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Friday, December 09, 2005

Accidentally In Love?

My iPod has been the home of my favorite metal and rock bands.  It is the
extension of me as it keeps my sanity intact.

As I was trying to go through this day, I was really surprised to hear
Counting Crow’s “Accidentally In Love” in the middle of an all metal
playlist while trying to give technical support to my crush.  I really don’t
know but there’s this “imaginary thunder and lightning” during the
conversation.  I was a stranger lost on that moment. 

I was passive about her until the chorus kept ringing through my ears.  It
was really hard to refuse the mushiness flowing through my veins.  So much
effort has been exerted, trying to hide this overwhelming feeling.

Of course, to remain in control, I tried to shy away with half meant shaggy
dog stories while trying to gauge my chances with her.

*sigh. Grrrrrrrrrr.  It’s a nice feeling