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Thursday, March 30, 2006

...playlist update

It’s about time to add some new tunes to my iPod. I got the complete discography of Machine Head, an album of Chimaira, Funeral for a Friend and Fightstar.

Anyway, I think I have to change playlist again as I hear a lot of Shadows Fall, Trivium and Soilwork.



I’ve made my point and still, some people just can’t understand. I’ve
been trying my best just to get the best things but some people seem to
be very stubborn. What in blue hell are they trying to prove?

I’m not trying to be the hero of the day and I’m not trying to get
attention. In fact, I just want it low profile. I’m very optimistic with
this thing and I know I could do with. I just need what I’ve been asking
for. If they don’t want it, I just want an explanation. Not with all my
point being exhausted by selfish agenda.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Have you been in a situation where you’ve found somebody like you’ve
been friends for a long time?

This has what happened to me just this morning. I was in the 2nd floor
to process some documents as I came to bump with someone. The moment I
saw her, I felt a sudden rush of movie like special effects sequence. I
felt helpless at the same time my heartbeat was as fast as Trivium’s
“Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”. It was a John Woo like
scene. Time just stood still as a second seems like a thousand years. I
just can’t help but smile profusely.

*sigh. She was very pretty…Effortlessly Charming. *sigh.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

...almost done

Finally, I was able to forward our application to Microsoft’s Empower
Program for ISVs. I’m very excited to get my hands to those things as I
would be doing enhancements to the system.

I am also printing some Project Guides to assist me in implementing the
systems. I hope I’ll be done fast as I am going to read more and more
about it.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Dog Training

I just had dog training videos and so far, it was very effective. I
tried it with Sebastian, my 4 month old German Shepherd and I’m just
happy with the results. He can now sit and stay. I’m just amazed how
fast we learned from the video. For the record, we all did it for
approximately, 5 min.

Of course, follow-ups have to be made as I would like to advance our
skills. It’s a very great feeling to see my dog progress along the way.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Remastered Master Of Puppets

I’m very excited to get my special, re-recording of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” for its 20th anniversary of the album’s release.

Kerrang!, the world’s biggest selling weekly rock magazine, has gathered bands to contribute for the tribute and formulated the track list.

Machine Head - 'Battery'
Trivium- 'Master Of Puppets'
Mendeed - 'The Thing That Should Not Be'
Bullet For My Valentine - 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)'
Chimaira - 'Disposable Heroes'
Fightstar - 'Leper Messiah'
Mastodon - 'Orion'
Funeral For A Friend - 'Damage, Inc.'.

Well, I got some favorites and I hope they’ll get a decent job in getting to the tribute. Master of Puppets is my most favorite Metallica album and this would be a hard job to duplicate the success and contribution it has made to metal music. It was way ahead of its time. The technicality and complexity of the musicianship is very overwhelming. Even by today’s standard.

I’ve seen and heard Trivium did Master Of Puppets and I think, they did a great job. I just want to hear the studio version and how they would do their thing on it.

Lars, would also help in writing the sleeve notes for the album.

What’s funny about it is that, some of the guys who’ll play weren’t even born when Metallica recorded “Master of Puppets”.

The release of “Remastered” would be on April 5, 2006.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Microsoft ISV

I just had a meeting with some people at Marco Polo for the Microsoft ISV.

It was ok and was able to pick some new things.

It’s quite good to hear from a former celebrity, Jaime Garchitorena (, on his advocacy on educating people for their work specifics just to get them into useful citizens in less time. That people should be equipped on what they really are to be of use. I really look forward to it as reality has been dictating. That some subjects in school are to be trimmed for specialized courses. No more minor subjects. Of course, the argument would be against holistic education.

It’s a nice thing to start and I hope this would benefit a lot of people. I see a very bright future ahead of it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

new template

I got myself a new template and I think this would stay for some time.

For the meantime, it’s Hell Boy for the header. I just love this shot.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm back

Finally, I'm back. I never had a decent connection for the past days
and we were about to switch providers. I hope this would continue to
work fine.

I also had some music and audiobooks uploaded to my iPods. More metal
and some self-help audiobooks have been resurrected from my archive. I
hope I could finish them all as I want to get the most out of it.

Anyway, I just have to finish some tasks here in the office.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hot, hot, girls

Saturday night, I was with Jerry and Norwynn. We were somewhat bored and
decided to take a break from work. Our feet were set to Autoshop Compound.

We had some beers and were talking random. We had a very good view from
our seats as we “browse” through the ladies, who tried to show off their
package. It was like watching National Geographic, where the female
species are trying to flaunt their way to regenerate. In this case, they
have become somebody else’s prey.

As the night went deep, lots of girls are getting somewhat naughty.
There was this instance where we saw a very pretty lady, clad in very
short skirt, pink shirt that reveals her bra strap that’s cute. There
were lots of beads and flowers on it. She has chinky eyes and her hair
was curly sexy.

Yes, she was with someone who did some stroking on her legs. We just
can’t help but look at her with fire on our eyes. Somewhat na├»ve but hot.

Well, I have this tendency to smile profusely when drunk and
unexpectedly, the smile was traded with a “Basic Instinct” move. The
famous Sharon Stone leg work plus a serpent tongue that showed her

*sigh* Alcohol was somewhat evaporating within me as I tried
rationalizing the logic behind all those moves. It was truly an eye
candy as I was almost 2 meters away from the chick. It was cut short
when they disappeared.

Again, within a few minutes, they were back and this time, it was her
ass plus a look in her eyes that was totally on fire. It was like
forever trying to communicate visually as I tried to engage a
conversation, hoping to get exchange numbers.

Girls, Girls, Girls, *sigh*

Friday, March 10, 2006


It’s almost 5 pm and I don’t feel fine. I feel so empty and I’m somewhat
confused with so many things. I’m starting to feel that a “friend” is
just "there" for her convenience. I don’t want to get into that but things
are starting to build up. I don’t have everything or the “should haves”
but I feel that I’m being used by a slowly mutating “fair weather” friend.

I hope the mutation would be earlier as I’m somewhat tired of thinking about it. I have better things to do.



For days, getting home late or early in the morning was my thing. I was
either working on extended hours or with Gold.

Working on extended hours is second nature to me but with Gold, where we
used to drink a lot for days, is a thing which I’m trying to learn.
She’s an alcohol warrior. I can’t even get to a sixteenth of her alcohol
tolerance. Just last night, I was learning about cognac at Bar 1. It was
fun and it tasted like Tanduay but in a glorified glass. I’m sorry to
those “intelligent drinkers”. They’re all the same to me.

I was somewhat “autistic” as she was mingling with some of her friends.
I was just there slowly becoming invisible, trying to rationalize social
status with cognac as I try to finish 2 albums of “In Flames” on my
iPod. So far, it’s somewhat “sophisticated” but uncomfortable. I think
I’d stick to Red Horse.

busy bee

I was busy as busiest bee. I was almost everywhere as I did some projects at work, favors for friends and some special treatment for some special friends.

I never had decent sleep for weeks so I was doing “Safe Mode” since the blitz of these situations. I missed a lot of quality time with my mother, my dogs and with my bed. I hope thing will go ok as I need more time to regenerate.

I’m also glad to receive some new toys for my work. I got 1 GB iPod shuffle from my cousin Robert. A blue iPod Shuffle casing and Griffin iTalk from Melanie and a Samsung Bluetooth headset (I don’t know why it’s called like that since it can only be worn on ears) from Mawe.

New Toys: Griffin iTalk, iPod Shuffle with and Samsung Bluetooth Headset

I’m really thankful for the people who gave these to me. Digital lifestyle is somewhat exciting.