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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Paper planes and codes

I woke up at about 11 am and my eyes are burning hot. As much as I would like to get back to sleep, the kids are waiting for me to have the lessons.

The session with the kids was fun as we did some projects with the computer. We did paper planes and tested it. Even though they’re that young, they really know what symmetry is. Getting some designs and the folds from the software was tedious. They really knew what they wanted and I’m happy that their planes just flew well.

We also did some old school paper planes. The “batman” just did better than the ones that have been made with the PC.

After the lessons, I did some readings on OSCommerce. I hope I’ll get into the feel.

Too much

Its 3:06 am and I’m done with my day’s sked. I woke up about 9 am and did some home cleaning. After that, I went to the kids and back to the office to check the CPU. I’m glad that the CPU I assembled last Saturday is doing fine. At last, I can work with our PC without some annoying casts. Haha

At about 3 pm, I went to Tagi to have his PC checked. I installed iTunes as he bought himself an iPod mini. He also bought a stick of memory for an upgrade. I also checked his PC at the bar.

It was almost 6 pm when I was done with Tagi. I went straight to Grasya at Matina and checked her PC. It was a wreck… her CD-ROM drive is a mess so I decided to go to Kila at Bangkal, thinking I might borrow her drive since I’m asked by her to have her printer checked.

She told me to meet her at Space Burger-Matina Aplaya and bought some burgers. We went at her home and had checked her printer. It was nice of her because she prepared some dinner. It was fun eating as we try to get some sense in every thing that we might dig in. The conversation was very fun and I really enjoyed talking to her. Anyway, her printer was done.

At about 9 pm, I decided to go back home to have my drive extracted because Kila doesn’t have one. After the extraction, I went back to Grasya and stayed there until 2:30 am. I’m tired but it was fun.

Anyway, I have to sleep now. :)

Monday, May 30, 2005


I just can’t sleep and I’m trying to talk to my dog. You know, I just have to look into her eyes and she’s like listening to what I am trying to say. I’m sort of consfused as emptiness within me is trying to eat up my sleep.

Its 1:30 in the morning right now and I’m burning some time browsing the net. I’m trying to find some answers from random sites.

I just have to let this out. I just don’t know how.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Boredom and getting out of it

Getting through this day is such a boring thing. I woke up at about 11 am and just did some T.V. watching. I wanted to get somewhere but I’m sort of bored to almost anything. I really don’t know. Maybe, it’s just me again.

I also tried listening to my iPod. Uploaded some old and new tunes and went isolated for about 2 and a half hours.

Tomorrow would again be a surprise for me. I don’t know. I’m still on the hunt for some earphones and try to find purpose of this life. I want to get into something that has been said by a new friend the other day. Maybe, I’ll have to try it and become one. Being passively active to the things around me would maybe get me into something. I do hope that would work.

I’m also into getting transcendental. Maybe that would make me more mature. For the past months, I’m sort of impulsive. I liked being one on some occassions but most of the times, I’m stucked in a hellhole.

Ok, I’ll shut up now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday and being careless

So far, Saturday is fine. I started my day with a wake up phone call from Tito Manny. It was 9 am and my eyes are on fire. I went to bed at about 4:30 am and I wanted to sleep again. He called because our council, Knights of Columbus Council 11048, will distribute milk to the kids of Ma-a Parish.

I just can’t hesitate. I have to get up and get ready.

I was in the Parish at about 10:20 am and started helping my brother knights. I was again the camera man and the water boy. It was fun and the kids just love the milk. A nun also gave some bread and was distributed along with the milk.

After the milk distribution, I went to my dentist to have my teeth checked. She changed my elastics and did some stripping between my teeth. I just can’t wait to have my braces removed.

I also “fixed” the CPU of Ate Violy. You know, its not the CPU that has to be fixed. It was just me. I’m sort of careless and things within the PC just messed up. I can’t hear the error beeps. I can’t think of any error that came across. It was just the Monitor that has been plugged to 110 V.


New Friends

The day has been very loaded with so much good things.

I was able to meet some good people and I’m sort of inspired with the things that I have learned.

This man is very intelligent. He is idealistic and showed me some of his works.

I’m very much impressed and I really hope to work with him soon. I was really intrigued to some of his projects especially that deal with some invention and helping other people.

Anyway, I knew him from a friend who needs my help in getting the Automatic Thermo Controller interfaced with the PC. I’ve done a project in interfacing the UT100 switch to PC and I’m on the roll of getting into it. I’m very excited and I hope I could do things the right way.

Please, help me Lord. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Getting through this day is very exhausting. I had to see Grace to have her system tuned and dealt with the Kids again. They were so hyper.

We were having fun but they just drained the hell out of me. Getting into the keyboard with all those hands, I just can’t be the anti-kid chaos geek. I just switched into “Safe-Mode” as they try to play with the PC. We were all laughing and made fun with each other. There was also this “saliva” thing that has been passed through the hands and tired to wipe it to each other. Those kids just love to play. I just can’t resist laughing as they try to make faces to each other. It was a hellride.

I love you Kira

My day was fine until my brother swapped our rottweiler (Kira) for a great dane because of some nicks at the back.

Mama just broke into tears as she talked to me over the phone. There’s nothing we can do because my brother is the Master Caretaker of Kira. I just can’t believe what he has done. I was angry, very sad and cried upon hearing the news. I just can’t believe what he has done.

While out of home, I wasn’t really feeling well. It was like hell within me. My brother is so selfish. Even though Kira is his and Boo is mine, I’m very much attached with Kira. Every morning, I see to it that we’ll play and do some talking. She listens to me like she knows what I am talking. She comforts me when I’m pressured. She plays like there’s no tomorrow. She’s just a sweetheart.

I was supposed to go home late but I just can’t wait to talk to my brother about it.

When I went home, I was surprised to see Kira. Mama was happy when I saw her and asked what happened. My brother had the great dane and tried to be comfortable with it. After some walks and house breaking, the great dane was howling. The same thing also happened to Kira as the owner of the great dane talked with Mama.

I was excited to let Kira out of his cage and played with her. I was very happy to see her as I let her stay inside for the rest of the night. I was caressing her, letting her feel that I love her very much. I know that she also miss us and we were just happy. It was like a new day for us.

I just love Kira.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just some of this day

I was preparing for the wedding of Airen tomorrow. Its just that, I’m not that comfortable getting into the barong.. It’ll be my 2nd time to wear a barong since my Grade 6 graduation. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll look dorky tomorrow.

I’m into chatting again. It’s fun. I’m just getting some life into it. The people there are so funny. They just tend to make me laugh. Too serious for the ultimate nullifier.

I also got a video from Disturbed I’ll be watching that tomorrow night.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Loaded Monday

This morning, I went to see Grace to have her computer installed with PeachTree. It was fun because it also gave me a chance to play with her daschund. It was cute and barks so hard. The dog even wants to come with me. Hehe

And in the afternoon, I was again with the kids with some lessons. They’re so smart and honest.

I also went to the shop to have my barong. I’ll be one of the groom’s men for Airen’s wedding on Wednesday. It’ll be my second time to wear a barong since my grade school graduation.

And again, no earphones for this day. I really miss my tunes and I can’t find decent buds in the city. I hope I could get one soon. Maybe a Sennheiser or the Apple iPod Earphones.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Another Sunday :)

At about 9 pm last night, I was invited by Ivan to celebrate his birthday at Visa Videoke Bar. The night was very fun. We just took turns on the mic. I was able to sing some songs that I thought weren’t popular to them. I was even accused of not singing it. Hahaha.

Anyway, I went home at about 2 am. I realized that, I forgot to bring my thumb drive home. Grrrrr.

Again, I wasn’t feeling sleepy so I called Yanni at talked until 6 am. I really enjoyed talking to her. She’s smart and funny.

I slept at about 6:10 am and woke up by my dog, Boo at 12 noon. She smells so good and very sweet of her to lick my toes. She’s intelligent that she knew that I have to wake up to watch my favorite show, The Amazing Race.

I enjoyed the show and again, I still get goose bumps watching those winning moments.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Emptiness and Nothingness

The day has been busy. This morning, I was preparing the lessons for the kids. I also did some phone calls and did some laundry. I also went to the office to check on something that has to be checked. After that, I went to the place where the kids are and brought in the lessons.

After all those things, I decided to watch Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, alone. I don’t know but again, I’m having this feeling of emptiness. If girls have this monthly period, I think I have this periodic emptiness.

The feeling started when I woke up this morning. I realized that my earphones are not working. So I went out “naked” and I’m not happy about it. I’m always with a pair of earphones when I go out.

But anyway, the emptiness has surfaced by the succeeding events in my schedule. While going to the kids, lots of lovers can be seen. I thought it was February 14. Then when I was at the kids’ place, again, lovers are everywhere. And at the movie theater, beside me, left and right, front and back, lovers are again ubiquitous. The scene just made me realized that I am nothing.


The emptiness is building from the nothingness that I have become.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Check-up, earphones...etc.

My brother and I went to Dr. Gabby de Borja. My brother felt some dizziness for the past 5 days and it’s about time to have him checked. Well, the doctor just checked his ears, nose and his mouth and gave him some medication. Thank God, he’s doing fine.

Later that day, I went to have Eng2x’s computer checked. It was a torture in the making. Her father just wanted to have Windows XP Chinese Edition installed on a very slow computer. It took me 2 hours to have it installed.

After that, I was again sticking my earphones into my ears. To my surprise, the right side won’t give me the sound that I expect. I don’t know what happened and I’m not happy about it. I don’t think I could find a decent piece of earphone here in Davao. I’m just trying to be normal now. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another Normal Day :)

Finally, I’m done with my official “to-dos” and I’m going to backup my new mp3s to blank CDs.

I had my birth certificate authenticated and my parent’s marriage certificate validated. I also had my braces fixed and my elastics changed. I’m beginning to feel slight tension in my mouth as I prepare myself later to eat. I hope to have these brackets removed soon as I don’t want to think about it more.

Later tonight, I’ll just do some cleaning on my computer. Do some reorganizing of my CDs and change playlist on my iPod. I’m also thinking of changing OS for my iPod as Linux is doing well with it. Imagine, you can just tweak it and do some amazing stuff like do some recording without those expensive accessories.

Anyway, I’ll go out now and I’ll have some food trip. I’m craving for the “Stars” at Space Burger. Rarrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Boring Wednesday

Wednesday was fine. Office was still boring and we just went non-sense with everything

Gerly (with an “E”), Jennifer, Lea and I just went talking and laughing at noonbreak. As usual, our big mouths just can’t stop the corny jokes of Jennifer.

Anyway, here are some pics.

Me, Gerly and Jennifer (hehe)

And also, I also played with Kira and enjoyed the night watching her.

Tired of playing

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Exploding" iPod

Yikes! Here's the story.

Being fat and some rain

The day has been fine. I was able to do the things that should be done.

I had a meeting with Wilson and it’s nice to share some things about what I knew. I felt like a “consultant”. Hehe. We’re expecting to see each other more in the next few days. He even gave me some gift certificates. That was great.

I had my picture taken and I think I’m fat. I have to do more workout as I want to trim down. Yikes!

Well, my incoming folder has a lot of good things, videos and some audios. There’s Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, some Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Static-X and the new album of Audioslave. I just have to transfer them to CDs later.

As usual, rain and no rain.

I think, I have to get those gift checks redeemed.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I just got a call from Wilson. He'll be getting some iPods in his store and he wants my help on having those things packed on his place.

Am I working as a consultant? :) Hmmm. I smell something ok.


Rain has poured again here in Davao and I don’t think my clothes would dry quickly. Maybe I’ll do some ironing again just like before.

I’m glad that Patrick liked my designs. I am finally working with the final logo and the web design. At last, I can now polish whatever that has to be polished.

Tomorrow would be a busy day again as I would be doing some paper works for myself. I was able to talk with Auntie Paquit and told me about doing everything double time. I hope things will go my way as I’m excited of getting “somewhere”.

Security at Ateneo

By the way, last wednesday, when I went to Ateneo to get my diploma, I was asked to surrender my I.D. to the guard at the gate for security purposes. Of course, I complied and went straight to the Registrar’s Office. I asked for my diploma and again, they have to see my I.D. How can I present my I.D. if my I.D. is at the guard’s table? Ok, I was told to go back to “borrow” my I.D... Then again, I am being asked by the guard of my reason to “borrow” my I.D. Ok, I explained and with some eye contact, the guard just told me to write down my name at the log book.

It’s funny because I wrote Nebuchadnezzar. Hahahahaha

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Internet, Designs, Mackin

For the past two days, my internet connection was very slow. I can’t even send and receive mails. I wanted to go to the office to do those things but rain just made me hibernate. The weather is so cold and it’s nice to stay at home.

I just did some backup and made some designs for the web. I am happy that Patrick liked the designs and I hope I’ll do better. I’m glad that I have this eye for designs. Thank you Lord.

I also got a call from Auntie Paquit. We just had some follow ups as we try to check on the progress of our case against our cousin. My cousin Kathleen also wanted to get a laptop for herself. I hope she’ll get a nice deal. Laptops are great but it’s too pricey. How I wish I could get a laptop that performs and cost like a desktop.

Later, I’ll try to polish some designs. It’s been months since I used Flash and I’m sort of getting into the culture of being a designer. I’m just an audio freak and I wish I could get in the visual culture fast. I hope the “feel” would sink in.

When I did some designs this morning, I was listening to Rage Against The Machine and Tonic. I don’t know but it worked fine with me. I’ll try to get Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals and Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine, Broken and The Fragile. I hope that would work too. The two are brilliant and I hope that will get into my work later.

I also talked with Mackin at Yahoo! Messenger. I’m very thankful that aside from the Better Than Ezra DVD that he’ll give to me on June, he’ll also give the Apple iPod Earphones for free. Thank you Mackin. Thank you Lord. :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

I went to bed at about 4:30 in the morning. I was doing some designs for the web and did backup to my mp3s on CDs.

I woke up at about 12 NN and watched Game K N B. Mama and I also decided to cook some spaghetti.

Later in the afternoon, I continued doing backup as my mp3s had eaten a lot of space in my drive. The complete discography of AC/DC has consumed a lot of space... About 1.45 GB. I also have to do some transfers from my PC to my iPod just to accommodate the archiving. Too bad, I ran out of CDs so I have to buy some as I would be reformatting my PC. I just have to do my periodic maintenance so I could work well on it.

Tonight would be again a busy night as I would be doing some designs.

I hope things will go my way.


When I was in the office, I was excited to open my incoming folder. I got some new tunes and some videos. I got VH1'’s When Metallica Ruled the World - Metallica Rules the World, Safri Duo (drums...), Black Label Society, Lamb of God and the soundtrack of Lost Highway. I’m glad that I was able to bring some spare CD and had them burned. *yes!

I never realized that it was almost 2:30 pm. I forgot to have my lunch so I decided to go somewhere where my feet would go. I just had a ride on the jeepney and realized that I only have P 20 in my wallet. Yikes!

Luckily, it was a ride that led to Metrobank Red Cross. Thank God, there was an ATMachine. (NOT ATM Machine). I got some money and when I saw Ateneo, I decided to get some documents. Again, I forgot that I was hungry.

It took me almost 15 min and decided to go to Port Café at Gmall.

I don'’t know but when I ordered grilled pork chop, calamari and extra rice, I was actually paying for the food minus extra rice, plus cheesesticks. Does extra rice sound like cheesesticks? Again, I wasn'’t paying attention. I forgot to check my order for clarification. It’s greedy of me to eat those. It was overkill.

Yikes!!! Calamari, Cheesesticks and Grilled Pork Chop.

I also got a text from Norwynn while eating and he told me to check the module at our client. I can'’t refuse. I have to do that. It was profuse. I have to finish the food fast so I could do the checking. I don’'t know how I finished the food but I felt so heavy.

Anyway, I was able to check the module and decided to go to Davao Light. I was able to remember Inin so I sneaked in and traded hellos.

After that, I went back to the office and had some surfing. Talked with Norwynn and went out at about 7:10 pm.

The day has been spontaneous so I decided to have a haircut.

Too bad, Tatay Doming was not there to cut my hair. But having those “spurs-of-the-moment”, I just gave the the other barber a shot of my hair.

So far, I like my new haircut. Being spontaneous isn’'t bad afterall. I’m just glad that luck has been with me the whole day. Thank you Lord! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

VH1 and chicks

I just got a copy of VH1’s When Metallica Ruled the World – Metallica Rules the World.

It was VH1's series of “When ___ Ruled the World”. It was the story of Metallica’s 20+ years compressed for 1 hour television. I still get goose bumps watching it. They really inspire me a lot. They’re such a sweetheart.

Anyway, I have to continue doing something for myself and for my work.

Not much of something lately but hey, I was at the Venue last night. The chicks on stage just grind so hard. I think I have to have more beer to get into that. They look good from far. What an eye candy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I've read an article on the net...

Trivium, trying to become Metallica? hmmm...

I've tried listening to Trivium but they just sound heavy. They could be one of the Metal hopefuls but they just can't beat the dedication and the hard work Metallica has done for 20+ years.

*sigh* There's nothing wrong in dreaming to become someone, they just have to work more.

Ateneo's Registrar's Office...

I was in Ateneo to get my diploma. I wasn't able to get my 1st copy because it was not the time to get it.

Lady at the Registrar's Office: "Ngano karon lang man nimo gikuha"? (with a sarcastic look) - Translation - Why only now?
Me: "Actually, sa year 3000 pa nako kuhaon." (hehe) Translation - "Actually, I'll be getting that on the year 3000".


MotherFather*&^%$#@. What's with all those adlibs? Is she trying to say that my diploma has no place on that school? MotherFather%^%$%^#$%^ paksyet!!!

Anyway, I'm at the office this time and I am burning all the mp3s that I have downloaded over the week. I got Days of The New, Our Lady Peace, Atreyu, Megadeth, Black Label Society, Puddle of Mudd, Mudvayne, Soilwork and some audiobooks. :)

I'll be searching for Safri Duo's concert at emule later. Those men just love to drum. I like their style.

Party boy!!!

Just came home from Eide’s birthday party. It was fun. Rocky did the 80's. We just can't stop laughing. How I wish I was able to get that on video.

At the party, I was able to meet my former boss. I used to work as a waiter and I’m glad that they still know me.

Again, I was able to eat one of her specialty, Tenderloin Tips, very consistent. I still love the taste. Yummy!

And again, I was able to meet a new friend. She’s Inin, very strong and a non conformist. I like her and I hope to do things with her soon. She has sense even though she’s drunk.

But anyway, I have to check the other mails and get my rest.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Good morning!!! :)


I went to bed at about 4 am. I was inserting some new ideas for Eide’s surprise birthday presentation and rendered it for about 20 min. I am about to author it to VCD and I hope things will go our way.

Later, I’ll go to the office to fix the laptop of Engr. Pojas. His laptop is very weird.

Anyway, I’ll go fix myself. :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Birthday Presentation for Eide

I should have been there last thursday at Addie's place to get the pictures for Eide's suprise party at Avenue S. Again, I wasn't paying attention. I wasn't able to get those things and I am doing everything just this time.

I'm glad that things are getting my way as I am about to finish this short video presentation for Eide's birthday.

I have to pause for a while as I would be getting some inspiration in finishing the whole package. I hope things will go ok. :)

Light Saber

I was able to chat with Richard, the god of digital works just this time. He shared some cool links.

It's very funny. In time for Star Wars. Anyway, here's the link.


Red Screen of Death

Red Screen of Death

Of course, the "Blue Screen of Death" is a familiar thing among Windows users but in Windows Longhorn, there's this "Red Screen of Death".

It's just something to categorize some errors. I think this "RSOD" is for errors that doesn't fit to the "BSOD".

I think it's nice but Microsoft has to check the spelling. Instead of "execution", it is mispelled as "exectuion". :)

Another boring day

I just came home from the office. I’m glad that I was able to finish the design of the website. I know, the site needs more improvement. I am thinking of getting some flash into it and making it as simple as it should be.

Again, I was bored this afternoon. I went out to find a book and did some food trip. So far, I enjoyed being with myself. I think I’m getting sick. I am as aloof as should not be.

Listening to Soilwork is another experience to me. I just love the way they do some tricks on their songs. The screaming and the entire heavy guitar riffs reminds me of my hope that metal music should continue with its new disciples.

I’m just tired of some metal hopefuls that just sound fast, heavy and loud. They don’t even have the ear for melodies. I think they have to listen to Metallica’s Kill
‘em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets to have an idea of what I am talking.

Anyway, I’ll get myself to sleep as I’ll do things later this morning.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I’m a sucker when it comes to audio gadgets. I had a cheap AM/FM radio which is tuned to NU 107 always and had modified the cassette of our daddy to a better sounding sweetheart.

When I was in college, I always thought of getting myself a portable CD player. It’s expensive for me so when I graduated, I saved money for it.

On February 16, 2001, through the grace of the Lord, I was lucky to get myself a Creative MP3-CD Player. It was heaven for me. I always bring it wherever I would go. It was like a part of me. I even changed my earphones a couple of times because of the wear and tear.

My Creative CD-MP3 Player

During those times, new portable players had been introduced. The hard disk type and the flash type. I was again getting my aim to get a hard disk type of player. The Creative Zens and the iRivers.

They’'re too expensive but again, luck and the grace of the Lord has been on my side. After all the thinking and saving, I was able to get my iPod last October 2004. Music has never been the same again. I could move freely and bring files with it. And also, I listen to audiobooks.

My iPod with Firewire cable, Box, Firewire Charger with Adapter and Capdase Leather Case

My iPod is my friend. It just made my listening pleasure better and I feel comfortable having those earphones and listen to my favorite tunes. Even with scratches, I still love it.


Cliff (R.I.P.), Dave (now with Megadeth), Lars and James

I got my first Metallica experience when I was in first year high school.

Cliff (R.I.P.), James, Kirk, Lars

I was sort of bored with all the music that have been aired at those times and was able to bump with a friend who also loves music. He has some Anthrax tapes and I was intrigued with the all black album with a snake on it. It was Metallica’'s 5th . Named by some as the black album. Some of my friends wouldn’t dare to listen because of the snake on the cover. It was coiled to form like 666. I was curious that time so I borrowed and listened to it over and over again. I was like hooked with it and began to save a copy for myself. To my surprise, there'’s no trace of anti-Christ whatsoever on it. I later learned that the snake on the cover was borrowed from a flag in the United States. Much like of the KKK in Philippine Flag History. The same snake with the words, “"Don’t Tread On Me"”, the last song of that album.

Before I go to school, I see to it that I could listen to Metallica as I don’'t have any portable cassette player that time. It was my daily dose.

Lars, Jason (Left Metallica on 2001), Kirk, James

When I was in my 2nd year, I was able to meet some friends who also like Metallica. They were like loyal fans that they also know how to play Metallica songs on guitar and bass. It was a new experience for me as I begin to borrow some tapes from them. I got to listen to Master of Puppets and Kill ‘em All. We were also lucky to play some songs at school events

My whole high school life was a soundtrack of Metallica songs. Where that time was full of grunge, alternative listening youth. They listen to Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc.. I, on the other side, listen to Metallica.

Jason (Left Metallica on 2001), Kirk, Lars, James

I was lucky when I was in college because my new friends also listen to Metallica. We were on the same wavelength. We trade tapes and even played Metallica songs on corridors, parties and wherever we could get a chance to play.

I could say that I’'m a hardcore Metallica fan. I even bought some magazines where they appear from money which I hardly earn. I learned how to play their songs on guitar and bass. I even tried to join their fan club (it was too pricey for me). I also have this “"Kill '‘em All”" attitude which helped me survive college.

They’'ve been an inspiration to me because, role models they'’re not, I learned something from them. When everybody was against them when they invented thrash metal, they just did what they like and never cared. They were even criticized of making a music video for their song, “One”. They are passionate with what they do. Since that time, they were able to set standards and opened the horizon to the new bands. James quoted, "“When they don’t listen to us, we’ll play louder".”

It was sad when Jason left in 2001. I really thought that Metallica would split up. You can watch the whole story and the drama in their critically acclaimed “"True Documentary”", Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster.

Rob (formerly Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne bassist), Kirk, Lars, James

Yes, they are one of the world's biggest rockstars but they also have their demons. You can see the human side of it. It was really intense to see them fight over things. After 20+ years of being friends and Metallica, they hardly knew each other. It was a struggle to make their new album. From all the things they had experienced, the Napster, where Lars became the most hated man in rock to the departure of Jason and some fans, Metallica is still human.

Even though I don'’t like the post black album, I'’m still a fan. I still look up to them as humans who strive to become better everyday. They’'re just an inspiration to me.

*Pictures courtesy of

MotherFather!!! &^%$*&^$#@

I just got a call from a “former” cousin. I am being accused of saying something to Auntie Paquit that led to a train of consequences. I just woke up and told me that he lost respect for me. :-<

MotherFather!!! $#%@#$%. Who the hell is he? He can’t even pass the board exam for the electrical engineering course. He’s a dimwit when he talks. He’s an ogre, trying to become a human. He doesn’t even know how to follow simple instructions.

The point is, it was a misunderstanding that led to many fabricated stories who his mother is an expert on it, which should only involve his mother, my mother and our aunties. I don’t even get into their conversation because it’s not nice. I would only have my word, if only if, I am asked to get into the picture.

Then here’s this stupid moron trying to get into my level just to tell me that I am the root of all these. I really don’t care if they hate me. The thing is, I never had done anything about it and I would never do anything unless being told by my mama and aunties. It’s not yet our time.

I know it’s hard to have such an obligation to be the custodian my aunt’s small piece of land. It was just my duty since these things will be given to us, the third generation. I don’t deserve being attacked from all sides. I just want to do whatever nanay and tatay has and want for us. That we have to protect and take care of the small piece of land that has been handed down by them, to our parents then to us.

So what with the money! I know we need all of these but I still have the dignity not to ask from anybody. I’m not rich. I can work for myself and for my family. If they want all of these, they will soon. I just want to finish all of the havoc they have made. They just don’t know how to solve because they always listen to their greed.

I’m not all knowing. I just want to say…MotherFather!!! (*&*%^(*^%% to those greedy bastards.

Friday, May 06, 2005


I was able to listen to Soilwork’'s Stabbing The Drama album while commuting. So far, I wasn'’t able to skip songs as I like them all.

Dubbed as “Melodic Death Metal”, I think, Soilwork is another Swedish band that sounds more of an American metal act.

I even mistook them as Killswitch Engage on my iPod until I get to see the details of the song. Maybe, I just have to listen to it more so I could distinguish them.

Anyway, I got the discographies of Cradle of Filth, Mastodon and Arch Enemy. I think, I have to listen to them all. They even sound great on cheap speakers.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hangover and Metal Music

Went home at 3 in the morning. I'm surprised. I never got drunk but woke up like a tornado. I got vertigo. haha

I just closed my eyes and tried to walk myself to the kitchen.

Got some banana and slipped the Cliff 'Em All Video on the player.

It's nice to see the video while whirling. :). It was fun until the motion was out. I wanted to puke.

Anyway, I had my morning rituals and went to Tito Manny's home to fix his computer.

I'm also glad to get some copies of Mudvayne, Soilwork, Trivium, Arch Enemy and Gizmachi.

Metal up your ass...MotherFather. hahaha


At this point of time, I was able to finish 4 bottles of San Mig Light and 6 bottles of San Mig Ice. I don't know. I just had this tolerance level I could never imagine.

I was able to finish the WiFi spot here at Avenue S and I am forced to stay with Rocky for some drinks. Friends from Bar One stayed for some drinks and had some chat. It was a nice one since all were having fun. After that, we transferred to Bar One and witnessed a very beautiful lady. Wow! It was "ledge dancing" on the works.

I don't know how to react on these but I have to finish my beer as I want to get some rest for tomorrow.

*sigh* too many beautiful girls.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cliff Burton

(To Live Is To Die)

"When a man lies he murders"
"Some part of the world"
"These are the pale deaths"
"Which men miscall their lives"
"All this I cannot bear"
"To witness any longer"
"Cannot the kingdom of salvation"
"Take me home?"

Metallica, Cliff, NIN and LB

In just had a copy of Metallica: Cliff ‘em All. It’s a collection of videos of Metallica with the Cliff Burton on bass. If you happen to like Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers or Les Claypool of Primus play the bass, you’ll never go wrong with Cliff.

Cliff played like there’s a lead bass player. He played the bass guitar like no one ever had before. His solos drew on many styles, with odd jazz timings and psychedelic melodies. However, mere noise it was not. His solos we're superbly executed, with much feeling and finesse. A good example can be found on Metallicas debut, "Kill 'Em All". Entitled, "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth". More examples can be found on numerous bootleg releases.

He contributed largely in Metallica’s songwriting. “The Call of Ktulu” of Ride The Lightning album is again an example of how passionate he is in playing the bass. Another one is “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. I just love the first 3 albums of Metallica where Cliff was on it. (1983 - Kill ‘Em All, 1984 - Ride The Lightning, 1986 - Master of Puppets)

Cliff died on a bus accident where Metallica was en route on a road between Stockholm and Copenhagen for a gig. Earlier that night, the band drew cards for their places on the bus. He drew the ace of spades and chose Kirk’s place. The driver lost control of the bus and had it rolled several times. The whole band and the crew were in it but Cliff was unfortunate that they found him lying dead. That was on September 26, 1986. He was 24 years old at that time.

I was grade one back then and never knew Metallica until high school (1991). As I was collecting their albums, I begin to realize, what if, Cliff is alive.

Maybe, the Black Album would not be there. Maybe he would hate Bob Rock. Maybe, Metallica would be greater than what they are now. Maybe Metallica would not have those Load and Reload albums. I just wonder how Cliff would influence the band if he’s alive.

Anyway, after Cliff, there’s Jason and after he left the band on 2001, There’s Rob. Jason sounds great as Rob would be doing now. Rob just play the bass like a monster. I just love the hand and the way he does it on stage.

I know, Metallica has changed the music and influenced the bands of today. And I know, there’s no more Cliff and I just want to hear the Metallica that would be soon with Rob doing the bass. I just find St. Anger to be ok but not that great as compared to the first three. I know some fans would disagree but that’s just me.

I’m not in the position to judge but they sound great earlier. Maybe they’re more sober this time and because they are in their 40s.


Anyway, if you happen to get a copy of Limp Bizkit’s new album, The Unquestionable Truth Part 1, I think you have to hear it.

It’s ok to have Wes back. Their sound seem to mature and again, the rap thing…they just made it ok with it. I’m not a rap freak but it sound good with them.

And don’t forget, Nine Inch Nails’ new album, [With_Teeth]. My words aren’t enough to explain it. It sounds great and I’ve been listening to it for almost 2 weeks now.

Maybe, it’s just me again.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

iPod and Athlon 64

Last night, I was talking over the phone with Eng2x. She had purchased an iPod Photo. That’s 2 iPods in a month. *sigh*. Too bad, she can’t even work with it because she doesn’t know how to play with it.

And just this afternoon, I was able to play with a friend’s CPU. It was an Athlon 64 3200+ kit with Epox EP-8NPAJ Motherboard, 1GB of memory, ATI Radeon 9600 256 mb Video Card. It was a very good unit as Doom 3 played so smooth with it. I hope I could get mine soon as it would cost me about Php 40,000.00+

2 Toys in 24 hours.

Anyway, I have to work harder.

Tomorrow, I’ll do some setup at Avenue S (at DAMOSA). I will make a hotspot for WiFi Freaks.

Monday, May 02, 2005


Again, being a friend of some friends, I was again asked to do some repairs. It’s weird to encounter modems that work in the 1st floor and not in the 2nd floor. I wasted so much time and the room is so hot. I just can’t help but perspire. I’m glad that I don’t have the odor to be ashamed of.

It’s also nice to try some new cakes at home. Some date loaves and some swirly strawberry cream cakes are on the line for eating. I’m glad to have some ready to bake solutions from my auntie. I hope to have some more next time. I just love them.

And also, I went to the office for a meeting. I don’t know but I begin to treat holidays as normal days. But anyway, I also get a chance to copy the audiobooks I downloaded over the weekend.


Sunday is the same boring day.

Woke up at 11 am and got a text from Eng2x. She asked me to have her CD-Writer installed to her CPU. We also had a chance to know each other’s iPod. It’s a cute pink iPod for her. Audiobooks has also been our passion lately. I just can’t get that Chinese music in my iPod. Eng2x has lots of it. I think, I have to settle with my music.

After that, I went to the baranggay to get my certificate to file action against my “friend”. I hope things will go ok. I don’t know, I just want her to be in jail and get my money.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the grocery with my mama and auntie cedes. The goods are very expensive. It’s very different when you tend to pay for it. It was like, restraining oneself from getting the things that you want. Anyway, God will provide. It’s nice to listen to “Better Than Ezra” while pushing the cart. I was hooked to “Heaven” and ‘Long Lost”.

I also did my version of Beef Oriental Noodles for dinner. So far, I like the taste. My family just love it. I’m also thinking of having Chicken Teriyaki tomorrow.