hope this could help me in get into serious Frisbee. We have to work harder. I’m excited for tomorrow’s game.

Anyway, out for now.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

...In Flames

I’ve been listening to In Flames for weeks and I just love their music. Metal is really in my veins.

I also had searched for some videos at You Tube and I just love these.

Friday, June 09, 2006


We used to play a spoofed version of System Of A Down's Chopsuey years ago at Matina Town Square. My friend Franco has all the lyrics and we just did it for fun.

It went like…”Wake Up!!! Kinsa Manghugas ug Plato? Kinsa ang Manglampaso?”

I was somewhat depressed when I heard Parokya Ni Edgar’s version as Ordertaker. We had it first. *sigh

Anyway, the video is funny. WWE Superstars were somewhat glorified. I can’t help but laugh on it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

...goodbye braces

Finally, about 2 years and 9 months of wearing braces, I’m finally free of this geek appliance.

Just last Friday, my orthodontist scheduled my brackets’ extraction. I was somewhat excited and somewhat sad. I have to say goodbye of my geek looks which I find fun but the fact is, “some things must come to an end”.

The extraction was scary. My orthodontist has to use her pliers like device. I can hear pops within my mouth but the feeling was nice. I can now eat and not worry about getting sores. It was the best feeling so far.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ultimate San Mig Light Enduro Challenge

I really thought I ended summer with the Ultimate Frisbee Tourney. I was wrong. I had this San Mig Light Enduro Challenge with the STD players.

Actually, last Thursday night at our Pick Up game, we had some friends from the Philippine Ultimate who happen to organize the San Mig Light Enduro Challenge for the Davao Leg. We asked about the posters that they had for the event and without hesitation; we decided to give it a shot. We were all for fun.

The Ultimate South Team Durian was able to formulate 2 teams, STD 1 and STD 2. The teams were somewhat formulated few hours from the challenge. Anyway, these are the teams.

Racers: Mark, Bing and Aldrin (ako. hehe)
Drunkards: Ipe, Pyk, Jenny, Dax and Greta

Racers: Cesar, Mae-an and Patrick
Drunkards: Raymund, Julius, Ray, Ray’s friend, Tish

We were surprised to see all the participants. They were dressed for the competition. They were all members of their respective Mountaineering groups so the plan was to play for the experience.

What surprised us all was, STD 1, our team finished 3rd in the race. It was a BIG SLAP on our opponents’ faces. That really made our night. Ultimate STD has done it.

Mark, Ipe, Bing, Jenny, Rox

Mindanao Times Article

Anyway, here’s the scanned copy of our article of Mindanao Times dated June 1, 2006. Thank you Ian. 

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sick Leave and Frisbee Article

Here's the electronic version of our newspaper article.

I'm on my 2nd day of my sick leave and I just have to have my rest. I'll post the scanned article soon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Last Serenade

For days, I was updating my iPod for some tunes. I changed and added some files.

Since yesterday, I was hooked to Killswitch Engage's My Last Serenade. I just love the guitars and the progression of the song.

Searching for it on the web, I found this music video. Hope you'll enjoy. \m/